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What Is A Good Replacement For Vertical Blinds?

What Is A Good Replacement For Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are used most commonly for large windows and sliding glass doors. Although horizontal or venetian blinds are used more often for all types of windows, when it comes to large ones or sliding glass doors, vertical blinds are preferred. This is mainly because of the way vertical blinds can complement larger windows owing to their design and structure. The main point of having larger windows (for context, large windows would be ones that occupy a good portion of the wall), or sliding glass doors is that they can provide a view of the scenery outside. When you use horizontal blinds, they can block the top portion of the view when they are opened. On the other hand, the slats of vertical blinds are suspended from the top of the window or below the ceiling and they are opened or closed. This means that they are closed on the sides and the obstruction of the view is nowhere close to the obstruction caused by horizontal blinds.

If Vertical Blinds are Good for Large Windows and Sliding Glass Doors, Why Is There a Need to Replace Them?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to switch from vertical blinds. The first reason is that there might be a case of uneven flooring in your home. Since the slats are suspended from the window top or from near the ceiling, they hang down till near the floor. In case the floor is uneven, some slats will appear closer to the door than the others which will also give the blinds an uneven look. Moreover, if the uneven floor is not noticeable, the vertical blinds being misaligned will now make the uneven floor prominent to the naked eye.

Although vertical blinds are preferred for larger windows and sliding glass doors, they might not be the most efficient in shielding sunlight. Vertical blinds are susceptible to allowing a little bit of light to enter the room even when the blinds are fully drawn. If you are looking for blinds not only to allow lack of obstruction to the view but also to block the sunlight entirely when the blinds are drawn (much like blackout blinds), you might want to rethink your options.

Most importantly, they just may not suit your style preference. Although vertical blinds are the staple for sliding glass doors and large windows, alternatives have emerged that can suit the style and aesthetic of a particular home better than vertical blinds.
Fabric Vertical Blinds

What Are Some Alternatives to Vertical Blinds?

1. Vertical Honeycomb Shades – Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades are extremely popular window treatments. They are made up of tiny cells or honeycombs, which is what gives them the name. They come in single-celled, double celled and triple celled designs. They are the best form of insulators cum window treatments out there. They usually come in horizontal blind type fashion. Since these shades have gained popularity, the honeycomb shades have been remodeled to resemble the vertical blind with respect to structure and design. Thus, they become perfect replacements for vertical blinds for larger doors and windows.
Vertical Cellular Shades
2. Draperies and Valances – This is probably the best answer to uneven flooring. Valances can be either board-mounted or rod-mounted. They come in light and heavy fabric. It is important to not only choose the right type of fabric that suits the room but also its weight. The royal look that the valances and draperies have will give a polished and royal look to the room. This helps the problem of uneven flooring by a visual trick. The idea is that drapes and valances must catch everyone’s attention to such an extent that it becomes impossible to ignore. In this way, all the attention is diverted from the floor to the drapes and valances.
Graber Artisan Drapery
3. Solar shades – The main point of having large windows and sliding glass doors is so that the breath-taking view can be appreciated to its fullest extent. You might feel that that blinds or shades might hinder that view and rob the room off its essence. In order to get some coverage from the harsh and harmful sunlight, but still, have access to the scenery outside, what you need is a form of window treatment that will help you get both. One answer to this is solar shades. They allow the sunlight in partially and are the light fabric that allows one to see through them. What is even better is that they filter out harmful UV rays and the glare of the sunlight. This makes it a comfortable environment to live in and prevents the rotting of furniture
Z-Wave Virtual Cord Solar Shades
4. Panel Track Blinds – This is an emerging trend of window treatments for large windows and sliding glass doors. Sliding panels or panel track blinds are panels engulfed by lengthy stripes of fabric that can move in and out to either give way for sunlight or block them. You have a variety of fabric to choose from. You can choose light fabric to partially allow the sunlight in. On the other hand, you can even choose blackout fabric to completely block the sunlight. Solar panels are also available and function similarly to solar shades. A unique feature about panel track blinds is that they can be paired with valances. This will give the windows or sliding glass doors a look which is a modern take on a traditional style. They also come in a variety of colors and designs.
Vertical Panel Blinds
5. Smart blinds – Another important addition you can make, either to your existing vertical blinds or the replacement to those blinds are making them ‘smart’ blinds. You can schedule and set times for when you want the blinds will open and close. This is perfect for a day and night setting. Some kits also come with a voice recognition option. It just might be the update you were looking for.
Smart Z Wave Roller Shades
There is a list of other window treatments that you can use. Although horizontal blinds are not usually recommended for large windows and sliding glass doors, it might look good in certain situations. Even roman shades, which are generally used for smaller windows can be used. Curtains are also a classic option that do well. It is all about what suits your style and where it is a part of your list of preferences. Vertical blinds themselves are not obsolete. But, sometimes, they could do with a replacement for a change of looks.

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