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What are the Different Types of Smart Blinds Available Online?

What are the Different Types of Smart Blinds Available Online

What are smart blinds?

Smart blinds are window coverings that can be operated with the help of an app or through voice command. While they are available in different styles and designs, the homeowner has to be very clear about the power source they want to use in the smart blind. They can be hard-wired or solar/battery powered. Smart blinds add comfort and convenience to one’s life. The owner does not have to manoeuvre every window blind physically, but rather control them with a single command. They also help save energy. These can be programmed to remain open on sunny days to let in natural light, thus, they can reduce electricity consumption. Further, they are completely child safe as there are no dangling cords.

Are there different types of smart blinds available in the market?

There are many options in front of the prospective customer when they decide to buy smart blinds online. It is no doubt an exciting proposition, but it can be daunting at the same time. Because of the availability of large options, it isn’t easy to judge because of almost the same type of features. Therefore, it becomes imperative to understand the different types of mart blinds available to decide the kind of smart blind most suitable as per one’s requirements.

Can smart window blinds be grouped in broad categories?

There are different types of smart blinds available online that can be clubbed under the following three main categories for the sake of convenience:

  • Smart Window Blinds to Measure:

These are the customised smart window blinds, where the manufacturer creates the smart blind as per the owner’s measurements, needs, and requirements. These smart blinds fit perfectly to the window, leaving no space for the sunlight to enter the room through the side breaches. Since they are made as per the exact measurements of the windows, they look elegant, sleek and aesthetically appealing. These cost a lot and are the most expensive smart window blinds option available online.

  • Standard Smart Window Blinds Solutions:

These are the standard blinds that are readily available online. They are ready to be installed and come in standard sizes. However, if the owner has varying window sizes, these might not cover the window completely. Their biggest USP is the ease of installation and easy integration with the smart hub installed in the house.

What are the different types of smart blinds available online?

  • Smart Interior Window Blinds:

Smart interior blinds can easily be installed and integrated with the smart hub. They run seamlessly on batteries that last for around one to one and a half years. So once the owner installs these Smart interior blinds, they need not worry about power sources or manually operating them. Instead, they can program these blinds to follow a set schedule, and the blinds will automatically follow it. In the process, these blinds make the home safe.

  • Smart External Venetians Blinds:

On exploring the net, one comes across two types of mart external Venetians blinds. The all- metal, smart Venetian blinds allow the owner to have maximum sunlight control along with the requisite privacy. These can be programmed, and through the sunlight, sensors detect the amount of the sun available and operate accordingly. In addition, they can communicate with other smart gadgets, such as smart lights, and make the room’s interior according to the desired theme and tone.

What are the different ways in which the smart blinds can be operated?

  • Remote Controlled Smart Window Blind:

The first one is through remote control. These blinds are the easiest to install. In addition, the remote-controlled smart blinds are beneficial for operating the hard-to-reach and big-sized windows in the home. These blinds can be powered through batteries or DC transformers.

  • Programmable Smart Window Blinds:

The programmable smart window blinds let the owner set a schedule which according to which the blind operates. Thus the blind operates automatically at designated times and gives the owner ample sunlight protection and privacy. It also helps if there are elderly or sick people in the house. They now do not have to make that effort of getting up and operating the blind.

  • Smart Hubs for Smart window Blinds:

Smart hubs refer to a home automation systems that allow the owner to control the intelligent window blinds through voice commands. Through a virtual assistant, the smart hub follows the owner’s orders and makes life easy. Z wave technology is used in most motorized smart blinds. Almost all the home automation devices like Samsung Smart Things, Wink, Nexa and HomeSeer are compatible with Z wave technology.

Smart window blinds have many advantages, making them a wonderful choice for any modern home. They make the life of the owner convenient and at the same time add a stylish and elegant touch to the house.

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