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Ultrasonic Cutting Heads makes Roller Solar Shades last long

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The Devil is in the details. Secure your Window Shades investment.


“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important”, said the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you trust the intelligence of the man who gave crime fiction a new dimension, you need to pay attention to little things that matter a lot, like making sure how your shade fabric is cut when purchasing your window coverings.

Not many realize the importance of shade fabrics, leave alone their cut, when they are busy buying window coverings that gives their home a new charm. Most people are more enthralled with the chic looks, attractive colors and the effect it has on interior decor, more than the fabric itself.

Shade fabrics make a huge difference to the functionality, durability and visual appeal of your shades. Every little detail like how they are manufactured, their eco-safety, maintenance and durability will make a huge difference to your window coverings in the years to come.

Window coverings which makes a huge difference to your home value, visual appeal, insulation, energy bill, and light control also take a big chunk out of your budget. Therefore, make your investment wisely, and pay attention to every minute detail of your window treatment for peace of mind once they are installed.


Popularity of Roller Shades.


Some shades come with practical purposes, whereas some have that superior styling and looks. When it comes to roller shades, it’s never easy to distinguish among qualities that make for perfection as they all look so perfectly made. It’s no wonder they are the most popular window coverings in North America today. Let us check out some of the attractive features of roller shades from renowned brands like Graber or Crown:

1. They go hand in glove with any type of decor
2. They are easy to operate
3. Maintenance is hassle free
4. Available in wide spectrum of colorsRoller- Shade-Canada -
5. Numerous fabric choices ranging from sheers to opaque
6. Flexible weights to keep them perfectly balanced
7. Provides your home with excellent UV protection
8. Are budget friendly
9. No slats, hence no dents and bending
10. Dimensional stable – will not shrink or stretch
11. Good insulators
12. Shade fabric has sufficient rigidity
13. Enough resistance to repel curling, twisting, bowing and distortion of shades
14. Are waterproof, washable and colorfast to water and light
15. Designer fabrics in various patterns
16. Would you want more from your window coverings?
17. Smooth Operations


As their name suggests, roller shades function with a roller mechanism. The shade fabric is attached to the bars on the top and bottom bar of the window covering. You can control the position of the roller shade with just a tug of the cord or a tug of the hem bar to roll them up or down. The continuous loop clutch mechanism of solar shades makes it easy to stop them at any position you desire. Motorization allows you to conveniently open or close your shades with just a touch of a button. It not only maintains complete uniformity and alignment of all the shades, but also helps you manage extra-large or inaccessible windows with ease.


Importance of Choosing Perfect Fabric for Roller Shades.


Innovative technology has taken shade fabric manufacturing to a different zone today. Some of them have a glass fabric base, double coated with vinyl plastic for high level opacity which provides effective light control. These fabrics are completely pliable and do not break, crack or create pinholes when in use.

Composition of fabric is highly important for its durability on your windows. The fabric material of roller shades should be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear it will undergo on the rollers. In addition it should have gone through all the relevant certifications that ensure their are sustainability energy efficient and cut to perfection to avoid any future fraying.

Phifer manufactures the very latest in technology to produce sun control fabrics that meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Savings on energy bills, they are easy to maintain while being endlessly aesthetic in appearance. They are preferred choice of leading window covering manufacturing units.


Cutting Edge Technology.


One of the major challenges in operating roller shades is the uneven rolling of the shades caused by wrong alignment or frayed edges of the fabric.

Fraying of fabrics edges takes place when they are cut manually, leaving some uneven or jagged ends. Ultrasonic cutting heads cut through the shade fabric by vibrating at high speeds to create heat which melts the fabric at high precision. Cutting edge technology! The outcome is smooth incision, accurate trimming and a sealed edge to the fabric that prevents breakage and damage to the material – a perfectly finished shade fabric for roller shades that will roll up and down in perfect alignment for years on end. This is one of those little factors that must be considered infinitely important when investing in window dressings.

Maintenance is not a challenge either, with these fabrics. They are available in a wide spectrum of colors in shades of Blacks, Blues, Browns, Grays, Greens, Neutrals, Reds, Whites and Yellows to complement your interior decor
That settles it! Let’s Roll…



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