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A friend recently moved into a single bed rental, the selling point of which was its large patio doors, both in the living room and bedroom, which gave it an illusion of airy spaciousness, with a pretty decent view of the gardens beyond. She’d initially decided to leave the glass doors uncovered as privacy wasn’t an issue at all, but these doors soon created an oven of her little pad, even though they were south facing. She was used to exterior shading options that were used back home, but she didn’t really want the hassle of fitting them out in this rental, for which she’d have had to get a clearance from the people she was renting from, etc. A great fan of everything eastern, she considered using the Japanese Shoji Screens, but this was soon vetoed as the paneling would prove too intrusive in a rental. The ideal solution was an option that could be mounted as unobtrusively as possible, and something she could easily dismantle when she left, with the least possible fuss. Of course, one consideration was the conventionally boring drapes with some sort of Eastern design, but this idea too was soon trashed as way too regular.

A session of brainstorming with friends soon gave rise to many feasible options, and some research later, she came up with a fairly new entry into the window fashion scene that she found mesmerizing and functional at the same time – Panel Track Sliding Shades. As fate would have it, this shading option had its roots in the shoji screens! Similar to the vertical blinds, the panel track sliding shade panels are made of broad panels of shading material, both synthetic and natural. Each panel is a minimum of 24 inches broad, unlike the vanes in vertical blinds, which are 4 – 6 inches in width. The panels are suspended from a sleek set of the tracks drilled into the ceiling, and are weighted down at the bottom and can be linked together with slender beaded chains if necessary.

She lucked out, I must say! Some people are charmed in that they’re able to find what they want when they want it, without having to make compromises. And she decided to go for the solar fabric they come in, a light filtering metallic option that serves to reflect the scalding rays of the sun that were baking all the components of her room. And they look just like the translucent shoji screens she had in mind. And as a do-it-yourself challenge, she’s undertaken to paint cherry blossoms cascading down from the tops of her panels, in keeping with her eastern muse!






The Accents Panel Track Sliding Shades from Graber are quite the latest in an endlessly innovative line of window fashions:

Control options – the shades are cleverly crafted to operate just like vertical blinds and drapery panels. They can be opened with the continuous cord loop control or wand control to slide over the other panels and stack to the left or right of the doors, or they can be split to stack neatly on either side of the doors. And unlike the shoji panels, the ease with which they glide is nothing short of graceful. They can be adjusted to stop at any position you want, depending on the view you demand.

Light management and privacy – just like many of the other shading options, the panel track shades are available in light filtering, room darkening, and blackout varieties – the last option finds most use in bedrooms to provide a peaceful environment for sound sleep, and in media rooms for an appropriate darkness to work in; they can also be adjusted to contribute to privacy as and when required.

Energy saving – during the day when the sun beats down relentlessly on your glass doors, have the panels slide to a close to provide welcome coolness to a room, cutting down on the need to air condition it, or if required, at minimal levels of cooling. And at night, have them glide to a close to trap warm air in a room to provide a comfortable ambiance without having to turn the heaters up to high – the panels overlap to reduce seepage of warm air.

Multiple functions – apart from sliding glass doors, the panel track sliding shades can also be used as room dividers, to separate a large room into sections serving multiple functions, or just to cordon of a space to provide privacy. Another friend lives in a barn converted to a large living space, and while he loves the vast openness during the day, he’s used accordion wooden panels to demarcate his seep area, for a cocooned sense of privacy at night. I must suggest that he use this convenient and attractive option that are panel track sliding shades, instead.

The panel track shades provide all the necessary functions required of door shading, but they also provide the benefit of seamlessly blending the east and the west, enhancing the decor of a room, modern or traditional. The range of fabrics/material they’re available in is quite exciting, especially the woven grass cloths! And its maintenance is a breeze – vacuum them occasionally to keep them looking new; for stains imparted by grubby fingers, use a mild detergent in water and a sponge to blot them off.

So, get on the bandwagon and try out this ingenious door shading. The consultants at Zebrablinds are always ready with a helping hand, not least to help you choose from a wide variety to arrive at the right option to suit your needs best, be it privacy, insulation, or decor!



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