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Uncommon Ways to Dress your Arched Windows for an Eye-Catching Look

Uncommon Ways to Dress your Arched Windows for an Eye-Catching Look

The Beauty of Arched Windows

Arched windows have always been perceived as a gorgeous architectural innovation for your standard windows. These windows help to add a touch of customization and uniqueness to your homes and the impact is unparalleled. They have the power to convert a regular boring window into something brilliant and extraordinary. They allow additional light into your space; they add height to the windows and help create an illusion of higher ceilings and larger living space. While they are no doubt a great addition to your windows and living space, dressing them up effectively and aesthetically can be a challenging task. Drapes were the most commonly used window treatment to cover these arches. But the problem with drapes is once drawn, they cover the entire window, and also the beautiful shape of the arches is lost behind the yards of fabric. Leaving them uncovered gives rise to a host of problems. During the summer months, they can cause heat gain inside the house as sunlight pours in unabated. During winter the same windows can cause heat loss. Warm air from the house will escape through the arched glass windows. This can cause energy loss during both summer and winter.

Arched Window Curtain Rods

Normal regular drapes don’t do much for your arched windows. However, arched window curtain rods are fast gaining popularity with homeowners. As suggested, these window curtain rods are arched in shape and follow the arched shape of your windows. When the curtains are drawn they cover the arched and standard rectangular windows together but help to retain the arched appearance of the windows. This allows you to use curtains as a window treatment solution while preserving the uniqueness of your specialty shaped windows.

Over the years, blinds, shades shutters have become a preferred way of dressing these arched windows. The biggest advantage of these solutions is that they allow you to retain the shape of the arches even when the blinds and shutters are drawn closed.
Curtains and Drapery for Arched Windows


Shades are sleek, simple, and smart and a practical window treatment solution for your windows and arched windows as well. Shades address your privacy concerns, prevent energy loss, block out glare, and the harmful UV rays of the sun. The best part of shades is that they can be customized to fit your windows and even the specialty shaped windows like arched ones. Light filtering and blackout cellular shades are also a popular choice of treatment for these gorgeous windows.
Roman Shades for Arched Windows


Blinds are another great way to dress up your arched windows. They can be fully customized to fit neatly into any window shape and size which makes them quite a practical choice for arched windows. Blinds come with slats that can be adjusted to control the amount of light you want in the room and they make your arches look stunning.


Shutters are a stunner for any room and decor. Primarily made of wood, shutters can be made of PVC as well. They are fitted into the window frame which allows them to make a snug fit. They too come with slats that can be adjusted to control the amount of light and privacy your room requires. Shutters can seamlessly blend into any decor style and most importantly they can be customized to fit even your arched windows. They keep the unique shape of the arched window intact and lend a medieval yet contemporary charm to the living space.
Shutters for Arched Windows
Be it blinds, or shades, it is preferable to opt for motorized control as it makes it easier to operate these hard-to-reach arches. A press of a button is all it takes to open and close your arched window dressings.
Dressing your arched windows can be a challenging task but certainly not impossible. With the window treatment market evolving continuously and incorporating new styles you can find a window dressing for every type of window. Explore these options and settle for the one that suits and defines your style and taste.

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