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Which Window Treatments Are Best For Your Bathroom?

Which Window Treatments Are Best For Your Bathroom

In a modern-day home, window treatments for bathrooms require functional and structural importance, as they give privacy and ambience to the owner. Experts share that owners often meticulously select window treatments for all the rooms of the house but forget to think about the bathroom window. It has been observed that it is the bathroom that requires suitable window treatments, more than any other room.  The window treatments should fulfil three essential requirements, namely privacy, light control and durability. The majority of the window treatments provide these three, but some are still more suitable for bathrooms.

Are there any things to be kept in mind while buying bathroom window treatments?

  1. High humidity and temperature variations are common in a bathroom. Therefore the owner should select window treatments that are not affected by these two factors. For example, wooden blinds and shutters can warp and bend due to excessive moisture; hence they should be avoided in a bathroom. Instead, the owner can opt for faux wood or aluminium window treatments for bathrooms that are not affected by heat and moisture.
  2. The owner should ensure that the window treatment covers the window completely for absolute privacy, especially on the main level. The owner can opt for Top down- bottom up window treatments, as they provide complete privacy at the eye level but allows the natural light to enter from above.
  3. The owner should opt for window treatment for bathrooms that are mildew and fungus resistant. Faux wood emerges as a good option in such cases.
  4. The owner should make sure that even if the bathroom window has frosted glass, still they should add window treatment. It is because, in case of a malfunction, the window treatment will provide privacy to the owner.

Which window treatments are best for your bathroom?

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds have the looks of natural wood but without any of its drawbacks. Wood blinds can wrap or even crack in the humid conditions of a bathroom, but faux wood blinds come with moisture-resistant slats, which are not damaged by the presence of excessive moisture.  They also do not allow mildew formation over them, and they can be wiped clean with a cloth dipped in soap water if it grows. Thus, these are easy to maintain. Furthermore, they are available in various solid neutrals or realistic wooden looks if the owner wants to match them with stained wood trim. In addition, there are other reasons to opt for faux wood blinds for bathrooms. These are highly durable as they are designed from a composite material that does not wear down quickly. Further, they are easy to install, provide good privacy, security, and sunlight control, and enhance aesthetic appeal. Last but not least, faux wood blinds are an affordable yet durable option to have safe and strong window treatments in the bathroom.

  • Roman Window Shades

The homeowners who opt for Roman window shades for bathrooms can surely get the requisite privacy and sunlight control needed, along with a touch of softness and elegance in the bathroom. These shades are available in a wide variety of shades from which the owner can select one which suits his requirements of bathroom themes. However, the experts advise the owners to take adequate precautions while selecting fabric for the Roman shade. It should be mildew resistant and easy to clean. Even if correctly set, the instances of mildew on fabric can’t be ruled out. Thus the owners are advised to use the exhaust fan after every shower to keep the moisture content under check and let the fabric dry completely.

  • Are Shutters a Good Choice for Bathroom Windows?

Window shutters are a good option for bathroom window treatment. It is because they provide a traditional and clean look to the bathroom. They provide good sunlight protection and offer excellent privacy. In addition to it, they look great as they make the window appear big and tall. Another factor in favour of window shutters for bathrooms is the fact that they are more hygienic. They are easy to clean with a moist cloth. Once the owner installs them, they can ensure that maintaining the window shutter won’t be very cumbersome. Therefore, the bathroom will remain germ and bacteria-free. They are also a trendy choice because they add another layer of security to the window and make the house safe.

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