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What is the Best Way to Cover Sliding Glass Doors?

Best Way To Cover Sliding Glass Doors

As people are fast switching to a modern lifestyle, the architecture of the houses is also seeing a prominent change. Modern architectural aspects are more focused on luxury based on a practical and symmetrical design principle. Elements such as big glass windows and sliding glass doors are becoming a common feature in modern houses. Such architectural elements make the indoor space more vibrant, open, and welcoming. Big glass windows and sliding glass doors make room for more natural light that can enter inside the house unabated and illuminate the interiors.

Why You Should Consider Covering Your Sliding Glass Doors

This does feel like a great option to have in most cases. However, such large open sections of the house can also create some issues. While the natural light makes the interiors bright, too much of it can cause the problem of glare besides running the risk of UV exposure. With so much open space, privacy will also be a major concern, especially if you have sliding glass doors or big glass windows in your bedroom or the living room.

Sliding glass doors and big glass windows have a large surface area that is exposed to the outside heat and light if left uncovered. This increases the chances of heat gain inside the house during the summers and heat loss to outside during the winters. This adversely impacts the energy efficiency of the heat control system inside your house. Your air conditioner or the thermostat will have to consume more power to maintain constant and comfortable temperature levels inside the house.

Bare windows and doors also give a lackluster look to the interiors of the house. Dressing them up with suitable coverings vastly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house. The guests will find your house more welcoming and hospitable and the home décor will really come alive. For all these reasons, window coverings seem like a logical choice for your sliding glass doors and the windows.
Sliding Panel Blinds for Sliding Door

What is the Best Way to Cover Sliding Glass Doors?

Once we have established why you should cover your sliding glass doors, it is only logical to ask as to which window covering solution will be best for doing so. The answer to this question lies in the requirements related to covering such architectural elements in your house. You need excellent coverage since the surface area is large and ensuring privacy is important. You also want the window treatments to be good at heat insulation and light control so that you can prevent heat exchange and the issue of glare.

Another important requirement is that the window coverings should not interfere with the normal operation of the sliding glass doors. So, in this case, the window coverings should be able to move (slide) along with the door. For that to happen, you need to install the window coverings directly on the door frame and have to ensure that there is enough clearance between the fixed part and the sliding section of the door so that it can go over the former without any hindrance. This is also necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the window coverings you opt for.

Considering all these requirements, these below-mentioned window treatment options will be a great choice for your sliding glass doors:

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have wider slats that provide better coverage and can be installed directly on the window frame. These blinds are also very easy to clean, thanks to the vertical orientation. This can be a big advantage considering the fact that you need large window coverings as the sliding glass doors have a large surface area to cover.
Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are highly customizable, hence you can easily modify them to ensure a perfect fit on your sliding glass doors. The wooden blinds also provide excellent heat insulation and light control and safeguard your privacy. So, all your requirements are well taken care of. If the wooden blinds seem like a costly proposition, you can opt for faux wood blinds that are much more affordable but provide you the same aesthetic appeal and performance benefits.
Wooden Vertical Blinds

Vertical Shades

Vertical shades will provide you excellent coverage that is even better than that provided by any type of blinds. Blinds have adjustable blind slats that help control the light but there is some gap between the individual slats that gap is left intentionally to allow the slats to move freely. These gaps hamper the coverage and heat insulation efficiency of the blinds to some extent.
Vertical shades, however, don’t have any such gaps as they are a type of shades. Hence, they have a continuous fabric layer that covers the entire body of the shades. Beneath that layer, there are adjustable vanes that allow you to control the amount of light that enters inside the house. Just like the vertical blinds, these shades also can be directly mounted on the door frame so that the door can function smoothly.
Sheer Vertical Shades

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are extremely lightweight and have a minimalistic design that makes them ideal for both home and office settings. As they are lightweight, the Roman blinds can be easily installed on all types of windows and doors including the hard to reach windows such as the skylights. Just like the vertical blinds and shades, you can install the Roman blinds directly on the frame of the sliding glass doors. These blinds are not only graceful but also highly functional and provide effective heat insulation and light control capabilities.
Roman Shades for Sliding Glass Doors
While all these windows covering options are ideal for your sliding glass doors, the decision as to which is the best will depend on you. The window covering option that fulfills all your specific requirements, including the cost considerations and stylistic preferences, will be the best way to cover your sliding glass doors. There is no universally agreed winner but a suitable match that may differ on a case to case basis.

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