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Using Exterior Solar Screens To Help Keep The Heat Off Your Porch

Using Exterior Solar Screens To Help Keep The Heat Off Your Porch

Solar screens: Why solar screens?

With summer being at its peak the sun scorching outside, it can create an uncomfortable glare, and bring excess heat inside your house, making your home feel like a greenhouse. So, we would like to suggest for you the Solar Shade and its advantages. Let us discuss in detail.

  • It greatly improves your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Comfortable home and saving on cooling cost.
  • Protecting things like interiors, furniture, gadgets etc.
  • Reduce the amount of sunlight shining through your windows
  • Enhances luminance in room and reduces the heat flow.

From decks to windows, exterior solar screens can be mounted in any outdoor location to provide shade. Whether you choose manual, motorized, or automated sun-sensing operation, your screen can be instantly deployed whenever it’s needed, and just as quickly returned to its discrete protective casing.

Solar screens can reduce the heat gain on your windows. That means your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the home comfortable, and it can cut your electricity expenses.

Solar screens are made of special window screen mesh, they are:

  • Often made from a polyester weave and sometimes  with the added durability of a PVC coating.
  •  Fiberglass screens provide good air flow as well as good outward visibility with minimal sunlight glare.
  • Aluminum screens are also durable and don’t tear as easily as fiberglass. They’re rust resistant and won’t sag.
  • Polyester screens are resistant to tears and more durable than fiberglass.

Home owners today are interested in improving energy efficiency.  Keeping into account the budget, quality, and functionality, there is a wide range of solar screens available on the market. So below we discuss common queries people have on their mind when choosing solar screens.

  • The costs of heating and cooling a home seem to be growing constantly, and by improving energy efficiency, solar screens can reduce the cost by keeping the home more comfortable. As explained earlier, any home improvements are expensive, that we wonder if there will be a return on our investment. With solar screen, not only they will there be a great return on investment but they will also provide years of substantial comfort.
  • Home designed with large windows provides a lot of beautiful natural light. But natural lights contain harmful UV rays which can harm skin and furniture over time. Solar screens help block out light by preventing harmful UV rays from entering home. Beautifully decorated homes with gorgeously upholstered sofas will not be damaged by fading because of the sunlight from windows.
  • Window sun shades are designed to allow for ideal outward visibility, and they allow for sunlight to come in, but they drastically reduce visibility for those outside looking in. Solar Shades have many levels of visibility available, and is often graded by a level of openness percentage. The lower the percentage, the less visibility and vice versa.

Now let us discuss the difference between window tints and solar screens. Which is preferred among the two? Why people are going for solar screens.

Window tintSolar screens
Does not actually prevent the sun’s rays from coming in contact with the window. They will still heat up the windows which will then radiate heat into your homeStops the harmful rays from touching the window itself and provide an extra layer of insulation to provide a much more efficient protection for your home.
Window tint or film can be completely invisible but can be easily damaged.Solar screens provide heat reduction.
As far as maintenance is concerned, care should be taken when cleaning window tintSolar screen maintenance is very easy since it can be easily removed.
It damages the window once the film is installedIt protects the window when installed.

With all these drawbacks of window tints versus solar screens, we can understand why people opt for solar screens. They are much energy efficient, provides no threat to windows. Also there is a huge difference with the utility bills when solar screen is installed.

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