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Vinyl Vs Wood Shutters- Make the Best Choice For Your Windows

Vinyl vs Wood Shutters

Vinyl Vs Wood Shutters- Make the Best Choice For Your Windows


Having your own home brings with it many perks and advantages, including the joy of being able to decorate it as you please. Styling your home exactly how you want it often results in considerable comfort and pride.

When it comes to installing new window coverings in your home, shutters can be a popular choice for many homeowners. Window Shutters are a wonderful way to improve the overall aesthetic of your home. Two common materials for shutters that people invest in are wood and vinyl.

Both exterior wood shutters and exterior vinyl shutters work well in every room, however, there are a few exceptions to keep in mind. Both materials have advantages and some disadvantages. Today we are here to help you choose the right window shutters for your home.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Wood and Vinyl Shutters?

Window shutters allow air and light to enter your home while maintaining a sense of privacy and security. These shutters can serve a simple decorative purpose but are also fully functional, designed to protect against storms and changing weather. Before you choose the material, you should know the pros and cons of these shutters.

Vinyl Window Shutters – 

Exterior Vinyl Shutters


  • The main advantages of vinyl shutters is the cost, as they are often much less expensive than wood shutters.
  • This material is perfect for high humidity or moisture such as in bathroom or kitchen as the material will not be warped or damaged.
  • They are better for smaller windows.


There are several reasons why you should avoid vinyl shutters.

  • Vinyl shutters are much heavier than wood shutters. More weight means more pressure on the frames and hinges holding the shutter in place. If the panels are made too large, they can sag and fall out.
  • There are some limitations of vinyl window shutters – limited color choices and limited panel sizes.
  • They aren’t the most environmentally friendly option.

Wood Window Shutters –

Wood Window Shutters


  • These kinds of window treatments will give your home a warm and traditional feel. They are the best choice for larger windows.
  • Wood shutters can be ordered to fit any size or shape window and come in a number of slat widths.
  • Any custom color is available and can be coordinated with your home. Many wood tones and textures are also available to fit any design scheme.
  • Wooden shutters block out the sun and the UV rays impeccably and increase the level of privacy.


  • The main disadvantage of this shutters is that they are more expensive than vinyl shutters.
  • Wooden shutters aren’t ideal for rooms that experience a lot of moisture or condensation.

How to Compare Wood Shutters and Vinyl Shutters?

Difference Between Vinyl and Wood Shutters

Whether you choose interior wooden shutters or vinyl shutters, you are likely to be extremely satisfied with their function, beauty, and the way they increase your home’s resale value.

But there are several factors that should play a part in your decision to use wooden shutters or vinyl window shutters.

Size and Shape:

When it comes to the different shapes and sizes, wood shutters are the perfect option for most of the homes. They can be fixed into different sizes and shapes to fit your needs. Wood shutters have no limitations and can easily be crafted into any shape required to fit the window or door perfectly. But vinyl shutters are available in only basic shapes.

Color Options:

If you are planning to buy window shutters, or want to change the color or style of your home, then wood shutters would be the top pick as they are available in a wide range of colors, while vinyl shutters have just a few color choices.

Cost Factor:

Exterior Vinyl shutters are less expensive than exterior wood window shutters.

Plan Where to Install:

Before you buy window shutters, plan exactly where you want to install them. Wood is much more susceptible to warping, shrinkage, or expanding when exposed to the natural elements, and Vinyl shutters are resistant to moisture, cold, and heat. So if you are looking for exterior shutters, then exterior vinyl shutters are the best choices. Vinyl shutters also carry no risk of insect infestation.

Beautiful Finishing:

Vinyl interior shutters will not crack, peel, fade or deteriorate like wood. These shutters are scratch and dent resistant. They never need sanding, staining, or painting. Their finish looks almost identical to a finely painted shutter.

And when it comes to wood shutters, there is nothing more stunning than the rich beauty of natural wood. These shutters are very durable and have a UV protected finish which will last a long time.


Exterior Vinyl Shutters require very little care. You can clean them by simply wiping with a cloth. And Exterior Wooden Shutters can be dusted with ease thanks to their smooth finish.

Wood Shutters Vs. Vinyl Shutters – Which is Better for Your Home?

Vinyl Shutters and Wood Shutters

Shutters are a beautiful, affordable window treatment, and whether you choose vinyl or wood, these classic coverings will add style to your home for years to come.

So when it comes to wood vs. vinyl shutters there really is no bad selection. Based on your needs and your application though, there will certainly be a better option.

If you have questions about which choice is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!!

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