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Windows are an integral part of any home. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room and help create a sophisticated and modern theme in the house. Moreover, window molding and window treatment play an important role in determining the look and feel of the window. The overall structure of the home is complemented by choice of window treatment and molding. Together they create a well-constructed appearance of the house.


Window moldings are thin strips that are used to cover transitional areas around windows. They can be made out of wood, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or any other material which is malleable enough to be transformed into strips to surround the window. One of the critical uses of window molding is either to hide or protect the areas in the middle of walls and corners. The owner can also ensure that the transition is eased between the fabric and the wallpaper. In addition, molding can be used for decorative purposes and ornamentation. In countries like Canada and England, more and more people started using molding as it helped the woodworkers build more beautiful and appealing houses aesthetically. In modern times, molding ensures higher home values and consequently enhanced desirability in the prospective clients. Today, the prospective buyer has the option of a lot of different styles of moldings in the market, some of them are as under:

  1. The Mixed Window Molding:

It is one of the preferred window moldings. It consists of straight lines and curves, which provides elegance and charm to the window. It demarcates the opening of the window well and is suited for both circular and quadrangular spaces. It is named such because of the different lines that amalgamate into a concave and convex system. They do not rise vertically but obliquely and have a large curved projection. They perform an aesthetic function but can also contribute to sunlight protection. They can also act as a dust shield to stop the entry of dust into the rooms. Owing to the geometric lines, these lead to a well-balanced window structure.

  1. Polystyrene Window Molding:

Polystyrene is fast emerging as a popular material to make window moldings. It belongs to the category of thermoplastics that are durable and easy to maintain. They are generally white and blend well with other items of home décor that are darker in shade. The primary purpose served by it is decorative and aesthetic. It can be damaged if the impact is severe. It is typically used as an indoor window molding.

  1. Arch Shaped Window Molding

It is another popular window molding. Other variations of the arch-shaped window moldings are semicircular or oval window moldings. These are most suited for country houses.

  1. The Basic Rectangular Window Molding:

Rectangular window moldings are the ones we find in most of the houses. They are used more often than not in homes with minimalistic themes. They do not complicate the interiors and yet enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

  1. Moldings with Symbolic Decorations:

Baroque and Classical designs belong to the category of elegant and subtle window moldings. They work to achieve elegance in a more direct way. If the owner opts for these, they will be compromising the linear combinations and are in stark opposition to the minimalistic home décor.


There is no doubt in the fact that window moldings are extremely useful in modern-day homes. They come in handy to frame the window well and contribute to enhancing the space and presenting a unique and distinct look to the room. Some of the advantages are:

1. Window Moldings Enhances the Look of the Window:

A window molding enhances the looks of the window manifold times. It is owing to the fact that they make the window look more compact, sophisticated, and dynamic if window moldings are attached at the right place. The moldings can be coloured as per the liking of the owner. If put in a large room with sufficient artificial light, the molding can accentuate the indoor and outdoor contrast setting.

2. Window moldings Provide Good Insulation to the room:

Window moldings help provide good insulation to the room. They conceal the gap between the wall and the window frame and do not allow the cool air from entering the room. The owner can thus maintain a healthy temperature within the rooms for the owner and the other family members.

3. Window Moldings are Easy to Paint:

Since window moldings have smooth surfaces, it becomes easier to paint them at will. In addition, adequately coloured window molding enhances the look of the house. Moreover, it helps to create the desired theme in the room.

4. Window Moldings are Easy to Maintain:

Window moldings are easy to maintain and offers flexibility and durability. If the owner selects the material from which the molding is made correctly, then it does not shrink, expand, bend or wrap under the impact of elements of nature.

  1. Window Moldings can Help Control the Amount of Sunlight Entering the Room:

Though not the direct function of window molding, some outdoor window moldings can help reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room. They can thus contribute to keeping the room cool even during summer months and make it a comfortable place to dwell for the owner.

Window moldings are an essential part of the overall structural design of the windows. Along with the correct window treatment, they add elegance and functionality to the window. They also add to the value of the house. Prospective buyers are more likely to be impressed with the house’s overall appearance with well selected and constructed window molding.

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