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What Signals That It’s Time to Change Your Window Blinds?

What Signals That It's Time to Change Your Window Blinds?

Window blinds are a critical component in house décor. They protect the owner from the scorching sunlight and at the same time give much-needed privacy. They also help create aesthetically appealing private spaces where the owner can have rejuvenating and relaxing moments with friends and family. Window blinds are a durable and time-tested option to cover the windows, but as with everything, they do suffer wear and tear in the due course of time. It becomes imperative to replace the blinds so that the functionality does not drop. In addition, the need to replace the blinds might also emerge because of damage or redesigning.  It can sometimes be difficult to tell when the window blinds must be replaced. If the owner wants to do it for upgrading the home, then it might be a straightforward decision, but otherwise they have to keep on inspecting the blinds to ascertain the warning signs.

What are the warning signs that it is time to change the window blinds?

If the owner is careful and conscious enough, they can quickly identify when the blind has started to deteriorate and needs to be changed. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Are the Slats Wrapped or Bent?

The first thing to notice is whether the slats are in proper shape and condition or not. If the slats are wrapped or bent, it is time to change the window blinds. If the owner has faux wood blinds, then warped slats of a window blind might indicate heat damage. Conversely, if the owner has opted for a wooden blind, then the bent slats can reveal the presence of excessive moisture. In either case, if the slats of the window blind are bent, it won’t raise correctly, and the damaged slats will act as an eyesore. If only one slat has been damaged, then you might get away with replacing only the damaged one, but if multiple slats are damaged, the entire set must be replaced. If the owner resides in sweltering weather conditions, slat warping might be very common due to excessive heat. In that case, owners are advised to use window treatments that use fabric or the ones that block the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • Is Raising the Blinds an Arduous Task?

If raising the blind is an arduous task because the slats get stuck or the entire operation is not smooth, it might be time to change the window blind. This situation can occur because of two plausible reasons. The first is that the lifting mechanism of the window blind might be on the verge of failing. The second reason might be that the blinds have been designed too wide, and the cords can’t bear the load. Both the situations warrant an immediate change of the window blinds. Furthermore, continuous usage of this blind can be dangerous, as it might fall when the owner tries to operate it and can injure them.

  • Are the Cords of the Window Blinds Frayed?

Experts advise that owners inspect the window slats and the operating cords to find out if there is any wear and tear. If the operating cords are frayed, it is clear that the window blind’ operating mechanism has to be replaced. Fraying of the cords can occur because either the pair of blinds is extremely old and the cords have worn out, or the internal mechanism is damaging the cord. Whatever the reason, the damaged cord clearly shows that the blind can fall off the window or become unusable. Thus, the owner should opt for replacing the window blind.

  • Are the Slats Discoloured?

The owners should make it a point to note whether the slats are in proper shade or have been discoloured. When the window blinds are exposed to the sun for a long time, they lose colour and become pale. If the blind has drastically lost colour, it won’t look good. Further, it will also not create the desired aesthetic appeal and theme in the room. Such a situation indicates that it is time to replace the window blind.

  • Do the Blind Slats Close Tightly?

When the owner is conscious of the potential signs of deterioration in the look or functionality of the window blind, they will quickly notice whether the slat close tightly or not. If the slats do not close properly even after repeated attempts, or worse, the blind slat hardly move, it is an indicator that the operating mechanism has failed. However, it is tough to replace the operating mechanism of the window blind without the help of a professional. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the entire set of the blind.

  • Are the Window Blinds Safe for Kids?

The blinds which come with operating cords are not safe for the kid. It is because the kids can get themselves entangled in the cord. According toa study, even in developed countries, window blind cords pose a serious safety risk to kids. Therefore, the experts recommend that homes with kids have cordless cellular shades, cordless roller shades or curtains. These window treatments do away with the need for the cords and are safe for kids. Therefore, if the house has kids, it is already time to replace the old window blind.

  • Are the Window Blinds Out of Style?

Window blinds contribute significantly to making the home look stylish and aesthetically appealing. The homeowners choose them, keeping in mind the latest style statements. But over time, if the window blinds fall out of fashion, it is either time to remodel them to suit the new style needs or replace them. Much more importantly, the out of style window blinds will pull down the dynamism and the overall energy of the room. These will also make the home look outdated and old. Therefore, one should remain in sync with the latest fashion and replace the window blinds when they do not add to the room’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Is the Texture of the Blind Damaged or Frayed?

Overtime, the texture of the blind might get damaged because of excessive use. If it is the case, then the window blind won’t function at its full potential. In such a case, the window blind should be replaced so that the owner can have good sunlight protection and privacy and an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Window blinds serve a variety of purposes in any home. Therefore, it is essential to select them properly. But it is equally important to try to maintain them well and replace them when the need arises. By answering the questions mentioned above, it is hoped that the owners will decide the right time to replace the window blinds.

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