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What Is The Best Material To Keep Heat In?

Cellular shades in a living room.

The battle against the elements has been part of the human experience for as long as we’ve been on earth. We’ve used so many different materials in an attempt to keep us warm, from mineral wool from animals, to whale blubber, to things we find from trees and plants. Today, we are far more sophisticated in the materials we use, as we no longer have to rely on animals to keep ourselves warm. Years of industrialization and science has allowed us to develop materials that better keep warm air where we dwell and keep the cold air outside.

One such material that we’ve developed comes in the form of a window treatment. That is, the insulating properties of a blackout cellular shade remain unmatched in the window coverings world in terms of keeping the elements outside and away from our windows. Amongst other types of window blinds, it is the only one that provides good insulation. It is due to the shade’s structure rather than from insulation materials. Cellular shades are made in hexagonal pockets (hence its other name: honeycomb shades) which are stacked on top of each other. The pockets trap air, creating an insulating layer at your window which helps block cold air from entering and keeps warm indoor air inside.

Close up of cellular shades showing its side.

Windows are terrible for insulation. Glass easily allows air to pass through it, unlike brick and drywall. The heat transfer at the glass is why it is recommended you get a thermal insulator like cellular shades for your windows. With the shade as a covering, you help increase your home’s energy efficiency as your heater won’t have to work as hard to keep the house at room temperature.

You can even increase the amount of insulation you can get from cellular shades, as you can get it as a double cell. As a blackout shade, it won’t do any further light blocking or room darkening, but it will trap more air than single cells, doubling the layer of air that is blocking the window and the room. The energy efficiency will increase along with any savings you get from decreased usage of your heating systems. With the extra money in your pocket, one of the ways you can think about further increasing savings and energy efficiency is with cellular smart shades.

Smart shades are shades that are motorized and are connected to your smart home system. You can control these shades via a remote control, your smartphone, or with a smart speaker like Amazon Alexa. Now, you may be asking yourself, how can something that is motorized be more energy efficient? The answer lies with smart technology.

With smart tech, you can program the motor in the cellular shades to open and close at certain times. For example, when it is peak sun hours, from 11 am to 3 pm, you can have the cellular shades automatically open so you can take advantage of the sunlight. When the sunlight passes through your glass windows, it creates an effect known as “solar heat gain”, which is a greenhouse effect that occurs when the sun’s rays are amplified by the glass and the heat is trapped inside. Furthermore, you can make sure your cellular shades are closed when the sun is down, making sure that the cold night air is prevented from coming inside.

Finally, with smart tech, you can take control of the shades while you are away from home. With an app on your phone, you can make sure that the cellular shades are opened or closed to take advantage of the weather outside. Even if you have them programmed, you can still work around the programming depending on your needs. That way, you can make sure that the cellular shades are doing the most to save you on energy and money by blocking out the cold and keeping the heat in.

The battle against the elements still rages on. We as humans have not evolved to have thick fur or large stores of fat to keep us warm. Instead, we developed our brains and we have learned from science which types of insulation work best in our modern world. While our houses have become sophisticated enough to have systems in which they keep us warm, there are always ways in which we can further improve on them. With cellular shades, you will get the best window treatment to do that and you can improve on the cellular shades even more if you get it with smart technology. Keeping yourself and your family warm has never been easier with the advent of modern technology, so keep the heat in and keep that cold air out, and get cellular shades for your windows today.

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