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What Are Custom Magnetic Blinds And How Do They Work?

What Are Custom Magnetic Blinds And How Do They Work?

No-Sew Magnetic Window Coverings for Easy Installation

Custom blinds do an admirable job when it comes to balancing the incoming light and heat through the doors and windows. By keeping the interior safe and comfortable, window dressings add dimension to your place. They perform multiple functions to ensure comfy living and in addition, they impart sophistication and beauty to any room and enhance the aesthetic appeal in a dramatic way. There are different types available to fit every type of window shapes and sizes. And you can get the right one customized to meet all your requirements. But sometimes opting for something different and unique like custom magnetic blinds can be a super-smart option. The exciting part of this kind of blinds is that they don’t require any drilling or sewing for installation which makes them unique from other coverings. They are manufactured to put a room together with their clutter-free sophisticated look, making a space more appealing and highlighted.

If you are someone who loves innovative designs and DIY decor ideas, then these magnetic blinds will definitely amaze you with their amazing practical and function values. These window solutions are well suited when you don’t want to drill a single hole on the wall or want to keep things easy and simple. These blinds are mounted using hidden magnetic brackets. Hence they are the right choice for rental homes where owners don’t allow destroying walls or window frames.
Magnetic Blinds

A Brief Look at Magnetic Window Blinds

In recent times, magnetic blinds have become one of the most convenient and innovative ways of creating efficient coverage on the windows and doors. In this type of window coverings, magnets are located in every fold of the blind fabric. They work well on metal window frames or you can mount magnetic disks on the door which will keep the blinds attached without any fail. They are extremely easy to install and come with cordless mechanisms which make them highly convenient and safe to use. This no-cord function ensures the safety of your little ones from the strangulation of cords while creating a worry-free environment for your space.

Then how do these blinds work? Well, raise the blind by lifting the handle located on the bottom seem to magnetically and connect the dressing at your preferred location. They come with magnetic strips on the back of the brackets and can easily connect to any metal surfaces. After a proper installation, the blinds will remain in the position and you can adjust them using your hands. Because of the magnets, they create a clean aesthetic, making the surroundings clear and phenomenal. In addition to this, these blinds are highly functional, by gently diffusing incoming light and providing your space with substantial privacy, they play a significant role for your entire home decor. They will keep all the unwanted rays out of the home, making indoor comfy and pleasing.

Add architectural interest and dimension – These blinds are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and pattern choices that will give the windows a seamless transformation with minimalistic touch, inviting warmth and elegance. You can customize them to achieve a designer worthy exclusive appearance. These blinds have the capability of making your doors look sturdy with their magnetic feel.

The only drawback of these window blinds is they can easily fall off with a little extra force, especially if you open or close any door or window on a regular basis. So they may not be a good solution if you are looking for a lifetime commitment. But choosing premium quality blinds with strong and durable magnets may help.
But among all these, magnetic blinds are preferred by many people because of their easy and no-drill installation. And they are easily removable too. Standard window coverings are quite common, modern renovations look for something distinctive, and magnetic blinds with their amazing features will offer all the benefits you are looking for with an extra layer of protection. For more information about the treatments, feel free to consult with the professionals!

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