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What is a Vertical Awning and How to Use It Effectively on Your Windows

What Is A Vertical Awning and How To Use It Effectively On Your Windows

Significance of Windows

Windows form an integral part of the home architecture and have a large impact on the overall appeal of the home décor. Windows act as a portal to the outside world by allowing the natural light and fresh air from outside to enter inside the house while also letting you enjoy the view of the outside. So, it can be said that windows make the interiors brighter and lively and lend an open and welcoming vibe to the house.

Why You Should Cover Your Windows

Leaving your windows bare without proper covering not only takes away much of the charm of the interiors, but it also hampers the comfort factor of the indoor space. Leaving windows exposed to direct sunlight can cause significant heat gain inside the house. Bright sunlight also causes the issue of glare especially during the morning and evening hours when the Sun’s rays are more slanting. This issue is even more glaring during the winters when the sunlight is slanting for longer durations. The glare hampers visibility inside the house and affects your media consumption experience.

Covering your windows can do wonders for the visual appeal of the interiors by accentuating the décor of the windows. Heat insulation, light control, glare reduction, safeguarding your privacy, and protection against UV exposure are some of the other benefits that covering the windows can result in. The air-conditioners and thermostats become more energy efficient as they find it easier to maintain a constant temperature inside the house with little to no heat exchange happening. This gets reflected in your savings that accrue due to lower power bills.

If you ever feel that investing in window coverings is a pragmatic choice, you are never going to fall short of options. There is a wide variety of window covering options that you can choose from. From blinds and shades to shutters and awnings, from curtains to other kinds of fancy drapery, there is no dearth of viable and elegant window treatments for adorning your windows.
Outdoor Awnings

What are Vertical Awnings?

When you decide to dress up your windows to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, there are many different ways of doing so. You can go with either external or internal window coverings. You can opt for blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, etc. to make your windows look more appealing and to provide good coverage to them. However, there are other efficient and elegant options as well that can provide excellent coverage and shielding to the windows. Vertical Awnings are one such option. Unlike blinds and shades that can be used as both internal and external window treatments, vertical awnings are mostly used externally.

Vertical awnings have a robust construction that makes them ideal for shading the outdoor sections of the house or for providing coverage to the windows from outside. However, the vertical awnings are just as easy to use as internal window fittings. Their sturdy build quality and form factor have made them a popular external window covering option. They comprise of a cassette that is affixed on the wall above the window frame. This cassette acts as a housing for the awning fabric and from here the awnings get pulled down and retracted back into depending on your need. Further, the awnings have a cover fabric that runs vertically within the guide wires or rails located on either side of the window. Irrespective of whether you are using them as internal or external fittings, you can operate them without a hassle using a manual winding handle or can opt to motorize the vertical awnings and operate them via a remote, your smartphone or even a simple voice command.
Vertical Awnings

How to Use the Vertical Awnings Effectively on Your Windows?

Vertical awnings are much more versatile in terms of utility they provide. If you want to convert the outside sections of your house such as your porch or the patio into a comfortable outdoor recreational spot for the family, you can do it easily with the help of vertical awnings. They are strong enough to be used as external window treatments and can withstand the rigors of direct exposure to the elements. Whether it is the harsh heat of the summers or the bone-chilling breeze of the winters, vertical awnings can provide ample protection to ensure that you can enjoy sitting and chilling in your snug and comfortable outdoor spot.

Since the outdoor sections of the house are usually more open, privacy can naturally be a concern. Vertical awnings come to the rescue here as well. If you need more privacy while you sit on the porch or are doing some evening reading in the patio, vertical awnings ensure that as well. Simply put, you get a comfortable area outside the confines of the walls that you can enjoy all year-round.

Vertical awnings also provide assistance to the indoor window coverings by preventing the Sun’s rays from reaching the glass windows. This helps block out most of the heat during the summers and the cold breeze during the winters before it reaches the windows. As a result, the internal window treatments find it easier to insulate the interiors from the outside heat and cold.

You can also pull the vertical awnings down during the morning and evening hours to safeguard against the glare caused by the slanting rays of the Sun. With the vertical awnings fully drawn, the glare causing sun rays are blocked out before they reach the windows. This again helps the internal window coverings in ensuring better visibility for media consumption inside the house.

So, it is quite evident that vertical awnings are not just a versatile window treatment option that can be used both externally and internally but are also quite effective in so many other ways. From creating comfortable outdoor spaces to ensuring comfortable indoor settings by blocking out the outside heat and by diffusing the sunlight, vertical awnings surely establish themselves as a solid option for decking up your house.

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