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Upgrade to a Smarter Home with Voice-Controlled Window Coverings

Voice Activated Window Coverings

Voice Activated Window Coverings – A Trendy Choice to Make Your Home Smarter


In this era of growing technology, uses of home automation are increasing as it helps you to provide you with relaxation while saving your time and improving your home’s efficiency. With help of a home automation system, we can control different type of things such as lights, fans, and other things such as window coverings. Having smart windows are a great addition to any room that offers various benefits smartly and efficiently. From managing the amount of light in your room to making your home secure – everything can be done with smart technology. There are various ways to operate your motorized window treatments, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. But window specialists have introduced the new voice activated window coverings to give you an ultimate comfort of operating the shades from anywhere in the room and which are controlled by sending a voice command. Imagine getting home from a long day at work, and you sit on your couch and just ask your automated window blinds to turn off – and they do! They really are a trendy convenience and a great way to upgrade the décor of your home. Read on to find out more about these shades.

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Top 5 Advantages of Voice Activated Window Coverings

Smart Blinds and Shades will transform a dull room to look modish, contemporary, and smart. Below are the benefits that will tell you why you should choose voice activated window coverings for your beautiful home.

  • Simple and Secure

When you decided to have a smart home, your home’s safety and security should be the first thing you should consider. Adding smart home security means increased protection and added convenience. When you add voice control into the window coverings, your home’s security becomes even simpler as you can raise or lower them using your voice. For example – ‘Hey Alexa, Turn On the Window Blinds’ or ‘Hey Google, Turn Off the Window Shades’ and they will operate automatically. This mechanism eliminates the hazards of dangling window cords which means a secure choice for toddlers and pets.

  • Convenient to Operate

Smart windows tend to be a flexible and versatile choice for many homeowners. Being able to operate all the window shades together is convenient because with the voice-controlled app, you can manage all smart motorized z-wave blinds from one place. In this way, you can enjoy total comfort and satisfaction while creating an impressive and seamless look for your home decor.

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  • Helps to Improve Your Day To Day Routine

Voice activated window coverings have made our lives easier with their excellent functionality and versatility. Smart home window blinds can help you to have a better sleep throughout the day. For example, maybe you want to have a little more extra sleep during the morning time but don’t want to let the natural light enter your room. With voice control, you can just ask Alexa or Google Home to turn off the window coverings and it will operate without you having to get up to close them.

Even when you are enjoying some shows on the television, a small amount of light through the windows can be annoying for you. So you can command the blinds to create a perfectly dark room to enjoy your private time.

  • Increased Energy-efficiency Means Saving Money

Depending on how you use your smart-home technology and your needs, it is possible to make your home more energy-efficient. Thinking how? Well, you can adjust the window shades to operate according to the outside temperature, taking advantage of the heat from natural light and reducing it when needed. Cellular honeycomb shades are the popular choice when it comes to insulation.

  • Increase the Value of Space

Voice activated window coverings can enhance the value of your home. They are not only functional but with their wide range of colors and texture options, you can create your own window blinds that will improve the overall beauty of your home.

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Setting Up Your Voice Activated Window Coverings

Now you have learned the various benefits of having smart home window blinds. But how do you set them up? Is it complicated? Actually using Google Home or Amazon Alexa with your smart shades is easy. You’ll need to get the Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave Shades, which connect directly to a smart hub using Z-wave technology. Then, connect your shades and your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to Samsung’s SmartThings hub.

Now your voice-managed window treatments are ready to use – control them from your comfort zone without any hassle or complications. If you need any help during the time of set up or installation, feel free call our customer support team.

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Smart Home Design with Voice Activated Window Coverings

It seems that voice-controlled home automation systems can be useful. Almost all the shades and blinds can be integrated to this smart feature and can be controlled using your voice.

If you are ready to improve your dream home with voice control, we are ready to help you to create the perfect designer windows that work perfectly with your home and lifestyle.

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