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Using Interesting Patterns to Accent Your Cellular Shades

How to Cover a Skylight for Insulation and Heat Blocking?

What Makes Your Home So Special?

The feeling of being at home is always deemed special and incomparable to any other feeling. The home represents the place you are most comfortable in, where you can be yourself and be comfortable in your skin. The home is a symbol of your private space and your personality manifested through your unique taste and preferences. All houses follow a similar architectural principle to some extent if you look at the house as a space surrounded by walls that have windows and doors that act as outlets to the outside world.

But what is it that makes a house stand out from the others? What makes a house the home you cherish? It is your individual investment in the house reflected in the design choices that give a unique character to the lived space. From the color scheme of the walls to the choice of furniture, from your unique taste in décor elements to the placement of objects, everything mirrors your individuality. This is what transforms a brick-and-mortar house into a personal abode.

Why You Should Invest in Window Coverings?

We all want our homes to stand out and hence invest so much in the visual appeal of the house. Window coverings also feature in that consideration as they provide efficient coverage to the interiors, help ensure a comfortable atmosphere inside the house by preventing heat exchange and glare, and also accentuate the windows. In your quest for differentiating your home décor so that it looks more appealing, window treatments can prove to be an effective component.

Windows are the focal point of any home décor and if you don’t give enough attention to adorning them, it will be hard to achieve the decorative appeal you seek. Bare windows don’t make for a good sight. Apart from ruining the appeal of the home décor, they also adversely affect the energy efficiency of the house as the glass windows can’t prevent heat exchange between the interiors and the outside. As a result, the air conditioners and the thermostats in your house may have to consume more power to maintain a constant temperature inside the house.

What are Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades are right up there with the best heat-insulating window treatment options. These shades are constructed in such a way that their structure has honeycomb-shaped air pockets. These air pockets help make the cellular shades excellent heat insulators. Cellular shades are available in both single-cell and dual-cell variants. Dual cell variants are better insulators as they comprise more air pockets. They can block out the outside heat during the summers and also prevent warmth inside the house from escaping outside. This helps maintain a constant indoor temperature and as a result, the energy efficiency of the house sees a marked improvement.
These shades are made from layers of continuous fabric that that stack into neat and crisp pleats depending on the variant you have. The continuous fabric covering also helps improve the energy efficiency of the cellular shades. Unlike the blinds that have gaps between the blind slats, these shades have consistent and continuous coverage end to end.

How to Use Interesting Patterns to Accentuate Your Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades look gorgeous and visibly enhance the décor of the window and the room the window is located in. Windows are the focal point of any room they are situated in. Hence, you need to beautify the windows if you want to increase the visual appeal of the interiors and cellular shades do that with aplomb. However, the effect can be further enhanced if you make use of interesting patterns to make the cellular shades stand out.
It is not just about the types of patterns that you use to accent the cellular shades; it is also about how you make use of these patterns. Let us look at how you can enhance the decorative value of cellular shades using fascinating and stimulating patterns:

Use Printed or Patterned Cellular Shades

While solid cellular shades give a sophisticated and minimalistic fervor to the interiors, they may seem to be a bit mellow at times for some people. Using captivating and bold prints and patterns on the fabric of these shades can make the shades look more prominent. From geometric prints to floral designs, bold pop art to intricate woven designs, there is no dearth of options you can consider. Let us look at some of the interesting patterns and design options that you can consider to accentuate your cellular shades:

Floral Print: Floral print is a forever classic and is versatile enough to be used in any kind of window treatment. The same is true for cellular shades as well. Prominent floral prints imbued with bright and vibrant colors are a perfect recipe for enhancing the visual appeal of your cellular shades.
Geometric Print: Geometric patterns have a unique appeal that can beautify any space they are placed in. Bold geometric prints can add grace and symmetry to the cellular shades and the decor of the room they are installed in. You can opt for any color combination be it monochrome or multicolored. Your cellular shades will surely get a style upgrade that is too hard to miss.
Abstract Print: Sometimes chaos is also beautiful and when translated in prints or patterns can leave a profound impression on the beholders. Abstract prints capture that essence with aplomb. Bold and boisterous, abstract prints are expressive and will surely accentuate the look of your cellular shades.
Paisley Print: Paisley print is another popular pattern that finds implementation in every walk of life. From clothes to bed linen and from curtains to shades, paisley prints are an elegant design choice and for the same reason, you can consider them to accent your cellular shades.

Tropical Print: Beauty of nature has a surreal presence that finds pleasant expression in everything natural. It is only fitting that you choose the same to beautify your home decor. You can do exactly that by opting for warm and welcoming tropical prints in your cellular shades. It will give a close to nature vibe to your window frame and the rest of the home decor.

There are no limits to creative imagination and its implementation. Thus, the choice of patterns that you have for accentuating your cellular shades is virtually limitless, limited only by the scope of your imagination. However, the options listed above are some of the most favored and prominent choices you can look at. Cellular shades add grace to the window frame and when you accent them by embracing such interesting patterns, the visual delight rises to a whole new level.

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