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Using European Style Window Coverings to Add A Unique Aesthetic to Your Home



European style window coverings are some of the most sought-after window coverings across the world. They are grand, elegant, and stylish with a luxurious appeal that is hard to match with anything else. European style window coverings are a superb choice for homes with traditional décor.

What are European Style Window Coverings?

European style window coverings evolved in different parts of Europe during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. That period depicts of a royal era in central Europe with the British Empire ruling across the globe. Wealth was in abundance and people had access to the finest fabrics and upholstery items. British and French colonies in India, China and Africa produced the finest quality of fabrics and they were exported by force to various parts of Europe.

European style window coverings will have an abundance of fabric. There will be multiple pleats, and the length and breadth of the curtain will be much bigger than regular curtains. Use of sequins, laces and other embroidery materials is common. Some of these fabrics were hand-crafted and displayed beautiful motifs which were carved through embroidery.

Even crotchet work was visible in the curtains and drapes of the Victorian era. The draperies in England and adjoining countries in Europe depict the grandeur of that period.

The curtains today are designed with minimalist outlook; however, the lovers of European style window coverings prefer the extravaganza of that era. Roman blinds and shades which are available in most of the window treatment stores today depict the beauty of that period to an extent.

Why do European Style Window Coverings add a Unique Aesthetic?

Why do European Style Window Coverings add a Unique Aesthetic?

Not every home is suited to carry the grandeur and aura of European Style Window Coverings. The homeowner will need to have a palatial mansion, or a huge penthouse style apartment to convert it into a place where European décor can fit in.

  1. Matching Heavy Furniture Décor-There is a lot of stress towards heavy furniture and elegant fittings if you are planning to convert your home into a period home depicting the era of European excesses. You need to buy heavy furniture made of solid teak or birch wood and they need to have a lot of crafted wood panellings.

You cannot use MDF and other modern home décor if you are planning to add European Style Window Coverings to your palatial apartment or mansion. You need to use heavy Persian rugs, Kashmiri carpets, chandeliers to bring the look close to that of the homes of kings and nobility of that era. European style window coverings will add theme of the entire home décor and will enhance its unique aesthetic.

2. Matching Classic Art Pieces- If you go to any museum and check out the homes of kings of that period, you will find that the home was filled with a lot of classic paintings.

Your European Style Window Coverings will look good in a house which is decorated with multiple pieces of fine paintings, so do not choose just any modern art. Choose classic paintings by famous artists or more traditional style art.

Here are some of the European window coverings which are available in our online ensemble and you may choose your favourite fabric out of these varieties available.

  1. Crown Looped Roman ShadesThis variety of shades will cost you under$200 for a classic 24 by 24-inch piece. You may choose to customise them as per the width and height of your window. Roman Shades are available in a multitude of styles such as Looped Roman shades, hobbled or soft fold Roman shades, flat Roman style, classic Roman style, front slat Roman shades, relaxed style, and European Roman shades, etc. There are more than 50 shades and fabrics to choose from and each of them will offer a unique look and style. Looped Roman shades or hobbled shades are characterized by folds that cascade down the face of the shade which helps to add depth.

These European-style window coverings are very convenient to use and since they are also available in the cordless option, they will be very safe for homes that have children and pets. This product can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or professional dry cleaning.

2. Fresco Graber Roman ShadesFor a beautiful 24 by 24-inch piece, this variety of European window coverings will cost you a little over $200. This variant of exquisite, modern and elegant looking Roman shades will combine the look of drapery with the ease-of-use of blinds. This variety of shades will have the smooth movement of shades and the colour options will compel you to desire a bigger house with more windows to drape.

If you choose the light filtering variety for your living room, then an optimum amount of light will enter the room through the fabric during the daytime. This variety of European window coverings will give a sophisticated soft glow, along with moderate privacy to your home.

Room darkening fabrics blocks most of the light and helps you to have a sound sleep. These European window coverings also offer complete privacy, and hence are advisable for the bedrooms, media rooms and bathrooms. For maximum light control and privacy, we suggest you to use the complete blackout fabrics. They will help you to create a dark and isolated world for yourself and you can sleep peacefully at any point of the day or night.

3. Graber Fresco Virtual Cord Blackout Roman ShadesThis is a smart European-style window covering and can be used along with voice commands attached to the virtual assistants. So, get ready to use your Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo along with these shades.

These virtual assistants will require a Samsung Smart Things Hub, Hubitat Elevation Hub or a Graber Gateway/Smart hub. These shades work with most z-wave hubs such as Samsung’s SmartThings, Hubitat Elevation, Homeseer, Vera, Wink, Nexia, Home assistant with a z-wave module and others.

  • Artisan Elegance Roman Shades Graber-These European window coverings add serenity to your home. They are available in various shades of white, and the intricate design and the craftsmanship are evident in each and every piece of this variant of Roman shades. The smooth texture of these shades will never fail to soothe you, and if you stay in a hot and humid place, this is the one for you. These Roman shades are available in a few of grey and beige colours too, but the finesse and variety which you will find in the white colours, will definitely take your breath away.

These European window coverings can be made to fit almost any size window. Please speak to our specialists for the specific styles which you may require for any corner window or bay windows. The styles include the casual looks of the seamless and relaxed Roman shades, the structured style of the looped Roman shades, classic flat Roman shades and the softer look of the balloon shades. You may even choose the cordless versions of it to ensure safety for your children and pets at home.


So now since you have gone through some of our collection from the ensemble of European style window coverings, you can now make an informed decision about the type of window covering to opt for.

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