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Vertical blinds vs Cellular Vertical Shades

What is Vertical Cellular Shades?

vertical cellular shades

Graber slide Vue cellular vertical shades for windows and patio doors are nothing but a cellular shade in a vertical orientation. We have seen the typical honeycomb shade which goes up and down, but to suit for large windows and sliding glass doors Graber has taken the fabric and rotated in a vertical orientation and enclosed it in a track system. The bigger cell size means big air pocket and maximum heat and sound insulation. This insulation capability makes these Shades preferable for all homes as they prevent outdoor heat from diffusing into the indoor.

How to choose the best of Vertical blinds & Cellular Vertical Shades?

While there are a huge variety of options available for smaller window coverings, people often get more confused when it comes to choosing window coverings for larger windows and patio doors.

Yes! The options for patio doors and large windows are limited. But here is the deal:

The available options are so efficient to fulfill any customer provided you have the right knowledge about what you are buying and make the right choice for your window.  But the toughest thing is when customers can’t make the right decision and end up in a dilemma.


Since we have observed a lot of confusion among consumers in choosing the right window treatments for patio doors and sliding doors, we have discussed the features of two of the most popular options Vertical blinds and Cellular Vertical Shades their advantages and drawbacks so that you can make the best decision as per your demands.


Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

vertical blinds for sliding doors

Vertical blinds are sleek, modern looking window treatments with elongated louvers freely hanging from a heavy-duty headrail with proportional spacing between them. The vanes are inserted into the channel panel to endorse more privacy and light control. These window blinds are a traditional choice for sliding glass doors and large windows since they maintain a voluminous and grandiose décor for big wide windows.

S Shaped Vertical Blinds

The Graber Custom Vertical blinds are made from superior quality fabric, wood, PVC or Vinyl with further customization options of finishes, colors and controlling options creating a perfect adobe. The popular 3.5 inch Graber vertical blinds come in semi arch or crown and S- shaped louvers. The vinyl or PVC vanes have the features like the embossed crown, smooth crown or S-Shaped embossed and embossed textures offered in solids.

  • Fabric Vertical Blinds feature designer-inspired textiles. Light-filtering and room-darkening fabric vanes coordinate easily with pleated and Roman shades.
  • Sheer Vertical Blinds combine the appearance of drapery and the practicality of easy light control. When rotated open, vinyl vanes draped in sheer fabric let in softly diffused light.
  • Wood Vertical Blinds are an amalgamation of aesthetics and technology that are interwoven to bring out sheer magic giving a touch of glamor to your homes.

If you are looking to cover an expansive drawing room window and desire some natural light streaming in through with privacy as well, those Graber sheer vertical blinds are a perfect choice you. These shades provide the best combination of the smoothness of the sheer fabrics and have awesome light controlling ability which is a prime characteristic of all PVC vertical blinds.


How to clean them?

The PVC and Vinyl vertical blinds are moisture-proof, dust-proof and humidity proof and hence are washable and easy to maintain clean when compared to cellular vertical shades. These shades are machine washable and provide the ultimate privacy which is a main concern for homeowners across Canada.

Due to their height and long flowing slats, custom vertical blinds give an elegant appearance to large windows by covering their entire width and height. Using the shades on the outside mount of smaller windows or in rooms with lower ceilings will balance the size in a sophisticated manner.

Vertical blinds are better suited for larger windows and patio doors since the stacks will not bend under their own weight. Once the vanes are in the closed position, they can block the light completely and can illuminate the room gently, when the vanes are in the open position.


Available Designs & Colors

The Wood Vertical Blinds come in with guaranteed Graber Standard colors and stain making it a superior quality product. The G-71 Super Vue headrail with Graber patented pantograph traversing system elevate the proportional spacing of louvers and rotates the louvers automatically when the cord is pulled to traverse the blind. The variable hinge designs ensure to hang the louver straight without wrap or twist.


Control & Positioning

Since the vertical blinds are majorly used for large windows and sliding doors, they have unique wand control called as one touch or cord control. The shades can be drawn to extreme left stack or right stack or right and left simultaneously making split stack. Vertical slats hang loosely at the bottom to allow a fresh breeze, even when the blinds are closed. With slats closed, you can shut out prying eyes and the sun, allowing you to protect your furnishings and enjoy more comfort at home.

Cons: The only little drawback of these custom blinds is during strong winds the vertical slats may start colliding with each other as the blinds open with a swinging action. Wear and tear have a higher rate in vertical blinds comparing to cellular honeycomb blinds.

What are the available options?

The shades have a headrail which has all the shapes and guides underneath and unlike typical cellular shades, these slide Vue shades have a slide rail which can be horizontally moved to set the position of the shades. The slide rails have a handle on it so by releasing the trigger you can slide the fabric to whenever you want.


Light filtering sheer shades are for the better light diffusion with sustainable privacy. Blackout fabrics are ideal for media & bedrooms with zero light infiltrations and maximum privacy level. You can even choose the different bracket stacking styles like one, two, center or split style stacking for better open space and wide open view.

1. Slide-Vue Graber Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades

2. Slide-Vue Graber Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades

They offer unimaginable beauty with excellent handling and insulation features. Great option with the Graber Slide-Vue is it has two slide rails on both the ends unlike any other in the market.


How to control and position?

Using slide rails from both sides you can slide the fabric in either direction. You can bring it to the right or you can bring it to the left or you can even stack it to the middle if you like making it a great option for sliding doors patio doors and room dividers and you can even cover large windows.

This product can go up to 16 feet wide and height wise about 10 feet wide all still fit in one fabric. It has stacking which is much less than the vertical blinds. These are available in ⅜ inches, ¾ inches cell sizes and ⅜ inches double cells.


What makes them unique?

Vertical honeycomb shades are made of air pockets which are great insulators of heat, noise, and cold. The mass of air traps into these air pockets and prevent the interior heat gain and loss saving substantially on the energy bills.  The Slide Vue shades don’t allow outdoor heat entering inside and indoor heat go out during the winter season hence, making it the best choice for all weather.

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