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What Are Solar Shades?

What Are Solar Shades

Revamping or updating the look of your space is not only an expensive affair but a time consuming one. Right from re-painting the colors of the walls to changing some furniture, renovating a home space is not an option for everyone can afford, and even if they can it’s not an option that can be chosen all the time. While a home is a carefully curated space by its owners, office and commercial spaces like your favorite barista or the local restaurant you often visit for a bite have their personality. Such spaces cannot be shut for renovation constantly hence the best way to modulate or give these spaces a fresh new appeal is through lighting. Lighting is often modulated through doors and windows. While enjoying boundless sunlight indoors seems pleasing it’s not practical to leave windows and doors bare. That’s where window treatments play an important role. When it comes to window treatments there are many options to pick and choose from, it all depends on the type of lighting or the amount of shade you would like to enjoy. An interesting option to introduce to almost any space is solar shades. Their extremely unique in their functionality and won’t compromise on any sort of style.
Roller Solar Shades

What are Solar Shades?

Ever experienced a dichotomy where you want to enjoy the view but not the harsh rays of the sun? Love your sun-filled house but hate the glare that falls on the television? That’s where solar shades become the right treatment options for your window. These are roller blinds that are not as heavy as blackout blinds. This means if you enjoy the view from your living room or bedroom, solar shades will allow you to continue enjoying the view while cutting down on that nasty sunny glare and UV rays. While everyone requires their healthy amount of vitamin D and enjoys a home that has an abundance of natural light, excess of sunlight will make the space warmer and lead to progressive fading of furniture, tiles or any element of the house that falls prey to constant sunlight exposure.

Solar shades help in reducing the amount of glare that falls indoors, seals of excess heat and still allows you to enjoy the view outside. It’s sleek and contemporary design makes it a perfect option for almost any type of decor. It functions just like roller blinds too where the factic is rolled around an encased cassette that can be lowered down to a preferred height or the bottom of the window.

Solar shades are judged based on their ‘openness factor‘. Openness comments on how the material is woven. The tighter the material is woven, the less ‘openness’ the blinds have but more effective they become in blocking out heat. But this also means it will block the outside view. Solar Shades have a moderate level of ‘openness’ which means that they allow light and the view but block light and heat to a certain extent.

Solar shades provide a medium level of privacy. This essentially means that during the day they provide a higher level of privacy as the amount of light outside the house is much more compared to the amount of light inside the house, therefore, blocking the indoor view from outside, whereas in the night the reverse happens because there is much more light inside the house as compared to outside the house, hence solar shades provide an average level of privacy.
Custom Solar Shades

What Are the Benefits of Having Solar Shades?

It is safe to say that each blind, shade or shutter comes forth with their unique function to cater to each person or each space’s unique need. This function brings forth certain benefits and disadvantages. If you’re planning on introducing solar shades to your home, here are some benefits you’ll surely enjoy.

1) Solar shades sport an energy-efficient design. This holds because they are constructed to reduce the amount of heat that enters your space, therefore aiding in making your space a bit cooler and a bit less dependent on an air conditioner.
2) Are you concerned if the shades will appeal to the rest of your decor? That’s another great part about solar shaded. They are readily available in a large variety. You can pick from an array of colors, sizes, measurements, fabrics, etc. Pick the one that best suits your space, your style, and your theme.
3) With solar shades, you can enjoy ample of sunlight protection. It’s designed meticulously created to ensure that harmful UV rays and excess sun rays don’t enter your home. Enjoy a sufficient amount of sunlight while also enjoying the cool shade.
4) Ever experience setting up your work station by the window for the view but often distracted due to the glare? With solar shades, you can enjoy a glare-free experience during and off work hours making you extra productive while not compromising to enjoy your favorite spot.

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