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When Should You Choose Reverse Roll For Roller Shades?

When Should You Choose Reverse Roll

Roller shades, also known as roller blinds, offer a great amount of privacy to any home. Another of their characteristics is that the material and fabric they’re made of helps block out the light and heat to keep the indoor temperature cool and comfortable. Considered to be excellent all-purpose, practical, and budget-friendly window treatments that come in a variety of fabrics, roller shades are easy to operate and can be customized to perfectly match the texture, style or color of your décor. They provide a clean and simple appearance thanks to their unique ability to hang on windows and doors, unlike many other window coverings.

Characteristics of Roller Shades

Roller shades comprise of a fabric that is deftly and compactly spun around a cylinder or tube fitted horizontally along the width of the window. The tube can be fixed both on the inside of the window recess as well as on the outside, and you can roll or unroll the fabric around it with the help of an accompanying chain using a sidewinder mechanism.

Roller shades are ideal for a variety of spaces: bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and living rooms. Available in many fabrics, creative designs, and colors with room darkening features they offer privacy, low maintenance, and a stylish treatment that complements any decorating motif.

Types of Roller Shades

Roller shades are available in two roll types: regular or reverse roll. In both styles, you can effortlessly glide roller shades up and down the window.

Standard Roll
In the regular or standard roll, the fabric rolls back, close to the window glass when the shade is drawn. The fabric lies flat against the window and raises up onto the top bar from behind. As the blind unravels towards the glass, it keeps the fabric close to the window, ensuring the best heat and light control.

You can go for a standard roll if you want your shades to sit close to the glass within your window casing through an inside mount instead of protruding out into the room.

Also, the regular roll can be your choice when you want to allow less light to seep in around the sides of the window. Being close to the glass, it offers optimum privacy and maximum insulation against cold and heat. Regular roll is recommended if the window depth is shallow because it gets the fabric farther inside the opening.
If you can bear the cost, valances can hide the regular roll and provide a finished look.
Synthetic Roller Blinds
Reverse Roll
In reverse roll roller shades, on the other hand, the fabric comes over the front of the roll, and hides it from sight, letting the shade close over the window. With the fabric coming on out from the front of the roller, it creates a seamless look as the roll is concealed when the shade is drawn and the roller blind rolls in towards the room. Also, the line at the base of the tube is invisible.

As the shade fabric covers the top roll, it slings over your window akin to a waterfall. It tends to create a bigger light gap, as the fabric is not as close to your window, but it also gives way to a neater, designer appearance. Reverse roll shades are also great for clearing any protrusions on your window sill, such as handles or cranks.
Reverse Roller Blinds
Available in a plethora of patterns, fabrics and colors, roller blinds offer great convenience, easy care and visual appeal. Upholstered valances very well gel with reverse roll roller blinds.

Reverse roll roller shades, in particular, impart a modern, minimal, elegant and functional appearance to your room. They diffuse the light to enliven your dwelling space while providing adequate privacy. So, go for a reverse roll if you want a sleek and elegant look to your window treatment
Consider setting up side channels of reverse roll roller shades as a track for the edges of the shades. They help in creating a seamless appearance, creating a movie theatre effect in your room.

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