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When Is Sheer Material the Best Choice for Window Coverings?

When Is Sheer Material the Best Choice for Window Coverings?

Getting your window solutions right is of paramount importance in creating the perfect look for your home. A suitable window treatment is also instrumental in maintaining the comfort factor of your home. So, before your click through an online catalog of blinds and curtains, be sure about what suits your room best. For decades, homeowners have harnessed the beauty and grace of curtains for decorating their house. Even with the advent of innovative window treatment options, consumers still exhibit a marked preference for curtains. This trend is more evident in the case of sheer curtains. There is certainly something about the long lines, the flowing look, and the ethereal ambiance that sheer curtains weave all over the room that continues to capture the imagination of consumers all over the world.

This trend has also given rise to a wide range of blinds and shades made from sheer materials, as manufacturers rush to come up with practical and novel solutions that perform the same function as sheer curtains. Now you can select varying levels of light filtering, with greater flexibility, along with smarter design and functionalities. Before we go into the different types of window treatment solutions that come in sheer materials, let us delve a bit into what are the factors that would make it ideal for you to select the sheer material.

Light Control

The most important factor is light. If your room lets in plenty of light, you would want to take full advantage of that. However, with light comes heat and glare. Sheer material is the perfect choice for cutting off glare while enjoying the comfort and warmth of natural light.

UV Protection

If you have a room that gets constant exposure to light, you might wish to add some protection against the UV rays. UV rays can cause tremendous damage to your furniture and furnishings. Sheer material provides the perfect solutions for this. With sheer material, you will not have to compromise on the light flow or the view, yet you can still get lots of protection against harmful UV rays.

View and Privacy

If you are one of those lucky ones whose room opens up to a fantastic view, you will know how precious it is. To have a home that looks out into the full splendor of nature, or the grandeur of a beautiful landscape, is a great privilege. Even the view of a summer garden is something you will not wish to miss out on. But sometimes, it becomes a tricky task to balance the view with privacy. For this reason, many homeowners opt for sheer window coverings. They provide you with a view, yet keep the interiors hidden from the outside. A win-win situation. But note that you only get privacy during the day – at night time with the lights on inside, it becomes easy to see in – so many homeowners will pair sheer curtains with another darkening layer for the night.


Insulation is not what many people will associate with sheer window coverings. It is true that sheer material does not offer as much insulation as thicker material like wood or blackout fabric. However, they do provide partial insulation by cutting off the glare and reducing the heat transfer. You can also select thicker material, which would provide greater insulation.


There is no denying the fact that the sheer material comes with a unique look. They actively create a muted glow within the room that weaves a romantic atmosphere. The ethereal look that comes with sheer material adds a feminine look to the room, a necessity with heavy furniture or stoic design. For a huge number of homeowners, aesthetics is the primary reason that makes them choose sheer materials.

Popular Window Coverings in Sheer Material

There are numerous window treatment options that harness the full potential of the sheer material. It is really hard to choose a favorite.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains still dominate the trend. Available in a variety of prints and colors, these curtains are popularly used as layers for thicker curtains. Even when they are used on its own, they make a great addition to any room. The long lines are a delight for the eyes, while the full-length provides great cover. Sheer curtains are also used as room partitions or bed decorations. The flowing nature of the material also makes them a great fit for any odd-shaped window. Open to lots of style variations, you will get plenty of opportunities to put a personal stamp on it. No wonder they are so popular.
White Sheer Curtains

Solar Shades

Another popular window covering in sheer material are solar shades. These shades block UV rays, cut off the glare, and fill your room with a muted glow of natural light. As these shades come with different levels of openness, you get to select how much opacity you will have in your room. As the shade operates as a single piece of fabric, the material offers greater coverage, as well as higher insulation than curtains. The sheer material preserves the view while keeping the privacy element intact during the day. Solar shades are a great choice for rooms that open to a great view.
Graber Solar Shades

Zebra Sheer Shades

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, you can consider Zebra Sheer shades. These shades have made of overlapping layers of sheer vanes, with alternating vanes of light filtering fabric. The beauty of these shades would make your windows the focal point of the room. The sheer vanes offer you the benefit of the view, while at the night the light filtering fabric can be closed to give you total privacy.
Crown Sheer Shades

Dual Roller Shades

You can also opt for LightWeave Graber Dual Roller shades. These shades come with dual fabric, hanging from one headrail. The sun-filtering sheer fabric helps allows great view while shielding the interiors from the harsh glare and UV rays. The second layer is made of blackout fabric which cuts off the light completely when required. This way, you can alternate between two distinct fabrics, to get optimum control over the light.
Graber Dual Roller Shades
As you can see, there is plenty you can do with the sheer material. All you need is a bit of time to sort through all these fantastic options.

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