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If you want to regularly clean your window blinds to maintain cleanliness and make the home a healthy dwelling place, then familiarity with DIY methods is a must. The key here is regularity which ensures the durability and cleanliness of the blinds.

The following are the list of essential items that are required to clean the window blinds in different ways:

  1. A vacuum cleaner with all the brush attachments, especially a soft brush.
  2. Microfiber cloth
  3. Window treatment detergent
  4. Warm water
  5. Baking soda


There are four significant ways in which the window blinds can be cleaned. They are as follows:

  1. Using a Blind Duster to Clean the Window Blinds:

Window blind dusters are a useful way to clean window blinds. If there is a thin layer of dust on the window blinds, then the use of a blind duster is highly recommended as it quickly lifts the dust off the surface. You should open the blind and move the duster between two slats from one end to another. It will take just a few minutes to clean the blind. Use of a blind’s duster is a quick way to clean the window blinds, but it should be done regularly. The microfiber on the duster can be home washed between two cleaning sessions, and it can clean the blinds from both sides. The added advantage is the owner can clean two slats in one go.

  1. Using Microfiber Plus Water to Clean the Window Blind:

If the dust accumulated on the window blind is sticky, you should use a microfiber cloth and warm water to clean the window blinds thoroughly. If the stains and dirt are hard to remove, experts suggest to add washing detergent to cut through the hard layer. It will help remove the stains and dirt easily. Start cleaning the window blind from the top and then gradually move down. The dirt from the top of the blind will fall on the lower sections. It can be cleaned in the subsequent rounds. Before using a cleaner, double check to see if your window blinds material can withstand harsh chemicals.

  1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean the Window Blinds:

If you decide to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your window blinds, you should make sure you get a soft brush attachment and an extension hose are available. It is one of the favorite techniques of cleaning the window blinds as it is quick and efficient. Further, it reduces physical labor as the vacuum cleaner sucks the dust articles even from the edges of the slats and makes the blind perfectly clean. The following are some of the points that the experts suggest you should keep in mind while using vacuum cleaners:

  1. Close the blind and then hold it from the bottom so that the slats do not get entangled.
  2. First, one side of the window blinds should be vacuum cleaned and subsequently the other.
  3. While vacuum cleaning the window blinds, start from the top and gradually move towards the bottom of the blind.
  4. The suction of the vacuum should be kept at the lowest setting. It is because, at the lowest setting, the vacuum cleaner will not damage the blind. Any setting other than the lowest can twist and warp the slats of the blinds.
  5. In some cases, if the dust accumulation is quite a lot, the cleaner can combine a vacuum cleaner and a duster. Then, most of the accumulated dust can be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner, while the owner can use a cloth dipped in warm water to wipe off the residual dust quickly. It will save time and increase efficiency as well.
young male professional cleaner vacuuming dirty window blinds and cleaning them thoroughly
  1. Deep Cleaning of the Window Blinds:

The window blinds installed in the kitchen are generally exposed to a lot of grease, residue and stains. They are hard to remove, and neither microfiber cloth dipped in water, nor vacuum cleaner successfully works on them. It is because such blinds need deep cleaning to remove the dirt and stains. Experts advise that the cleaner should take off the blinds and dip them in hot water. A few drops of authentic blind washing detergent should be added to the mix along with baking soda. The blinds should be soaked in the mixture so that the dirt and stains should come off. After about an hour, the blinds should be adequately rinsed with hot water. As a final step, the remaining dirt and stains should be wiped off with a moist cloth.

These are some of the main ways how to clean window blinds. Of course, owners can adopt any of these according to the availability of time and energy. According to most experts, you should develop a routine of cleaning the window blinds regularly. In doing so, you will increase the lifespan of the blinds and preserve hygiene and cleanliness.

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