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Cover Your Bathroom Windows with Waterproof Roman Shades

Waterproof Roman Shades for Shower Windows

Quality Waterproof Roman Shades For Your Bathroom Windows


The bathroom is the most overlooked section of your home that also serves many functions. It’s the room where we spend hours getting ready for a night out or an exciting date. It’s the place where you relax, rejuvenate yourself and wash off all the tiredness from your day to day life. You spend a minute or two of silence here whenever needed to ease your nerves. Therefore, the bathroom is your sanctuary.

There are many ways to modify your dull and unnoticeable bathrooms into tranquil and refreshing areas. Homeowners opt for changing tiles, wall colors, wallpapers, replacing hardware, their bathtub, and many other things when renovating their bathroom. These changes in the bathroom are a very costly affair and can dig a hole in your budget.

Implementing modern and water resistant window coverings to your bathroom windows can transform the look and ambiance of your bathroom effortlessly. This is the most trendy way, which is being adopted by many homeowners. It is a very effective and budget-friendly solution which comes in endless specifications to match with your exact requirements.


Here are some tips to consider before buying window blinds and shades for your bathroom:

Top Reasons to Install WaterProof Blinds and Shades for Shower Windows


Waterproof material

A bathroom is a wet place, so you need to keep in mind that the window coverings you implement in your bathroom must be crafted from water-resistant material so that they won’t warp or lose their color. Many homeowners go for wooden blinds and shades for their bathroom, but find that they are not suitable for that type of space. Wood blinds surely give a rich, elegant and warm feel to the bathroom, but they don’t do well with moisture and humidity, so they are not ideal for bathrooms. If you want to get a look, through then you can opt for faux wood blinds which are waterproof and highly durable. Also, they are cheaper than real wood window coverings but offer the same look and feel to your space.

Another great option for bathroom windows is waterproof roman shades. They not only provide functionality but also give a royal appearance to your bathroom. They come in various colors from subtle to bright designs, patterns, sizes, shapes, textures, materials, functionalities, etc. You can also get them customized as per your need and choice.


Perfect measurements

Measurements must be accurate so that the window covering can sit on your bathroom windows perfectly. Improper measurements will lead to light leakages from the sides. You can take exact measurements by yourself by following our simple instructions that are available on our website. You can also take help from our video tutorials. Our professionals are also available 24 by 7 if you need any help or have any questions.

 Measuring Waterproof Roman Shades



The perfect window treatments for a Canadian climate can be with cords or cordless. If you have kids or pets at home then lose hanging cords with window blinds can be dangerous as they can get tangled around their neck. ZebraBlinds offers smart motorized blinds which can be operated using a remote control or your smartphone. They can be integrated with home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. You can even give voice commands to your waterproof roman shades for shower windows. You need to have voice assistants, like Amazon Echo and Google Home, to enjoy this smart feature. The kind of functionality you choose for your bathroom window blinds depends on your needs, taste, and budget.



Privacy remains a major concern, especially for homeowners who live on ground floors. Bathrooms need utmost privacy, and to achieve that, you should opt for window blinds that can block the view completely and can also withstand high levels of humidity. Roman shades can be crafted from a variety of materials and liners for more moisture resistance as well as increased privacy. Go with roman shades with thick fabric that is both beautiful and helps with blocking light and sound for greater privacy and security.

Bathroom Waterproof Roman Shades



Top 5 Benefits Of Installing Waterproof Roman Shades For Shower Windows


Light Blockage

An excess amount of light in any part of your home can be really uncomfortable. Some amount of natural light is necessary, however, to keep your home fresh. Therefore, to filter any excess amount of harsh sunlight, window blinds and shades are the latest and most effective solution. For bathrooms, waterproof roman shades will filter away the harmful UV radiations and merge some amount of natural and artificial light, creating a refreshing and comfortable environment inside.



A hot and humid climate requires more use of air conditioning, but with the implementation of window blinds and shades, this usage will be reduced. Window blinds and shades shield your home from the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Thus, the temperature inside the home will remain cool and soothing. You will feel less need for air conditioning. This reduction will lead to a reduction in your energy bills. So, our window treatments for the Canadian climate is a worthy investment.


Easy Installation

Whether you opt for cordless roman shades or with any corded window coverings, the installation of both is simple. You can install them yourself by following our instructions that are available on our website. Video tutorials are also available for helping you understand the installation process step by step.

Installation of Roman Shades in Bathroom 


Easy Cleaning

Roman shades can be cleaned very easily. Regular dusting or vacuuming can be done on a daily basis to keep them look new. Some fabrics may allow a light detergent solution for deep cleaning, however, be careful to not be too rough with your shade

 Cleaning Roman Shades




When it comes to the budget, don’t compromise in quality. Make sure you get quality products for the price, otherwise you will end up spending even more. Customize your product to fit your needs without any extra frills and get what you need at an affordable cost. Waterproof cordless roman shades will transform the look of your bathroom and make it look luxurious without breaking your bank.

 Budget Friendly Roman Shades

Now, you have gone through the tips and benefits of implementing waterproof roman shades for shower windows. You just need to take down the measurements, select the color, design, and pattern, and order online. Your bathroom appearance will surely gather endless compliments from the visitors. So, order right away and get exciting deals today.

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