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The Welcome Change of a Season’s Color with Norman Roman Shades

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The Awesome Appeal of Norman Center Piece Roman Shades.

There comes a time when everything loses shine, be it an artifact that had to be bought, a favorite quilt, a coffee table that was chosen lovingly, even relationships! One needs to work constantly at keeping things ship shape – TLC is often underestimated! Fortunately, inanimate objects can be relegated to storage, to be brought out at some later date to add a much-needed kick to some space. But at different stages of our lives, different things are important. The avid gardener loses interest in keeping the garden area thriving after the skill to growing plants has been conquered, and he or she is quite happy to hand over the maintenance and replenishment of the space to a wage worker. Or when the kids are growing up and appreciative of the food that’s cooked and served, it catalyses a parent into trying out new and unusual dishes to keep them coming for more, the parent basking in the compliments churned out by friends and families, spurred to innovating and keeping the charm alive! But it’s a lot of work and energy, as was suggested earlier.


Keeping the Interiors Alive.


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The home front is no different. Keeping house is no jokes, especially when both parents go to work and the kids are everywhere, demons in destruction mode, pets adding to the confusion! But there are some folks who never get caught flat-footed. Their homes are always organized. An unexpected guest can walk into spaces lovingly tended. But I’ve also seen interiors lose its sheen as people get tired or lose that initial interest. Not so for me. Call me OCD, but my house needs to be perfectly done up at all times. There’s no question of anyone leaving their bedrooms without making their bed to instructed precision, yesterday’s clothes down the laundry chute, shoes in their place, blinds and drapes open to let the daylight in! The kids say, ‘But mom, no one’s bothered!” and I say, “I am.”


Every year, I make some change or the other to my interiors. When I feel the change warranted is large, I have a garage sale to get rid of old stuff and to be entitled to some ‘guilt money’. This year’s change was already done, yet I was not happy. Something just didn’t do it for me, especially the living room. And I realized that I’m at that stage in my life where my friend’s opinions mean a lot, and I wasn’t getting the expected compliments at the changes I’d wrought. I took a good look at the room – it was mostly white (my favorite color) with an occasional tinge of gray. I couldn’t stomach loud splashes for long. White is timelessly elegant if done well, and my house is a study in white and pine, our unanimous choice! Of course, it takes a lot to keep it spotless, but it was something we took pleasure in as a family.


A Much-needed Change – Norman Roman Shades.


Wondering how to go about getting the zing that was missing, I happened across the color of the season this year – Marsala, a rich luscious purple, a real unique tone that would certainly add the much-needed punch to my anaemic living room. I decided to redo my window dressings, change the upholstery on the single side chair in a corner and put up some lovely pastel impressionist paintings that I’d sourced on my visit to Europe.


I had the side chair upholstered in a white and Marsala stripe – this uplifted the otherwise plain suite of white sofas. Then I got the three paintings edged in 2-inch marsala colored cardboard, framed them in thin pine sections and mounted them above my three-seater sofa. Hmm, awesome! Next, the slightly larger project, which was the window dressings – I wanted the gray drapes and white sheers off. They were what gave the room a colorless appearance. They were 4 four pairs of French windows, and they’d sported drapes hung from high above them. Surfing through a website called Zebrablinds that offered considerable tax savings in Canada on a large variety of window dressings. Almost immediately, I zeroed in on the CenterPiece Roman Shades from Norman that were cheaper than the Roman Shades from Graber. I’d heard of Graber from some of my American buddies – they had very complimentary things to say about that particular brand, but going through the well-laid out product specs, I couldn’t really fathom much of a difference – the only glaring one really was the price, and as they are reputedly artisan, I wasn’t surprised. But the last didn’t really matter to me as I was looking for a pleasant, tailored style. And the Norman brand had just the color I was looking for – almost Marsala, a deep plum called ‘claret’. I had the retailer edge the Roman Shades in an inch a half wide gray and white stripe, and voila! Just the combination I was looking for! They could be tailored, flat, batten front and back, and soft fold styles – we decided on the flat fold without the seams on the face of the shades, in the Aerolite Cordless lift option that appealed to our sense of tidiness and proportion – they would lift up in flat pleats, to stack neatly atop the window when raised. Another factor we chose these shades was that they came with a uniform white backing that allowed the shades to be seen as white from outside. This was important to us – though the splash of Marsala was so good inside, we didn’t want it to be seen as a color blemish from the exterior!


Well, to cut a long story short, we had them delivered in scarcely the time it took us to make the other changes. There were no consultation and installation charges – all the instructions were so comprehensive that we didn’t have any glitch putting them up as inside mounts within the window cornices, two panels per pair of windows. We’d asked for the edges to be done around the outer edges only, as we didn’t want a double width to appear in the center of the two panels. And wow! The living room has been transformed, thanks to my brain wave! I spend every free minute I have in the living room, looking out my windows, admiring the sedate but artistic splashes of wine!




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