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Which Way Should You Turn Your Horizontal Blinds for Privacy?

Which Way Should You Turn Your Horizontal Blinds For Privacy

Turn Horizontal Blinds Up for Full-Privacy

We all know that when it comes to home decoration, doors and windows play a vital role in creating an impressive look from both inside and outside of the home. While being aesthetically beautiful, they are equally effective when it comes to adding functional values to your home. Blinds and shades are uniquely manufactured to provide all type of benefits, from controlling light to offering insulation, privacy to preventing harmful UV rays, they are massively popular for being versatile and practical.

Along with light control and insulation, protecting the privacy of homes remains a major concern for all homeowners. Home is where you spend private time with your loved ones and you would not want your precious moments to become a source of entertainment for outsiders and curious neighbors. Preserving privacy remains a priority for all. All window treatments strive to offer privacy to your homes though much depends upon the fabric and material chosen for the same.

Among all, horizontal blinds take a huge place in the list of top window treatments because of their simplicity, uniqueness, and incredible functionality. Horizontal blinds are best suited for regular-sized windows. These blinds have a smooth up/down mechanism and tend to offer better insulation and light-filtration than other options. But a question we often hear is: do these blinds provide privacy?
Horizontal Wood Blinds
Most horizontal blinds have a way to adjust the privacy of the material or slats. One of the best ways is to turn the slats in the right direction. In this article, we will show you the best ideas of getting ultimate protection with horizontal window blinds!

Which Way to Turn Horizontal Blinds for Privacy?

When you get horizontal blinds, you may have asked yourself the question: which direction you should keep the window slats? Well, there is no right or wrong answer, it’s all about your preference and needs.

But when privacy is your major concern, turn the blinds up. In this way, the inside appearance will be restricted to the outsiders and they won’t be able to see inside at any cost. Besides better privacy, tilting the slats up will enhance the light control capability as well.

Keeping the blinds tilted down may make your windows and doors aesthetically pleasing but they provide less privacy as they create larger gaps between the slats.

Other Ways to Improve Privacy with Horizontal Blinds

As we have already mentioned that when the horizontal blinds are tilted up, passers-by can’t see in and offer maximum protection for your space. In addition, you can follow up a few things that will double up your privacy level.

  • Window Location:

If you are getting a new home, then plan the windows in such a way that they should not confront a busy street-side or neighbors’ windows. And this is where half of your problems will be resolved.

  • Look for Fabric Option:

The fabric type you choose for your blinds plays a significant role in providing privacy. Always go for room darkening or blackout fabric materials instead of light filtering if you are looking for additional privacy.

  • Layering:

Pairing other window solutions with horizontal blinds not only enhance the protection level but also increases the effectiveness of light and heat control capacity. You can pair the blinds with curtains or some other window designs which will help to completely block the prying eyes of outsiders.


Horizontal blinds are a great addition to any home décor and a proper customized blind can bring aura and grace to the windows. But when it comes to indoor protection, make sure to turn the slats up in order to ensure a great amount of privacy. And follow the above tips and tricks for enhanced security. For any doubts, you can check with a professional designer!

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