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Where To Find High Quality Elite Blinds

Where To Find High Quality Elite Blinds

The summers quickly approach, and it is time for us to do some extra bit of shopping. Our requirements are seasonal, and one gives rise to the other. So maybe now is the time you start cleaning your AC vents, get some sun shades for your porch, and have your garden set up to enjoy the soothing and balmy effect of the sun. Home decor is one arena you cannot afford to ignore. After all, it is the question of your comfort. Getting the right window blinds is also one of the ways you can set your home up for the right season. During pleasant days and the onset of the weekends, your guests will arrive. And along with serving them the best of food and drinks, you also need to ensure that they stay comfy and relaxed. In the absence of the right window blinds, your home will be prone to heat, lack of privacy, and unnecessary sounds clamoring in the street. To enable you to find the right blinds, Graber is often the go-to option for window treatment solutions. And like all high-end brands, it has a wide range of styles and products that can suit your unique requirements.

Graber: The One-Stop Solution To Purchase Elite Wood Blinds

Known for products that are built to last, Graber is a known that is synonymous with precision, amazing attention to detail and highest quality standards. The window shades range from shutters and cellular shades to roller shades and wood/faux wood window treatments. You will get blackout shades that create a room darkening effect in every corner, giving you the necessary privacy and protection you desire. The cellular shades come in a CrystalPleat design which makes their fabulously textured slats the center of attention in whatever room they are installed. And when it comes to their Elite wooden blinds, they provide the perfect combination of functionality and elegance, which cannot be ignored by the most seasoned of homeowners or decor professionals.

When you bring in nature’s elements to any decor, the room is filled with warmth and a unique aesthetic that is unparalleled. Wooden window treatments are synonymous with luxury, traditional charm and a construction that is built to last for several years to come. Natural wood in window treatments also contributes to the environment, as you can recycle it for later use to build any furniture or small containers to store multiple items of daily use. Graber Elite Wood Blinds are meticulously crafted from North American hardwood in various finishes, which can add depth and character to any room, be it the living room or the bedroom.

Graber is also a brand that follows strict guidelines to ensure environmental sustainability and hence ensures that recycled sawdust and wood shavings are used in the construction of its Elite blinds.

What Makes Graber Elite Blinds The Ideal Window Coverings?

There are a lot of key takeaways of Graber Elite Wood Blinds, a few of which will be discussed in detail below.

1. Warmth and Elegance: More on the functional things later, but the fabulous finish and a mesmerizing design is the icing on the cake for these wooden treatments. Customizable in a variety of colors and slat sizes that can suit any window size, make and shape, they bring richness and warmth to your home. While horizontal wooden blinds have been the most common kind, Elite Wood blinds are now also available in a gorgeous and unconventionally appealing vertical design, keeping your bedroom or living room a whole new aesthetic dimension.

2. Colour Options: The craftsman at Graber skilfully apply vibrant stains and come up with different color options to choose from. The popular color schemes for these wood blinds include Allspice, Angora, Antique White, Base White, Cappuccino, Cherry Wood, Dark Cherry, Dovetail, Espresso, Golden Oak, Homestead Oak, Natural, Pearl, Roasted Chestnut, Saddle Brown, Sienna, Snow White, Walnut, Wheat and Truffle, to name a few.

3. Insulation: When you have a brand like Graber employing their highly-skilled workers to build their window treatments, you know how top-notch the quality would be. As with many wooden treatments, Elite wood blinds are made from North American hardwood, which makes them effective energy-efficient window coverings that keep the room comfortable, besides maintaining the room temperature. The wood leaves no gaps, thereby blocking all light or air from passing through. While they block the warm air from entering the windows during summers, they prevent the warm air from escaping the windows during winters. The need for technological equipment to manage temperature is, thus, greatly reduced, and you need not resort to DIY methods like caulking or weatherstripping to insulate your home.
Graber Wooden Shutters
4. Easy Cleaning Methods: Many window treatments such as drapery, window quilts or blackout layers may require cleaning methods that entail huge costs in dry cleaning. Otherwise, they are time-consuming. However, Elite wood blinds can be cleaned without fuss or discomfort, by dusting, vacuuming, spot cleaning, or soil removal. The vertical option in these blinds is even better, as dust won’t settle on them for long owing to their shape.

5. Easy Installation: The manufacturer’s instructions come with these shades, so you do not need to worry about following random YouTube videos or going for the trial-and-error method for their installation. If you still face any issues, contact the manufacturer or the customer service to correctly guide you. It’s not rocket science and can be dealt with efficiently.

6. Different Window Treatment Controls: With multiple options to choose from, you can either go for a wand lift, cord tilt, or motorized lift options. Each control is designed according to your preference. People who aren’t too comfortable with using modern technology to operate their shades can choose the wand lift option, where a slender wand comes in the same color of your shade, offering a sleek design. The cord tilt, meanwhile, allows you to operate the shade with a mere pull. It, however, doesn’t provide safety in a house with pets and kids, for which the motorized control offers the best solution. All that requires is the touch of a button from your sofa or bed, enabling sheer comfort and convenience that complements the other contemporary elements in your room.
Remote Contro Wood Blinds
7. Light Blocking and Privacy: While we all covet natural light in our homes, it can be a major irritant when we are watching television or working in the middle of a hot and sweltering afternoon. The blinding glare can distract us from work and make concentration near impossible. Besides, the untended windows can give way to intruders to take a good look of the interiors, leaving your house vulnerable when no one is around. To avoid such unwanted external elements that compromise the safety of your abode, Elite Wood blinds eliminate route holes on each slat so that less light slips through. These holes are also covered by strips of cloth tape aligning with these route holes. When you need some light, the blinds can be adjusted at an angle that allows some, but not all, light to pass through, also giving you a decent outdoor view.

Final note: Your search for high-quality Elite Blinds ends with Graber. With a myriad of benefits, ranging from light control, privacy, color options, easy cleaning methods and installation, and elegant design, Graber is your one-stop window treatment solution. Make your purchase today, and be privy to a wide range of possibilities and takeaways for your beautiful home.

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