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What Window Treatments Best Suit Your Kid’s Room?

Window dressings in a child's room

Window treatments for children’s bedrooms are an important element in creating a fun and safe space for them. With the treatment, you must achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality. You can guarantee that your child receives the right amount of natural light during the day, and also make sure that he or she has a dark and cozy room for a sound and restful night’s sleep. 

Children need a safe and fun space for their growth and development. Window treatments can help create such an environment. They can provide all the functional needs required, while also adding a pretty or cool design to the bedroom that the children can choose. 

Read on and we will suggest top window treatment ideas for your child’s room.

Use Brightly Designed Custom Drapes

  • Bright colored items harken back to our youth. It’s an added touch that will allow children to dream large and use their boundless imagination. Give your children their own personal space to explore and play with brightly colored window coverings should encourage that for them.
  • Many window treatment types offer a variety of colors and designs. Among these treatments are window drapes. Drapery will provide all the requisite needs and fill your child’s room with fun and bright colors, allowing him or her to enjoy the dressing whilst also getting the requisite privacy and light blocking.

A Cellular Shade for Flexibility 

  • Cellular shades can have both light filtering and blackout materials. They can also come in the Top-Down Bottom-Up feature, which allows you to easily control light flow. With it you can create a comfortable sleeping environment at night, and a bright place to learn and play during the day. 
  • Cellular shades are hexagonal pockets stacked on each other, which also lends them their other moniker: honeycomb shades. The pockets create an insulating barrier between the window and the room. The extra insulation will keep the room warmer in the cold months and cooler in the hot months. This feature will be a great additional benefit to your child’s room as he or she will be comfortable all year-round. 
Drapery combined with cellular shades to dress a window

Smart shades for your kid’s room

  • Young children are curious by nature. They like to grab and play with loose and dangling items. Blinds, shades, and curtains have these loose dangling cords. This presents a hazard with the potential for the child to get tangled within the loose cords and wires. 
  • A smart shade is a type of cordless blind that will earn you some cool factor points as well as eliminating the risks associated with loose cords and strings. Motorized shades allow you to operate the shade with a remote, a mobile phone, or with voice control. This feature will allow you to entertain your child as you open his or her shades in a manner that seems magical. 

Window Shutters, a permanent fixture

  • Children will grow up, they will not remain small and adventurous forever. As they age, the brightly colored patterns from shades and drapes may become stale or out of style in their eyes. Luckily, window shutters can get around this issue easily, as they will remain a great looking window dressing in your child’s room for years to come.
  • Window shutters provide all the privacy and light control of shades and drapes, as well as the additional safety provided by cordless window treatments. Shutters are installed directly onto the window’s frame and are a permanent fixture. 
  • Like blinds, they have louvers that can be tilted for light control. The louvers are operated with a tilting rod, creating the benefit of not having any loose dangling strings or cords. You can close the louvers for full blackout, or tilt them slightly open to allow lights in. They allow a tremendous amount of flexibility.
  • Shutters are also durable and easy to clean. Along with fun and adventure inevitably comes mess and dirt. Shutters, being a solid fixture, are very easy to clean, as all it takes is a regular dusting for standard dirt, and a damp cloth for tougher soiling. 
Shutters in a bedroom

Further thoughts

With the many options at your disposal, you can combine different types of dressings for different looks and added styles. For example, if you have window shutters in place, you can add additional drapes over them to create a softer look for your child’s room. The shutters will provide the requisite light control, but the drapes will add a splash of color and add soft features to contrast the sharp lines from the shutters. 

Mix and match over the years as your child grows. When they reach a certain age, surely they will like to have an input over how their room is designed. Work with your child and create a fun but safe space in their bedroom with the perfect window dressings.

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