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Different types of window blinds – What sets them apart?

Brushed Aluminum Blinds

If your windows need coverings; then what would be your choice? It is obvious that there are multiple varieties available in the market as different types of window coverings. Window Blinds are the one of the varieties. You have different types of window blinds with various designs, color, pattern, features and functionality. You need to know each one of them and choose accordingly. ZebraBlinds will solve your doubts and clarify your confusion. You need to understand the different types of window blinds.

Real Wood Blinds


Types of window blinds - Faux wood blinds Canada


Real Wood Blinds, the name itself gives you the feel of the pure wood & perfect for any indoor. They are ideal since they are light weighted even though they are made from Hardwoods. The Hardwood of North American forests makes them available all year long since its local origin. The slats have genuine glow because they have natural mahogany color. That’s why; they sync easily with your existing wooden furniture. You can even see the natural grain with different types of patterns that show you the originality of this Wood Blind. The no two slats are similar in terms of looks and grain pattern. That shows its purity and originality. This is one of the preferable blinds to invest your money to get maximum benefits for a long time run. Be sure that you choose the proper location to use the real Wood Blinds since they are not ideal for humid condition especially for your kitchens and washrooms. Choose the branded ones to get maximum benefits for a longer time. ZebraBlinds has a numerous collection of Real Wood Blinds of a renowned brand like Graber. Real Wood Blinds are expensive as compared to the other blinds; that’s why, sometimes it is not affordable for people easily. Now, at ZebraBlinds, you will see wood blinds that might suit your budget.


Faux Wood Blinds

Now, come down to some real alternatives of the Real Wood Blinds. Real Wood blinds are costly as compared to the other window blinds. So, if your budget does not permit you to go for Real Wood Blinds; then you need a substitute. Here is the solution for you in forms of Faux Wood Blinds. Faux wood is, or fake wood blinds are made out of PVC foam with tough coating on the outer layer of the slats to resist scratches, humidity and wear and tire. The outer layer foamed like wood texture and colors are imitations of wood stains or painted wood. They are the best alternatives of Real Wood Blinds at a reasonable price level for any layman to afford. They give you the same wooden feeling, but they won’t harm your pocket. Faux Wood Blinds are the unique concept of the manufacturers to bring out the best value for money solutions for customers who love wood for their indoor fashion. In some cases, they are much efficient and durable than the Real Wood blinds. You can’t use Wood blinds in the moisture prone areas, but you can use Faux Wood Blinds. So, don’t fade your wooden window décor wish when you have the option of Faux Wood Blinds. Come see the ZebraBlinds catalog and get more details on this type of Blind.


Aluminum Blinds

Types of Window Blinds Aluminium Blinds CanadaNow, come to the commercial uses of the window blinds with maximum durability and safety. Here comes the Aluminum Blinds with metal aluminum slats. This type of window blind is specially made for the commercial purposes to prevent the theft, fire and dust at the affordable price range. The metal makes it very durable and hard. Nobody can easily break it off; that’s why, they are widely used in the commercial places like shops, restaurants, office, etc. You can even use them for the domestic purpose. You can use them in the garage, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. They are water proof, fire proof, dust proof and scratch proof. You need to understand some facts that might not be suitable in some conditions. As the Aluminum is a good heat conductor; you might feel the high or low temperature on the slats during the summer and winter. The metal usually absorbs and releases the heat easily that can create a problem by transferring heat around the local area. So, the slats can be very cold or hot during seasonal extremes. Sometimes you might not get the variability in the colors also. So, choose this type of Blind as per your needs. Graber Aluminum Blinds are branded ones with great features and user-friendly characteristics. Sometimes these blinds called as Mini Blinds, Privacy Blinds, Micro blinds, etc.


Composite Blinds

Now, it’s time for you to think differently to support the environmental greenery. That means; enough of Woods, Faux Woods, and Aluminum. Composite Blind is the different type in the queue to draw your attention if you are a nature-friendly person. The concept is simple here; they are not made from direct wood or tree. They are made from the recycled products or renewable resources of the nature like sawdust, wood chips, recycled woods mixed with polypropylene compound for binding which will give the slats more strength and lighter in weight, etc. So, principle is simple as you have the same wooden feeling, but not hurting the nature’s resources while putting them on your windows. They are natural in terms of color, texture, and feel, but very much affordable as compared to Real Wood blinds. Let’s get some earthly essence with this Composite Blind and breath freely with their natural beauty.


Natural Blinds

The Natural blinds are actually speaking its Natural Shades. Some call these shades as Natural blinds since some of the materials used are hard materials like bamboo and wood reed. The same nature-friendly approach continues here in this type of blind also. The raw materials are direct from Mother Nature like bamboo, grass, reeds, wood planks, woven woods, etc. They have same naturalistic look with earthly essence to its appearance. While using this Natural Blind; you can even wipe out the chance of having the deforestation issues. The natural texture with a soft tone makes it unique in the field of window blinds. You can use it for your domestic purposes on your windows, patios, French doors, etc. The ideal part is they help you to have a proper privacy, illumination and protection level without hampering your contemporary indoor style.


Odysee Insulating Blinds

Now, it is time to recognize the Blind by its name. Here, this Blind is specialized for indoor insulation. This is a distinct Blind where the looks and appearance will be smooth with its crafted look and at the same time this will protect your indoor from outdoor cold, heat and sound. The vanes are the unique concept to create air pockets to provide insulation and light diffusion. The closing and opening vanes concept give you ideal décor and atmosphere for your indoor with this type of Blind. So, if your concern is the indoor insulation; then look for this Odysee Insulating Blind.


Skylight Blinds

Now, look up and see the sky without any hassle. Here, Skylight Blinds are made for your sky high windows or even out of reach windows. If your high ceiling windows or out of reach windows need protection; then what will you give as coverings? Now, in this case your solution is Skylight Blinds. They create an ideal atmosphere for your indoor where you have a safe level of diffused sunlight for your skin and furniture. They don’t allow the direct UV exposure within your indoor and protect your indoor furnishings from direct sun damage. Now, you can enjoy the morning sun and bright sky during the daytime without any tension of having direct sun glare. Now, cover your sky high windows with this Blind and feel the safe level of natural illumination.


Vinyl Blinds

In this type of blind, the main part is the raw material that makes it distinct in terms of durability and looks. This type of blind is not made from Wood, Faux Wood, Aluminum, Natural materials, grass or reeds. Vinyl Blinds are made from Vinyl materials with high durability assurance. The Vinyl coated slats or blinds are moisture and seasonal resistant. That’s why; even in the extreme seasonal condition the slats will not crack, fade, split, or bend. The slats are also sleek and smooth in appearance. They have contemporary style with a reasonable price range for anyone to afford. If you think to have coverings for your washrooms; then they can be your suitable blinds to solve the purpose.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are for your wide windows, patio doors, large windows, French doors, etc. When you use other blinds to cover your conventional windows; this type helps you to cover your wide and large windows with style and fashion. They have drapes like appearance to cover the windows or doors with their hanging drapes like vertical slats. Hanging slats can be of fabrics, vinyl or wood for different styles. Fabrics give you the feel of beauty, whereas vinyl makes your cleaning job easy. The unique part is that they bring a twist in the traditional horizontal blinds and give our indoor a new dimension. To explore more on Vertical Blinds; you have to explore the ZebraBlinds site for more details.


There are two more crucial facts of window blinds that you need to understand. One is made-to-measure Blind. This type of blind is made for a measured window to fit as per the size and shape. Another blind is ready made blind. Here the concept is manufacturer made this blind with a particular size and shape. You just need to cut the blind as per your window requirements. These made-to-measure blinds with your custom needs and options are the Custom Windows Blinds. Whatever the requirement you have, Custom or Readymade; ZebraBlinds has all the pocket-friendly solutions for you.


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