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Where to Find Custom Sliding Panel Tracks and Hardware?

Where To Find Custom Sliding Panel Tracks and Hardware

When you have a large patio door opening to a glorious view, you know you have found the focal point of your room. But what happens when you cover it? Does your room lose its charm? Go for sliding vertical blinds on panel tracks! Now you will be torn between your desire for the view and the stunning new look of the room when these blinds work their magic.

Advantages of Panel Track Blinds

Panel tracks blinds are popular for a number of reasons. Some of them are briefly discussed below.
Convenience: This is the single most important reason that has made sliding panel track blinds so popular. The tracks allow the panels to glide smoothly during operation. You will not need to handle heavy draperies or doors to get some light into the room. These blinds can be operated easily with mechanical devices or through remote control. As the blinds stack upon one another when open, they take up very little space, so that you have better flexibility when it comes to placing furniture and other accessories.

Optimum Safety: With panel track blinds, you will have a lot of peace of mind. With no dangling cords or flowing fabric, the need for safety devices are minimized. The sliding panels allow the blinds to open in the direction of the door so that there is no obstruction while you move in and out of the door.

Variety: As modern homes are increasingly opting for large glass doors and windows; panel track blinds are becoming a common fixture in contemporary houses. While the overall getup of these blinds is very smart, they are also smart in their functionalities. You can select from a wide range of materials and design to go with your room décor. Just like normal blinds, you can also add blackout, privacy, or UV protection features to the fabric.
Flexibility of Use
Although panel track blinds are mostly popular for large windows and door, they make equally good room dividers. You can use these stylish tracks to divide your study from the bedroom or a small play area from the main living room. With these blinds, make the most out of your living or workspace. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can use panel track blinds to cover a large closet, which will give your room a sophisticated look.
Sliding Panel Natural Shades

How do They Work?

The panel track hardware consists of panel tracks, controls, and the panels themselves.

Panel Tracks

Irrespective of their size, panel track blinds follow the same system. These blinds hang from a multi-channel track, usually attached to the ceiling. They slide along the channels, with the first fabric carrier moving first, and the mechanism activates the pull the rest of the fabric carriers behind it. The fabric panels move in sequence and stack on top of one another when open. When closed, these panel overlap each other by around 10-15 cm to maintain cohesion and unity of appearance.
Sliding Panel Blinds for Sliding Door


Panel track blinds can be controlled by a simple mechanism. You can manually operate them with the help of a wand, or a pulley cord system. The wand usually hangs at the end of the lead panel, while the pulley cord hangs from the end of the track.

Panel track blinds can also be motorized, but it will add quite significantly to the budget. But the ease of operation means that this option is worthy of consideration.

How to Fit Them?

The tracks are fairly easy to fit. The tracks are usually made of aluminum which makes them very light. Although they are fitted on the ceiling, their lightweight ensures that they can be fitted very easily. However, this is not a one-person job. You need to rope in friends or family if you plan on doing it yourself. The reason for this is the long length of the tracks, which are available up 5 meters, making them a bit unsteady.
Tracks can also be fitted against the wall with extension brackets built for the purpose. However, it does look much better when they hang from the ceiling.

How to Find Custom Sliding Panel Tracks?

Most blind providers offer you the option of customizing your panel track blinds.

Track Sizes and Channel Numbers

Panel tracks are available in varying lengths, with loads of options for customization. Each track usually measures up to 5 meters, but for a larger window, a number of tracks joined together to form a bigger track.
The width of the tracks depends on the number of channels, but the depth of the tracks remains the same.
How many channels you will have depends on the number and width of the panels, the width of the track, and how you wish to hang your panels.

How to Hang the Blinds
You will get a lot of choices regarding how you wish to hand your blinds. You can select to hang them from the middle, and open on both sides. Or, you can select to hang them on either side and open in one direction.

Panel Material Selection
When it comes to selecting a material for the panels, you really get a lot of options. You can select from a wide range of materials, like fabric, screen material, natural woods stick, or polyester fabrics. You can also include add on features like UV protection, light-filtering, room-darkening, noise blocking, and so on.

Custom Cornices
Another feature that you might wish to add to your sliding panel tracks is custom cornices. Cornices are long flat, a decorative accent that runs along the upper part of the window. It is usually made of wood but can be customized to be covered by any material of your choice. These cornices can be made to fit and come in various make and designs. Cornices can be very useful in hiding the blind hardware and giving the window or door a well-defined look.

Most panel track blinds or curtains come with customizable hardware. Just select your options carefully and you are good to go.

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