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When Did Vertical Blinds Become Popular?

When Did Vertical Blinds Become Popular

A number of popular window shades have pervaded the market of today. Whether you talk of online shops or brick-and-mortar shades, there is no dearth of options available in different mounting and operating procedures. However, before you set out to purchase a random window blind, it is always a good idea to understand their different types in the global marketplace of today. There are Roman shades, roller shades, good-old drapes and curtains, cellular shades, and Venetian blinds, to name a few. Along with them, vertical blinds are also important window shades that have their own unique features and takeaways, which makes them a preferred choice in not just homes but cafes and restaurants, government buildings and large conference halls. But have you ever stopped and wondered when people discovered them, or how they gained prominence? We present a history of these extremely functional window blinds in the section below and the reasons for their surge in popularity over the years.

Why Were These Blinds Invented?

The horizontal blinds, commonly used as traditional shutters or venetian blinds, had a shape that allowed dust to easily settle on them. This made cleaning them up a regular and often time-consuming task. Observing this flaw, Edward and Frederick Bopp invented the vertical blinds in 1950. They did not allow any debris to settle on them because of their shape and were, hence, easier to clean and maintain. They were also easier to operate as they could be shifted to the side instead of lifting or lowering, which involved greater effort in other window treatments.

These features helped them quickly gain prominence and popularity, and were beginning to be used especially in offices where the large vertical slats gave them a neat and sophisticated appearance. They were patented by Sun Vertical in 1960 by their inventors; however, they sold their company and the patent a few years later.
Vertical Blinds for French Door

Why Are Vertical Blinds Popular?

Vertical blinds can be built from any material. Besides the regular polyester and vinyl fabrics used in their construction, they can also be used as honeycomb shades and wooden shutters, albeit in a different shape.

Talking of the “regular” vertical blinds, here are some benefits that you can’t look away from.

1. No Settling Of Dust: Their most common advantage, which owes a lot to their shape. Dust falls between them, so all they may require is a normal swipe off their surface after you take them off. When the windows are tall and harder to reach, get a ladder to reach into every nook and corner. However, intense cleaning may not be required, after all. Just read the manufacturer’s instructions clearly, and use a cleaning method best suited for their type of material.

2. Operation On Sliding Doors: Because of their shape, they operate better on doors and windows that slide from one side to another. Patio doors require large spaces and are constructed to let in a good amount of natural light inside, besides offering a great gateway to a lovely garden, something you can enjoy a great look at when you are relaxing in your living room or bedroom. Vertical shades operate better than most other window treatments on such doors, and can also enhance the appeal of your home decor.

3. Adjusting The Light: With the fabulous construction of these blinds, you can always control the amount of light that enters the home. Their well-designed vanes can always be tilted or altogether shut to block some or all of the sun rays that may cause irritation of the eyes and affect your concentration. Their use in offices is for the purpose of allowing you to successfully present your ideas on screen without being perturbed by the glare.

4. The Versatility: As earlier mentioned, besides the offices, the vertical blinds have increasingly become popular in cafes, restaurants, and even the bedrooms and living rooms for their multiple benefits. Their sleek appeal is undoubtedly universal, and they can well be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well if you know how to use them at their maximum potential.
Vertical Window Coverings
5. Save Money: The construction with the choicest and sturdiest materials makes them great insulators. You do not need to insulate your windows with additional quilts or a layer of blackout material to protect your windows. Vertical blinds work as well as other blackout shades to keep your home cozy and comfortable at room temperature. They reduce the need for air conditioners and heaters and can save electricity costs by as much as 30%. Besides, their light-filtering capabilities also reduce the need to turn on bulbs and another artificial lighting during the day time.

6. Enhanced Privacy: Any great insulating window treatments can work equally well as enablers of privacy. Everyone faces the issues of neighbors who can’t mind their own business or passersby who are more interested in the ongoing affairs of the house. This can be a major irritant and something that might affect your sanity if not paid attention. Vertical blinds give you a good enough reason to indulge in comfort and personal stuff without worrying about being spotted.

7. Unique Style: Vertical blinds, when used in homes, can offer a nice contemporary and unique touch. The sleek and elegant vertical designs, as opposed to their regular horizontal counterparts, can set a focal point in the room which is hard to miss. This calls for appreciation and they become the source of compliments from all your guests. Because of their unique style, they can be popular window treatments in modern homes, especially in young people’s apartments who are open to lapping up different stuff.
Vertical Cellular Shades

Things To Consider When Purchasing

Despite the wide range of benefits that these blinds boast, you need to be mindful of the different types of materials and fabrics that they use. Every material serves a different purpose, and each might have different implications in your home and the environment. For instance, aluminum slats in vertical blinds are known for their sturdiness and reflective properties. They can undoubtedly be great for your windows. Aluminum is also available in a range of color options and can be cleaned and maintained easily. However, when they are not taken care of properly, they may easily be bent and develop stains that can be hard to get rid of.

Plastic or PVC is more commonly used in vertical blinds, and they are pretty easy on the budget too. You can get them at reasonable rates, and they are known for their simplicity and easy maintenance. However, they might not be too beneficial for the environment. And when they are exposed to the sun for too long, they can fade and may face discoloration and brittleness in some cases. You are better off buying shades with higher quality PVC by spending a few extra bucks.

Vertical blinds made from wood and honeycomb shades are just as popular and are quickly gaining prominence by one and all. The eco-friendliness of wooden treatments would definitely be a better choice if you do not mind these expensive window treatments.

To sum up, there are plenty of reasons why vertical blinds have become go-to window covering options for many. To choose the right ones, however, you need to consider the size and type of windows and keep in mind the climate your home experiences all through the year.

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