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The Ultimate Window Treatment – Norman Perfect Tilt RF Window Shutters

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How to Care For Your Motorized Window Shutters.

You will have given your home the ultimate face lift with motorized window shutters from a renowned brand like Norman. The motorized shutters come with an ergonomic remote that includes eight preset angles and can control a number of shutters in its range. It utilizes an RF signal instead of the traditional infrared for precise reception, ranging up to 65 ft., with no sensor holes, and no need to point the remote directly at receiver. The automated interior shutters include an e-timer that allows you to control them from a computer or Smartphone from anywhere, with a proprietary web interface. Everything about shutters is thoroughly satisfying and perfect. Here are a few guidelines that would help you maintain your motorized shutters.


Do Not Allow Your Warranty to Lapse.

You should note that your warranty does not cover any conditions/problems caused by normal wear and tear, unauthorized repairs, accidents, alterations, misuse and abuse, exposure to the elements, excessive humidity, fading, and failure to follow instructions for measurement, installation, cleaning or maintenance. Make sure you do not use your window shutters in a way where it will not be eligible to be covered under warranty.


Take Care of the Remote.


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The automated Norman Shutters allow you enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling your shutters. All you need to do is press a button to operate all your interior shutters from any point in your home, which eliminates the need for you to walk around to control them individually. One of the major complaints from customers with motorized modern shutters is that the remote isn’t working. Often, this is due to some avoidable damage to the remote that causes the disruption of its function.

· It the customer’s responsibility to take care to avoid dropping the remote that results in damage to the circuit board, causing disruption in its function.

· The remote should be stored in clean and dry area, to prevent any moisture damaging the circuit board.

· If the remote is exposed direct sunlight, or kept in close proximity to heaters or any other heat sources, the resulting heat will damage the circuit and batteries and deform the remote housing, resulting in the cost of replacement to the owner.

· We have seen how corded window treatments have proven to be strangulation hazards to young children and pets. Tiny elements housed in the remote can be shaken loose when children or pets bang them around while playing. If swallowed, these small parts may cause a choking in children and pets. For safety, always keep the remote out of the reach of small children.

· Many customers ignore the warning and spray solvents, alcohol or abrasives to clean the remote instead of the recommended slightly moistened soft cloth and then blame the product when the motor doesn’t work properly. Strictly follow the cleaning instructions for the remote.

· When the remote is exposed to extreme cold and then moved to a warmer area, it causes condensation to form inside the device, damaging it. Avoid such extremes as much as possible.

· When the range of your remote gets shorter or fail, replace the batteries instead of trying to fix it. When the batteries run down, dispose of them safely. Do not panic if the batteries fail, the louvers can be moved by hand to the desired position without the remote.


Cleaning and Maintenance.

Shutters add great decorative value to homes, but if neglected, your shutters will become dingy, grimy and dirty, losing their stylistic appeal. Routine cleaning of window treatments is not only recommended to maintain good hygiene, it is essential for maintaining its visual charm. Use a feather duster, a clean cloth or vacuum with the soft brush attachment to gently remove dust and any debris. For thorough cleaning of your shutters, wipe the louvers in both the open and closed positions to cover all the spots. It is not recommended to immerse shutters in water or use abrasive chemical solvents on them as this may cause discoloration, and if your shutters are made of wood, they could warp. Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended either.


Avoid Tampering with the Product.

Should the remote or the motor fail, please contact your retailer/manufacturer for assistance. DIY does not include repairing your remote control or unauthorized repair of shutter motors. There are no serviceable parts inside your remote or motor; therefore there is no point in opening it when it stops working. You may end up damaging it by mishandling parts inside the device.

It is normal for all louvers not to move at the same time when you press a button to select an angle. This happens due to their starting louver position, but they will end at approximately the same position in the end. Do not try to fix it.

The motorized window shutters are created to function silently and smoothly. If you find any clicking sound or find that movement of shutters is not in form, contact your dealer for help. Do not make assumptions as to what is the right thing to do for your shutters. When in doubt, consult the care recommendations that came with the product or give the dealers or customer care a call.

If you follow the guidelines, your window treatments will look great and function exceptionally throughout their lifetime on your windows.




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