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Which Window Style Works Best For A Canadian Home?

Which Window Style Works Best For A Canadian Home?

Canada is a land of rich cultural and climatic diversity. Depending on geography, one can feel extreme temperature variations ranging from frozen perma-frost from north to areas with four distinct seasons towards the Southern border. Apart from the near-frozen North majority of the Canadian cities, which are within a radius of 300 km from the Southern border. They experience moderate springs, scorching summers and pleasant autumns for most of the year.  Canadian climate is marked by diversity, and one must keep in mind the geographical locale of the house before choosing the related window treatments.

Window style and window treatment are an integral part of interior design. They serve a variety of purposes, from functional to stylish. Whatever the case be, a homeowner must select a window treatment with utmost care as they have many choices to choose from in the market. When one has to select a window style for a Canadian home, it suggested that the owner should decide depending upon the type of room in the house. The following are essential questions that can help the homeowners clear their minds:

  • Which Window Style and Treatment is most Suitable for A Canadian Living Room?

A living room is an area where the owner spends time with their family and friends. It is the room where the owners entertain their guests and other small gatherings. Therefore, it is natural for the owner to try to create an ambience in the living room. The two crucial factors always kept in mind while selecting the window treatments for a living room are sunlight protection and aesthetics. If the sole aim is to cover the window to control the light entering the room, the cellular honeycomb blinds are a good option. But if the owner wants both the emphasis on light control, then they can easily opt for curtains and drapes. A suitable pair of curtains installed in the living room adds to the aesthetical dimension. It makes the Living room look grand and big. At the same time, depending upon the natural light that the owner wants to have inside, they can select the fabric of the curtain from simple sheer to complete blackout. Curtains will indeed provide good privacy to the owner and create a personal space away from the outside world.

  • Which Window Style and Treatment is most Suitable for A Canadian Family Room?

In a Canadian home, a family room will likely have a television. Therefore, light control becomes the central point of consideration while selecting the window treatment. In the majority of the cases, it is suggest opting for motorized roller shades for the family room. The owner does not have to physically go to every window and close the window shades and blinds. Instead, the owner can sit with their family and press a button on a remote or control the window treatments through smartphones. When the family is watching television, the blackout layer blocks the sunlight and the glare, giving a good television watching experience.

  • Which Window Style and Treatment is most Suitable for A Canadian Dining Room?

Another vital area where the owner hosts parties and dinners for friends and relatives is the dining room. It becomes imperative that the dining room be comfortable and cosy. In addition, the owners will be interested in creating a grand and elegant ambience to impress the visitors. To achieve the aims in a Canadian home, the best option is to either have curtains or Roman shades. If the owner is a traditionalist, it is suggested that they should opt for curtains. But if they are willing to try a slightly different approach, then Roman shades can be a good option. They are available in various types of hues and fabric options and can help in the creation of a lavish theme. The owner can also match the Roman shade with other items of interior décor like paintings or photo frames. They are a time-tested window treatment solution and help in the creation of a majestic setting. They also provide good temperature control inside the dining room. The unique thing about Roman shades is that they are easily customisable and can be used for windows with even irregular shapes and sizes.

  • Which Window Style and Treatment is most Suitable for A Canadian Bedroom?

One of the most significant areas in any home is the bedroom. It has to be a comfortable and cosy personal space for the homeowner. A bedroom should also have good sunlight protection so that the owner can relax during any the time of the day. It is suggested that cellular shades be used for Canadian bedrooms. The reason is that a cellular shade covers the window adequately as it fits the window frame leaving no space for the light to enter the room. Further, if the owner wants to have some amount of natural light in the bedroom without compromising privacy, they can opt for atop-down-bottom-up” option. It allows the natural light to enter from the top but keeps the shade closed at the bottom.  Cellular shades also come in handy to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the bedroom. It is because they have a unique honeycomb structure that neither allows the outside, warm air to enter the room nor allows the air-conditioned interior air to escape out. Thus, they provide excellent insulation to the bedrooms and make the owner’s stay comfortable and relaxing.

Selecting the correct window style and treatment goes a long way in creating the ambience of one’s choice. If the owner lives in a place like Canada where geography plays an essential role in the overall climate of the region, one must select the window treatment wisely. If the homeowner is clear about the requirements, it becomes easy for them to make the correct decision about the type of window treatment

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