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Using Cornices to Change Your Home Decor by the Season

Using Cornices to Change Your Home Decor by the Season

Cornices and Everlasting Beauty

Cornices and valances remain integral and important to your window treatment solution. You can pair them with your blinds, shades, and drapes to lend a creative touch to your windows and create a dramatic yet elegant look for your living space. Cornices and valances help to pull the room together into a harmonious whole and leave a lasting impression on all. While valances are essentially made of soft and loose fabric, cornices are made of plywood or real wood and have a structured appearance. They are three-sided boxes that are mounted atop the window and cover the upper part of the windows. They do a great job of hiding the ugly unattractive window treatment hardware and also add functional value to the room. During the cold winter months when warm air rises and escapes through the glass windows, these cornices help to keep air trapped inside and prevent heat loss.

Choosing Cornice Boards for your Windows

Cornices can be wooden, ornamental, and upholstered. They can be customized to suit any kind of decor. For a more traditional decor, you can opt for ornamental cornices while for the sleek and contemporary homes you can stick to simple elegant cornices. If you are using upholstered cornices you can also choose the type of fabric depending upon your home decor. You can choose velvet and heavy fabrics for a more dramatic impact or simple cotton ones for a more casual and informal setup. The best part of cornices is that they can be changed with ease and suit your changing decor style. If you want to give your decor a makeover without going in for a major overhaul, you can simply change the cornices.
Natural Wood Cornice Boards

Cornice for Different Seasons

During summer, you would want a light airy appearance for your living space. We do away with the heavier drapes and fall back on lighter materials like polyester, lace, and cotton for better air circulation and light filtration. The heavy insulated drapes are replaced. To complement this look you can opt for simple and elegant cornices to revamp your decor. You can go with simple wood cornices with designs to pull off the look. If you want upholstered cornices you can choose simple fabric styles and designs to help maintain the summery vibes. You can go with floral prints, stripes, butterfly prints, leafy patterns, etc. they help to bring the focus back on the windows and gives the room a freshness and positive vibe that can change the entire look and feel of the living space.
Tailored Cornice Board
During the winters when the windows get back the heavier drapes and window treatments to offer enhanced insulation and prevent heat loss, you need another change of look for your rooms to keep up with the changing seasons. You can opt for heavier fabric for your cornices if you want upholstered ones. You can go with velvet or brocade material for a more formal look. Solid colors and simple designs can help to pull off the look. For winter you can also use Christmas colors like red and green to impart a festive feel to the room. It can be part of your Christmas decor for the season.

There is no tried and tested recipe for cornice board looks that you can opt for different seasons. You can explore and be as creative as you want. You can let your imagination weave magic in your rooms. Some themes work well for different seasons like floral prints and bright sunny colors for summer and a solid heavier look for the winter. To give your rooms a makeover every season may not be feasible as it can put your finances under strain. Getting your sofas replaced or rooms painted every six months is not an economical proposition. But it is also true that we get tired of the same appearance after every few months and even a small addition or change can make a great visual impact. Cornice boards can be made at home as part of a DIY project with a little help from family members. They can be mounted and removed with ease. Hence cornices can be an important and easy way to add flavor to the season and give your rooms the much-needed change of appearance without going overboard with expenses.

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