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What are Sunscreen Roller Shades?

Sunscreen Roller Shades

Summer and Need for Sunscreen Protection

As the new season sets in and bids adieu to the long harsh winter, there is a spring in our every step. The sidewalks have little flowers blooming, small leaves start appearing on the barren trees and people start enjoying the beautiful weather. When spring is here, summer is just around the corner. After the bone-chilling cold, the warmth and abundance of sunshine feel good. People start stepping out and spending more time outdoors to make the most of the gorgeous weather. However, as the summer season approaches its peak, the sunshine and warmth no longer appear as appealing as they do even a few weeks back. The sun rays pour into the rooms unabated. It causes the heat inside to rise and the unobstructed sun rays can also cause considerable damage to health and your homes.

Sun rays contain harmful UV rays that are considered harmful to human health. Prolonged exposure to direct UV rays can also cause irreparable damage to your furniture and furnishings. While natural light is much welcomed the pernicious UV rays are not. Your windows and sliding glass doors offer poor resistance to these rays. They need adequate window treatments that can offer a shield between the rooms and the scorching rays of the sun. Not all window shades or blinds are equipped to provide an adequate defense. Some are good insulators, some help cut out excess light while others help to protect your privacy. Among the shades that can help provide protection to your interiors from the damaging rays of the sun are Roller Solar Shades. They are also referred to as sunscreen roller shades as they provide a layer of sun protection to your normal roller shades.
Roller Solar Shades

What are Roller Solar Shades

Roller shades are made of different fabrics of different opacity. The solar fabrics that are woven into the Roller shades are porous to light. The Roller-Solar Shades are available in a number of gorgeous colors and trendy designs. You get to choose from a large variety of fabric combinations as per your needs. Each of them offers varying degrees of light control.

Sheer Roller Solar Shades allow the most amount of light, minimum privacy, and maximum unobstructed view of the outside. They help to cut out the glares of the sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Light Filtering Roller Solar Shades allows diffused light to pour in. They give you more control over light filtration. As compared to the sheer roller shades, privacy is better. The color of the fabric you choose determines the amount of light that will stream through.

Room Darkening Roller Solar Shades help to block out a considerable amount of light and offers far improved privacy. A combination of dark and light-colored fabrics helps darken a room though allowing diffusion of some amount of sunlight.
Blackout Roller Solar Shades offer the best protection against light. The fabric prevents almost no light to filter through and offers the best privacy.
Light Filtering Roller Solar Shades

Roller Solar Products in Market

Let us take a look at some of the Roller Solar products that are offered by Graber and Crown.

Crown Blackout Roller Shades

These roller solar shades are perfect if you are looking to address concerns related to UV rays, light filtration, need for privacy and need for complete darkness. These blackout shades can completely block out light even during the daytime to ensure the complete rest of the mind and body. They offer foolproof protection against the harsh summer rays of the sun. They are great for protecting your expensive décor and also your health. Available in corded and cordless variants, these Blackout Roller shades are extremely versatile.
Blackout Roller Shades

Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades

These shades are equally versatile and perfect for those who are not looking for blackout shades for their windows. These shades allow light filtration combined with a sustainable level of privacy. They provide protection against UV rays, extremely durable and energy insulators. While giving you control over the amount of light that you want for your rooms, they offer the required amount of sunscreen to your roller shades.

Graber Lightweaves Blackout Roller Shades, Graber Ultimate Roller Shades are some of the popular products that are available in the market.

All the Roller Solar Shades come with varied lift options like continuous loop cords, cordless, Smart Pull and a motorized lift.

You can get custom-made Roller Solar Shades in assorted trendy and traditional styles to match your existing décor and window size.

Your customized pair of Roller Solar shades are among the best window treatments that you can get for your windows to keep unwanted sunlight, glares and UV rays out from the sanctum of your house. You can choose the type of fabric you want depending upon your need for diffused light and privacy. Irrespective of the fabric you choose your home protected from the harmful UV rays and dazzling glares of the sun that can hurt eyes, interfere with your work and sleep.

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