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Why Blackout Roman Shades Are Perfect For Your Nursery

Why Blackout Roman Shades Are Perfect For Your Nursery

Modern Blackout Roman Shades for a Nursery

Are you a new parent or your little one is on the way? No matter what the status is, it’s time to design your baby nursery where your bundle of joy can enjoy themselves throughout the day while staying healthy and refreshed. Designing a nursery requires lots of design ideas and the perfect tonic of playfulness. Starting from crib design to wall texture, you need to bring special attention to everything. But the first thing that you should focus on is the windows as they play a vital role in allowing natural light and fresh air. Natural light is a great source of vitamin D and keeps the nursery bright and delightful. Keeping the windows bare will allow natural freshness for a healthy stay, but in order to provide your kids with a peaceful sleeping environment, your windows need some coverage. According to the doctors, a toddler needs 10-12 hours of sleep every day. But a small ray of sunshine can create a big hassle for your sleeping kids. It’s important to make a room 100% dark to ensure the best quality of sleep. And that is where the concept of blackout window shades come in. Blackout fabrics offer complete coverage against direct daylight, making the space pitch-black. The darker the room, the better the sleep!

For many, blackout coverings are boring and do not create a charming look for the decor. If nursery aesthetics is your other major concern, then you can opt for the blackout roman shades which are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly complement your nursery. Roman blinds are popular and fashionable for their astonishing look and incredible functionality. The shades are available in a variety of colors, textures, and pattern options and no other window shades can beat the beauty of these amazing window treatments. When customized and installed in your baby nursery windows, the shades create a statement while featuring the windows. By offering endless benefits, these shades become a reliable and practical choice. Integrating the shades with blackout fabrics boost up the functionality and offer a comfy stay for your little ones. On a final note, they are simple, custom-cut window coverings that fit precisely within a window’s frame.

When there is a range of blinds and shades available, why choose blackout roman shades? Well, these shades are the perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and features with modern technology that give your kids access to ultimate convenience. Have a look at their special key elements which make these shades the right choice for your baby nursery!
Blackout Roman Window Shades

Why Blackout Roman Shades?

● Excellent Light Blocking Capability with Privacy:
The main reason for opting for these window shades is the capacity of preventing outside light. When the shades are in close position, blackout material effortlessly blocks out the direct sunlight and any artificial light, so that your baby can sleep without any disturbance. Besides keeping the room atmosphere dark, the shades are versatile in providing the ultimate level of privacy. The shades keep the prying eyes of the outsiders out of the home and make your baby feel protected. Integrate an additional blackout liner for enhanced functionality.

● Effective Insulation:
Blocking light is the first thing you should consider for the nursery. A comfortable and pleasing indoor environment is also essential. If the room is chilled or overheated, then it will be difficult to sleep and at the same time, it will affect the health of your kids too. And that’s why installing these window coverings can help you out. Roman shades are made of thick material and in addition, blackout fabric also enhances the power of energy-efficiency. The shades quickly prevent the excess temperature from coming through the windows and create a soothing indoor environment while lowering the home’s energy bills. Attaching a thermal liner will increase the insulation level and turn your nursery into a relaxing and cushy retreat.
Roman Shades
● Dampen the Outside Noise:
Only a mother knows what it takes to put a kid to sleep. They fiercely resist sleep with every last bit of their energy and so when you finally manage to put them to put, how would you feel if a noise outside the window wakes your baby up. It is a nightmare for the mother whose hours of effort go waste in a second. The window treatment you choose must be equipped to block out external noise as comprehensively as light. Blackout Roman shades do a commendable job in accomplishing this.

● Different Lift Mechanisms:
Blackout roman shades come in a standard cord control option to raise and lower the fabric material. But that can create a deathly risk for your child. They can easily get tangled between them while playing with the cords. Always opt for cordless or motorized blackout roman window treatments. Motorization allows a cord-free mechanism and you can operate the shade using a remote control or Smartphone. Besides safety and security, these shades offer the ultimate level of comfort of accessing the window shades. Adjust them as per your requirements and set them at the desired location.
Smart Roman Shades
● Customize for a Timeless Beauty:
There is no secret that roman shades are the most beautiful and stunning window dressings which can create a style statement for your decor while adding dimension. Their vibrant colors and immersive texture options help to get a stylish appeal. The color or design you choose impacts a lot on your baby’s mental and physical health. Try to go for bright colored roman shades like blue, pink, green, etc. that will keep them energetic and cheerful. You could also customize your shades to use fabrics with cartoon graphics to keep the kid entertained and help create a playful environment within.

● Though these shades are designed to block out the light and heat completely but however, a single ray of light from the edges of the window frame can create an issue between your peaceful sleep. In that case, interior designers suggest, attaching blackout liner and light blockers to maximize efficiency.
● You can layer other window coverings as well to double up the mechanism. But make sure both the solutions should complement each other.

Blackout roman shades can prevent the majority if not all of the outside light from sneaking through the windows and disrupting your baby’s sleep. To add a bit more depth to the room’s décor, choose the design and lift mechanism wisely that also reduces the light creep inside the nursery. As your child grows, you don’t have to worry about replacing these window blinds as they are extremely flexible, practicable, and last for long without any damage. So, consider these window shades for a modish look along with a restful sleeping environment!

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