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What Is The Best Way to Dress Arched Windows?

What Is The Best Way to Dress Arched Windows?

What Are Arched Windows?

An arched window has its upper half in the form of a semi-circle or an arc, whereas its bottom half is in the form of a rectangle. Arched windows are mostly connected with Roman architecture and provide a soft and vintage look to your home. The traditional design of these windows creates a more dynamic vibe to your interior decor.

Arched windows come in various unique designs. You can have them opened, fixed or grouped in a particular pattern. Churches often have arched windows as a piece of decoration. You can use them in your home for ventilation along with other windows. They can also complement your patio doors and picture windows. These windows don’t require much maintenance and provide you with a clear view.

What Are the Benefits of Arched Windows?

  • Though arched windows can’t match the style of every house yet they come in various architectural styles.
  • Arched windows are versatile and can be arranged in several ways.
  • These windows add a classic and elegant look to your home.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Arched Windows?

  • These windows are quite tricky and difficult to install.
  • Also, arched windows are much more expensive than other windows and their installation cost is also very high.

What Are The Best Ways To Dress Arched Windows?


Drapery is one of the most effective ways to cover your arched windows. Drapery is a cloth material that is often used as a decorative covering around windows or doors. Don’t get confused between drapery and a curtain. Though both are made up of cloth yet are quite different from each other. As compared to that curtains, drapes are made up of heavy material. Drapes give the formal look to your room more than curtains and drapes are longer. You can easily pull down and put up curtains whereas drapes are quite difficult to handle.

You can simply hang drapes on your arched window in such a way that the top of the drape is above the arch of the window. This will serve the two purposes. It attracts the attention of everyone, and makes your window and ceiling look taller and your room, more spacious.

Window Shades

Shades are also another way to dress your arched window. They not only give you privacy, but also gives you a hold on the amount of light entering your room. You can block the natural light in the way you want. You can also customize the shades according to your preferences.

Shades come in various styles from which you can opt for according to your need and budget. Honeycomb or cellular shades are the perfect window treatment when it comes to arched windows. Depending on your needs, these shades can be customised to be fixed or movable. Cellular shades are made up of several kinds of light filtering material from which you can choose based on how much amount of light you want to enter in your room.


Shutters are one of those popular window treatments that can give your windows and room a completely new look. No matter what the shape and size of your arched window, you can completely customise the shutters and cut them to the size, so they can perfectly fit your windows. The shutters can serve two purposes. Firstly, they keep intact the view of your windows and room by allowing the arch of the windows to be visible. And secondly, shutters are practical as they allow you full control over the amount of natural that enters your room.


You can customise the blinds to fit into the arched window of any shape and size. Blinds are easy to operate and also require less maintenance. Just with the help of a cord that runs through them, you can simply open or close them. Just like shades, blinds also ensure your privacy and provide you with full control over the amount of light that enters your room.

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