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Why Bay Windows Should Be the Focal Point of Your Room’s Décor


There is more to bay windows than just architectural grandeur. Bay windows can be a handy addition to any room. Although their awkward shape can be a bit tricky to cover up or utilize properly, they come with some unique qualities that have led them to become a desired addition even in modern homes.

These windows are usually seen in traditional homes. They let in more light, give a small room some extra space, and alternates as a balcony to sip your coffee in peace while the weather rages outside. Although many view bay windows as a waste of space, their unique qualities can be harnessed to make it the focal point of the room. Let’s look at why these windows can become the focal point of your room.

Why are Bay Windows so Important?

There are many factors that place the bay window right at the center of your décor concept.

The Light: The large windows, open in three sides, let in plenty of light. When properly utilized, the light can be used to transform the aura of the room. The room can be made to look bigger and brighter.

The Architecture: Bay window space adds an element of surprise into the room. The unique shape relieves the rectangular monotony of a room and can be decorated in different ways to create a visual impact.

The Space: Even though the odd shape requires some thinking, it can also be a useful space. When overall space is tight, this tiny space can be turned into a functional or purely ornamental area, leaving the rest of the room to be taken up with other necessary furniture.

As seen above, bay windows must be the center of focus in your décor choice. Here we bring you some great ideas which can be helpful in creating an empty window space into a beautiful style statement.

How Can You Make the Bay Window the Focal Point of Your Room?

There are numerous ways in which the space can be turned into the focal point of the room.

A Cosy Sitting Area

Bay windows are idea for turning it into a cosy sitting area. Depending on the size, you can place a two sitter or a comfy armchair. Don’t forget to place a side table with an attractive lamp on it. When the sun sets down, this lamp would compensate for the light lost. If it is a big space, you can also fit a sofa in it. Even in a tiny space, you can incorporate a smart bench to turn the window space into a functional sitting area.

A Handy Storage Area

Fit in a custom-made storage area within the bay window space and clear up the floor space that would have otherwise taken up by bulky storage solutions. By utilizing the window space, you can open up the space and remove clutter, all at one go. You can use the top of the storage area either as a sitting bench, or you can use it to display your showpieces.

Fit in a Small table

The bay window space can be cleverly used to fit in a small round table that can double as a working desk, or a dining area.  This way, you will be able to utilize the space as a multifunctional area, something that modern small houses desperately need.

Simply Accessorize

If you wish to keep the space uncrowded, just accessorize it with some well-selected artifacts and natural decorative elements. Green plants, earthen vases, floor lamps and books are some of the most common elements that you can keep there. The window sills are also popularly used to showcase the artifacts and showpieces that compliment your décor style.

Window Coverings for Bay Windows

Dressing up bay windows in soulful décor is something that will instantly catch the eye. However, the task is easier said than done. There are many options, and each come with their own advantages and restrictions. Let’s take a look at the various ways in which you can dress up these gorgeous windows.

Curtains: Curtains are very reliable when it comes to dressing up tricky windows. You can have full length windows to cover the whole bay window space, giving your room a square look. You can also have curtains on individual windows, but only when you don’t have a seat or a bench in the window space.


With curtains you will be able to control the light and create a grand scheme for your room. However, curtains need to be drawn back if you wish to utilize the full glory of these windows.

Cellular shades are extremely attractive and would give your windows a well-defined look. Irrespective of your décor style, these blinds would add smartness and neatness to your gorgeous windows.

Shutters: Although an expensive option, shutters are a great choice for bay windows. The formal style and design of shutters go well with the traditional look of these windows. With shutters, you will be able to add both sophistication and functionality to your windows. The close fit of the shutters to the frame ensures that very little heat is lost through the glass. The feature also helps create a blackout effect when the shutters are closed. The thick material and the wide slats work together to provided you great light and sound control. With these shutters, you will be able to maximize on your window space, while creating a calm and peaceful ambience for your room.

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