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Ways To Convert An Open Space Into A Private Office


Pandemic & Work from Home

As the pandemic started just over a year ago, the lives of people around the world changed significantly overnight. The pre-pandemic years seem light years away as people are struggling to cope with and adapt to the changing dynamics of the world. Due to the stay-at-home and quarantine protocols, people are forced to turn spaces into multi-function areas. Even outdoor open spaces like a patio are being converted to make work a more enjoyable experience. With so much time being spent indoors nowadays, an open outdoor space could be a welcoming break for anybody.

Converting Open Outdoor Spaces into an Office

While working outdoors can appear to be a lucrative proposition it is important to remember that there are a number of logistic challenges that must be overcome to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ambiance where you can get your work done. The challenges come in the form of changing natural elements which means that you will have to deal with rain, snow, and harsh rays of the sun at different times of the year. There is also privacy issue. It would be quite disconcerting to have your neighbors peeping over into your patio while you are at work or busy taking calls. It would affect focus and concentration. So, before you decide to move your workspace to the outdoor open space, it is recommended that you set up the space and make the necessary arrangements.

Roof over your head

Outdoors are always nice. Going outside is refreshing and soothing. But that is when you are out relaxing for few hours in the day. When you are at work it will be a several hours and it will no longer feel very nice as the sun comes beating down over the head. In case you have no roof, you could mount awnings to protect you from the sun or drizzle. Retractable awnings or motorized awnings work pretty well. You can pull them back when you are not using the outdoor space as your office.

Exterior Window Treatments

The quality of time spent outside can be severally impacted by the glare of the sun, rain, and cold draft especially during the winter months. During summer when the sun is at its peak, the radiant heat of the sun can heat up the outdoor space making it uncomfortable and stuffy. The harsh glares of the sun can make it difficult to work on your laptop too. Similarly during winter, the cold draft will make the space extremely cold and chilly to work in and you will be forced to move indoors in search of warmth and coziness. There are a number of exterior window treatments that can be used for this purpose. Exterior solar shades do a great job of cutting out glares and the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can choose from the various levels of openness on the fabric as well. The greater the openness, the more the exposure to heat and light. Solar shades allow diffused warm light to fill up the space. There are light filtering outdoor roller shades made of water resistant and fade resistant materials that do a great job of protecting your outdoor space from different elements of nature as well.

Apart from protecting you from heat and cold, window treatments preserve your privacy. There will be curious neighbors and passers-by who might be encouraged to take a peak inside your patio which could prove distracting and affect your work.


While lighting is not an issue during the morning hours because of abundance of natural light outside, once the sun goes down you would need bright and warm lights to light up your space. Lights are also important for the cloudy gloomy overcast days as well. Lack of lighting will make the space look dull and dark and you may want to go back indoors.

Décor Items

A well-knit cheerful space with is the perfect place to set up your workspace. And with your eyes glued to the laptop for a greater part of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to add some greenery to your workspace. A few colorful potted plants will not only serve the purpose of adding some greenery to your space but also some colors. You can also add a few simple accessories like a vase of flowers, a décor piece, some hanging trailing plants etc. to set the mood for an enjoyable day at work.

Comfortable Office Furniture

If you are looking to create a permanent workspace for yourself in the open space, you have to invest in a comfortable office furniture that includes a table and a height adjustable chair. This will allow you to work while maintaining good posture. It will allow you to sit for long hours without getting tired or suffering from body pains.

With these small adjustments, rearrangements and additions, you can successfully convert your open available space into your office space. Work consumes a major part of our day and hence every effort should be made to ensure that it is a pleasing and comfortable experience.

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