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Using Remote Shades To Dress A Ceiling Window For Easy Access

Using Remote Shades To Dress A Ceiling Window For Easy Access

Why Ceiling Windows Are Awesome

Gazing at the night sky filled with interspersed stars through the attic or ceiling window would have been a favorite childhood pastime of many people. Ceiling windows have always caught the fancy of people and for good reason. Not only do they provide a great view of the skyline but they also help brighten the interiors by allowing more light into the room. If the ceiling window is not the fixed type and can actually be opened, you can enjoy better ventilation as well.

Windows that are installed on the side walls are directional in nature and hence depending on the position of the Sun at any particular time of the day, the light entering inside may differ in intensity. Accordingly, the interiors may look bright enough at a certain time of the day and may look a bit dull later on. With ceiling windows, you don’t have to face such issues. Since these windows are situated overhead, they keep getting unobstructed access to the sunlight throughout most of the day.

Ceiling windows also add a bit of visual relief to the décor of the room by enriching the beauty of the ceiling which would have otherwise been a closed-off and boring feature in the architecture of the house. Ceiling windows also provide you with a lot of stylistic flexibility as they come in a variety of shapes and types ranging from flat to arched, domed to pyramid-shaped, and can be ventilating, fixed, or tubular. Depending on your preference and requirement, you can opt for the ones that pique your interest.

Drawbacks of Ceiling Windows

While there are so many awesome things about the ceiling windows, they also have their fair share of relative drawbacks too. Some of these drawbacks are connected to the same aspects that make them awesome in the first place. For instance, ceiling windows allow more light to enter the house and that too for a much longer duration during the day. This can be a great thing if there are fewer open spaces around your house and you want to brighten the interiors by allowing more natural light inside.

 However, this long exposure to sunlight may also lead to heat gain issues. If your house is located in a warm region, the heat gain issue can seem even more prominent and irksome. Heat gain issues are directly linked to energy consumption inside your house as the air-conditioner will have to consume more power to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house.

Too much unobstructed natural light can also lead to the issue of glare inside the room and may hamper your multimedia consumption experience. Also, you will struggle in case you want to darken the interiors of the room for a while.

Why Shades Are a Must With Ceiling Windows

With ceiling windows, you are bound to experience heat gain during summers, heat loss during winters, glare, and poor blackout performance. To overcome these issues, you will need to add coverage to your ceiling windows. Shades are a great option for dressing up the ceiling windows due to less weight, more variety both in terms of design and color options, and the choice of opting for remote solutions too.

Moreover, shades provide excellent heat insulation, light control, and blackout performance and that is exactly what you need for your ceiling windows. Unlike the blinds that have gaps between the individual slats, shades have a continuous layer of fabric. This helps provide better coverage for heat insulation, light control, blackout performance, and even dust protection. This aspect of the shades makes them the ideal choice for your ceiling windows.

Using Remote Shades to Dress a Ceiling Window for Easy Access

Ceiling windows, as the name suggests, are installed on the roof of the house. Due to their location, the ceiling windows are difficult to reach. Hence climbing up to the roof using a ladder to access the window is not very practical or pragmatic either. Thus, when you get shades for your ceiling windows, you will have to keep this thing in mind and then select a variant accordingly.

Ideally, you will need shades that you can control remotely without having to climb up to the window to operate them using a pull cord. To address that need, you can look at remote window shades. Both pre-fabricated and custom options are available to choose from. While pre-made options are more readily accessible, custom solutions promise a set of shades that are fabricated exactly as per your requirements.

Remote shades can be either motorized shades that can be controlled via a remote or you can choose to opt for an upgrade in the form of smart shades that can be controlled via a remote, your smart phone, or even by simple voice commands. Both motorized and smart shades are extremely convenient to use and getting them installed on your ceiling windows makes absolute sense.

Smart shades are comparatively pricier due to the more advanced technology at play. However, that higher price tag justifies itself due to the higher degree of efficiency and features that you get in return. With smart remote shades, you can program them to automate their operation. Also, the smart shades can interact with other smart devices at your home and can help create a futuristic, convenient, and optimized living experience.

For instance, if your home has a smart luminosity sensor, the smart shades installed on your ceiling can interact with the sensor, and based on the readings on the sensor, it can automatically open when the brightness decreases beyond a certain point and can automatically get shut when it gets too bright.

Similarly, the smart remote shades can take the readings from the temperature sensor and get shut automatically when it starts getting too warm inside the house. You can do it manually also but then there will be scope for human error as you can forget to close the shades at the appropriate time or vice versa.

Thus smart ceiling shades can not only make accessing your remote shades much easier and hassle-free but also help improve the energy efficiency of your house by removing the scope for human error. Besides, you don’t even need to be at your home to monitor them as you can do so from anywhere using your smart phone. This takes the usability and the ease of access to a whole new level.

Ceiling windows are a beautiful architectural feature in the house. Hence, to do justice to their aesthetic value steps should be taken to ensure that you spend time marveling at the views instead of worrying about the issues that come with them. To that end, remote shades are an absolute no-brainer for dressing up your ceiling windows.

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