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Use window dressings to add value to your home

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Window dressings the gateway to creativity.

‘Quality time’ is a very modern phrase coined to reflect precious moments spent with near and dear ones amidst present-day rush where the commitments keep one away from home most times. Being with dear ones in comfortable surroundings has become a cherished, looked-forward-to event. What better place than one’s own home for the purpose?


We are all aware of the cliché stating that there is a significant difference between a house and a home. A house where there is love, affection and caring become a home. Abstract emotions like love and affection, are enhanced in a tastefully done up house where the ambient temperature is right, and the light is controlled for comfort. The process of ‘caring’ in this context begins at the ‘house’ stage itself when plans are made by stakeholders who list out their requirements, do research, identify products and finally put them all together. Broadly speaking aspects like comfort, material and costs need to be kept in mind.


For the experience of comfort the surrounding temperature should be right, the light should be pleasing, and both temperature and light should be easily controlled. Walls, doors, and windows by themselves do not provide us with much leeway. They are permanent fixtures. Dressings open the gateway to creativity. The color scheme of dressings needs to match the general décor. For this, there is an endless range of options to choose from to suit any taste both in terms of material and color. Walk into a showroom, talk, open a magazine or browse the net, call eager representatives, and you will find that almost everything available on earth is available.



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By overseeing comfort and getting it right, we add value to the property by ensuring that the window treatments and dressings are energy efficient in addition to being decorative. To be energy efficient the outside needs to the thought off too. Imagine that you were looking to buy a home – what aspects would you consider to be of paramount importance, in addition to the obvious features like location, construction, accessibility, etc.? Wouldn’t it be energy efficiency? To fabricate an energy efficient home we need to take into consideration the environment, the placement of the doors and windows and the seasons. The material and treatment will have to help us combat the environment and help us remain cool in summer and warm in winter.


Awnings reduce summer heat by over 40% when positioned over south-facing and west-facing windows. Light, synthetic material like acrylic and polyvinyl laminates treated to resist moisture; mildew and fading are widely available as an excellent choice. Whatever the fabric, one should choose something that is light colored, opaque and tightly woven? Light colors reflect more sunlight. Remember, reflection or diverting direct solar radiation is the key aim for this purpose. Adjustable or retractable awnings can be folded away or raised in the winter to let the sun warm the house.


Blinds and Shutters use slats that can be horizontal or vertical thus rendering them more appropriate for summer rather than winter. The gaps between the slats make it is more suited to control light rather than heat. But modern technology has a solution for every requirement. Slats can be coated with the material that have heat reflective material and can be treated in combination with thermalWindow dressings - insulating material to achieve a high degree of thermal insulation for making insulating blinds. When fully lowered on a window receiving a lot of sunlight, highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45%. Their vanes can also be adjusted to block and reflect direct sunlight.


Draperies are a good option for window dressings. Their thermal effectiveness depends on the type of fabric used and color. Draperies allow considerable flexibility when it comes to control. A simple tie can provide convenient light control. Fully drawn drapes with a reflective exterior can divert radiation and those coated with the thermally isolating material can retain internal heat during the winter. Draperies provide an easy flexibility that’s hard to achieve with other options. They can be layered. Two draperies hung together will create an air tight space. One layer can be transparent and drawn to allow maximum sunlight when needed with the thicker opaque one neatly bunched. An advantage is that the room-side drapery maintains almost the same temperature as that of the room, adding to its comfort. To prevent heat exchange, Draperies can be hung close to windows and terminating on windowsills or the floor. With Velcro and some tape, draperies can be sealed as required.



When one enters a home, the first requirement of pleasing interiors is imperative. It sets the tone for a comfortable sojourn. Once the initial requirement is met the second one of being in a place with the right temperature attains importance. If both requirements have been taken care of you would have done the best you could in terms of money and material for the home. This fact will not escape anyone that steps into your home. You would have added value to your space, and this will fetch you a better price, if God forbids, it is ever put up for sale. Go for it.



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