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Add A Vintage Touch to Your Windows with Two Way Window Blinds

Two Way Window Blinds

Everything You Need to Know About Two Way Window Blinds


In this modern world, nearly half of the world lives in a dense urban area which means most of the people’s houses are very close next to each other. Because of that reason, there comes a big lack of privacy which everyone requires in their daily life. Probably through your open windows, your neighbors can look into inside your home. You might plan to cover your windows with shades or blinds to protect home from unwanted things. But do you know that outsiders can peep into your windows when you leave the blinds or shades open? Just imagine, enjoying a bright and stunning room while still having natural light, privacy, and the protection of window coverings throughout your home.

With traditional standard window coverings, it is hard to get both natural light and privacy at the same time. Either you keep the shades open to let daylight inside the room while keeping exposed to your neighbors, or close them for privacy while blocking the smooth glow of direct sunlight. But why not have the advantages of both together? A versatile solution to cherish natural light and privacy simultaneously is top down bottom up, also called as two way window blinds. The top down bottom up lift mechanism will allow you to raise and lower from either top or bottom portion effortlessly to create a perfect dynamic ambiance throughout the room.

Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shades


Blending Beauty with Functionality: Advantages of Two Way Window Blinds

Two way window blinds, or top down bottom up window shades, come in three types – standard TDBU shades, cordless top down bottom up shades, and motorized top down bottom up shades, and depending on the situation, they provide various benefits to provide us a luxurious living style.


Standard TDBU Shades – Most of the homeowners want to fill their room with natural light but completely raising the shades can be a big problem when it comes to privacy especially when your room faces a busy streets or neighbor’s home. But TDBU function helps you to get the best of both this world. Keep the bottom portion pulled down to get privacy and lower the top portion to let natural light. Even while watching TV, if you want to reduce the amount of glare while allowing natural light then open the blinds from the top area and lower the bottom section.


Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades – These window shades are one of the sleekest and versatile designs that create a clean and clutter-free appearance. The shades have an inner cord that is only noticeable when the shades are lowered. Operate the shades by just pushing up or down on the rails. These cordless shades are the top-rated choice for most of the Canadian homeowners.


Motorized TDBU Shades – These are the most convenient and smooth operation that offers a relaxing and pleasing ambiance all day long. Control the shades with a remote button or a smartphone to raise and lower them according to the needs of light and privacy. And the most interesting thing, with this mechanism, you can place the shades at any preferred location. So install smart TDBU shades manually and enjoy their ease of use benefit. These are the perfect solution for hard to reach or tall windows.

No matter what you choose, all two way blinds add a touch of soft elegance with their wide range of fabric materials and color options that definitely match any home’s interior décor.

Motorized Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades


Complement Your Home: Reasons to Opt for Top Down Bottom Up Shades

No doubt that top down bottom up shades are the perfect choice to enjoy natural light and privacy at the same time of the day. Lower down the shades from the top position to permit natural soft light inside your home and keep the outsider’s view out by closing the bottom portion. Below are the other reasons that will state that why should you consider TDBU window coverings for your home décor –


Safe and Secure Choice for Kids and Pets

Cordless TDBU shades are completely safe for the kids and pets as they remove the hazards of dangling window cords. Pull up the lower part, so that your kids can enjoy a beautiful outside view while playing and at the same time top part will allow natural light and fresh air to enter your kids’ room.


Prevent UV beams and Glare

The extreme functionality of these TDBU shades helps to obstruct the harmful beams while protecting furnishings and artworks from being faded.


Save on Energy Bills by Creating a Consistent Ambiance

Proper operation of these shades can diminish the lower your energy bills. Not sure how? Well, during the winter, keep the top portion open so that a decent amount of sunlight can enter your space and during summer month, do the opposite – keep the lower part open. In this way, your room creates a comfy and comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Motorized Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades


How Do Standard Two Way Window Blinds Work?

Two way window blinds use a simple cord functions and two rails (top rails and floating rail). One rail is placed at the bottom of the window shade which can be mounted both inside and outside of the window frame. And another rail is placed in the middle of the window.

To adjust the shades (for top-down function); pull the cord towards the middle of the shade which will open from the headrail. And to bring the shades back at the same position, pull the same cord down. And for bottom-up function, it’s same like general window coverings – pull down and bring back the shades to open and close.

Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades


These window blinds are an amazing part of your home. Apart from being functional, they can enhance the value of any home by offering a finishing touch with stunning and astonishing makeover. Explore the wide range of TDBU shades as there are various options available – light filtering top down bottom up cellular shades and top down bottom up roman shades. So choose the best one that matches your interior style. If you need help during the installation procedure, contact the professional executives.


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