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Clean and Clutter-free Decor Inspiration: Vertical Blinds Cleaning Tips

Vertical Blinds Cleaning Tips

Vertical Blinds: Cleaning Tips and Considerations

Vertical window solutions are a great option if you are in the process of a home decoration project. They are very functional and popular because of their exceptional functionality and flexibility. Effectiveness in obstructing direct daylight, heat, and glare makes them a popular selection for large windows or patio doors. But to look their best and for an increased lifespan, the blinds need to be cleaned occasionally. The best thing about these window dressings is that they require very little maintenance to keep their shine and glow maintained. But for most homeowners, this job can become a major issue or headache. Vertical blinds cleaning tips provided by our professional window specialists will help you. The innovative and hassle-free tips will not only remove the stain from the blinds but also help them to stand out throughout the interior.

If you aren’t too keen on cleaning but are looking for help, then this article is for you. Follow the below tips and considerations to get started.

How to Clean Vertical Window Coverings?

Before you get started, keep in mind that there are different types of materials or fabrics available for these designer window blinds – PVC, vinyl, wood, and fabric and each of them requires different methods. So it’s essential to take the right solution for each material.

Dusting and Vacuuming Vertical Window Treatments

  • For this process all you need are – soft brush attached vacuum cleaner, duster, and liquid cleaner.
  • The easiest way to clean these windows blinds is when they are hanged. So try not to remove them from the windows.
  • For vacuuming, take a soft brushed attached vacuum cleaner to take off the dust and dirt gently.
  • You can take a dust or damp cloth as well to keep the blinds dirt free.
  • Different fabrics for this window dressing require separate maintenance. Here, for vinyl and PVC vertical blinds, use a sponge. While for white wooden vertical blinds, take a duster to remove all the dirty elements.
  • For spot cleaning, use gentle liquid cleaners. Spray the liquid on a cloth and then rub (don’t apply directly on the slat). Using chemical products is avoidable.
  • If it’s too dirty, consult with the professional experts for the best result.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning

Washing Vertical Blinds

Sounds good? Yes, it’s another good idea to eliminate the mold, dust, and dirt from the blinds. But keep in mind, during the machine wash, the temperature should not be too high. Take warm water and soapy liquid for deep cleaning. After washing, let them dry naturally. Do not keep them in the heat; otherwise, the slats can break or destroy. Check with your manufacturer before machine washing, as not all materials are suitable.

Do’s and Don’ts: Vertical Blinds Cleaning Tips

Following the right things always leads you to the best possibilities. This is especially true in cleaning your window covering. There are various considerations before you make any step –

  • While cleaning always start from the top portion and then go down.
  • Don’t use a high powered vacuum cleaner because that can damage the slats.
  • Always use a vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment.
  • Close your blinds entirely for easier cleaning.
  • During the vacuuming, if a little bit of dust left on the slat, then use a duster to remove it.
  • During the cleaning process, take only one vane first and then go to the next. And don’t put too much pressure on them.

Clean Custom Vertical Blinds


FAQ’s on Cleaning Louvered Blinds

Though these window dressings need a little care to stay for a longer time, and the cleaning procedure depends on the location of the windows and usage. It’s recommended to clean them regularly for their best appearance.

  • Is It Necessary to Remove the Blinds from Headrail While Cleaning?

Window specialists suggest not taking out the blinds from the position as it takes more effort and time.

  • Can Vertical Blinds Be Washed?

There are two ways to wash these fabricated window treatments – hand wash and machines wash. But these procedures have both pros and cons to look for. Hand wash takes more time and the most important thing; avoid bleach things to protect them from damage. Machine wash is easy and straightforward. But make sure to remove all the chains and hooks from the product.


Custom blinds with their wide variety of colors, textures, and design choices make an extraordinarily gorgeous appearance for your interior. Choose the style that will perfectly match your décor type and maintain them. If you have always wanted the best blinds for your windows, then go through these vertical blinds cleaning tips. Give a try and see the amazing results. Clean blinds daily and enjoy their stunning benefits lifelong!

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