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Why Blinds are the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

Young lady waking up after a well rested night.

A good night’s rest is something that is prized by everyone, but it is not something so easily achieved. The best place to start is where you do the sleeping, in your bedroom. Optimizing it for sleep may require you to make some changes, like getting rid of electronics that emit blue light and finding the mattress and pillows that best suit your needs. However, there is one often overlooked area that can help your sleep cycle, the window.

Lights coming in through the window can lead to disrupted sleep. Our bodies stay asleep the best when it is in a very dark or pitch black environment. Even during the night, there are a lot of lights that come into your windows, especially if you live in the city. Street lights, car headlights, even lights from neighbour’s houses can all enter your room through your window.

To keep you from tossing and turning and maximizing your circadian rhythm, we highly recommend getting window blinds or blackout shades to keep all the light out. The good news is that blackout shades come in many different types and styles, so you have many options to choose from.

Staying Asleep

For those with sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea or insomnia, blackout shades will not be a medical solution that solves those issues. But one thing they can do is help you create a sleeping schedule, especially if you have smart blinds installed on your windows. Creating a regular sleeping habit can help your body develop an internal clock that will allow you to feel sleepy at the same time every day. 

Do note, this is a suggestion for those who have trouble sleeping regularly, if you have severe insomnia, please seek medical advice.

Smart blinds, or smart shades, are programable to open and close at the same time daily. So you can synchronize your shades to open at the same time as your alarm clocks, allowing you to wake up to natural light. Also, they can be programmed to to close a few hours before twilight, letting you know that it is soon time to sleep.

Developing healthy habits like sleeping at the same time every day will do wonders for you. Your body’s internal clock will function along with the sun’s natural cycle, allowing you to make the most of your daylight hours. Blackout smart blinds will allow you to optimize your body’s internal clock by opening and closing your bedroom window hours before bed time.

Blackout cellular shades left slightly open in Bedroom

Insolation from the Outside World

Is your neighbour’s dog barking in the wee hours of the morning? Do you live by a busy highway? Do your neighbours like to throw loud parties? Blinds and shades can help reduce incoming noise from the outdoors that come in through your window. Shades with thicker fabrics, such as cellular shades and roman shades, can help muffle these noises and help you sleep better.

A good night’s rest is predicated on sleeping continuously and without interruptions. External noise that is out of your control can be very frustrating to have to deal with. Blinds and shades will muffle and reduce noise that is coming in through the glass on your window.

Optimal Light Blocking

Blocking light is what window blinds and shades are truly most intended for. Light control, even at night, is of utmost importance for getting a good night’s sleep. As mentioned earlier, our bodies get the best rest when it is in a dark environment. 

Lights flooding in from street lights and cars can lead to disruption of your sleep, even when your eyes are closed. Keeping them away from your bedroom is the best thing you can do for your body.

Shades such as roller shades, are made of one long continuous fabric that rolls over your entire window. Light gaps can be present, so you will have to find ways to block them to envelop your room in complete darkness. 

One of the best ways to cover light gaps is to combine window treatments. For example, if you’re using roller shades, you can combine it with drapes. The drapes can cover the remaining gaps of light that the shades cannot cover.

Humans are meant to sleep in darkness. Before the modern era, we all slept with virtually no light. Campfires, candles, and other sources of artificial light had a very short lifespan. The only light that was available at night would be from the stars and the moon. 

Now, with the advent of electricity and modern technology, our cities are lit twenty-four hours a day. Darkening our bedrooms with blinds is simply us going back to our roots and letting nature take its course.

Final Conclusions

Sleep is a fickle thing. Everyone needs it, everyone loves it when they get it and feel great. But achieving good sleep and feeling well rested is something that is very elusive. Our bodies are not yet adapted to the modern era. Lights are everywhere and are on all hours of the day.

Our bedrooms are truly the only place where we can create a place of seclusion and comfort. Window blinds are a great place to start when you want to create this environment. Chasing the best sleep can start here, by covering your windows and eliminating the light.

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