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Why Cellular Shades Are the Most Energy Efficient Window Covering

Cellular Shades Window Covering

Cellular Shades: The Most Efficient Insulating Window Solution

When we get a window covering with various features, the main factor that we focus on is energy-efficiency. If the windows are not adequately insulated, then getting high electricity bills is obvious. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% of heating and cooling costs are because of air leakage through the windows. The best solution for this consequence is installing insulating window shades and blinds. Who doesn’t love to revamp the aesthetics of their interior while lowering the utility bills? By reducing the home’s energy costs, insulated window coverings are taking the place of all the standard window shadings. The right window dressing can make your existing windows exceptionally efficient while bringing visual interest to the windows and interior. Besides providing insulation, these shades offer optimal control on harmful sunbeams, cut down the glare, and provide maximum protection. In the recent market trends, you will find many options, but getting the right one will give you extra pleasure. But according to designers, cellular shade window coverings are a great choice to fulfill all your requirements. The shades will maximize the amount of soft natural light to enter your home while doing the job of heat gain and heat loss efficiently. But what makes them unique and distinguishable from the other window solution? You might think there are many shadings available, then why should you go for cellular shades? Is there any additional benefit? Well, to answer all your questions, go through this article, and you will get to know why honeycomb shades come first in the list of insulating window shades.
Blackout Cellular Shades

Why Cellular Shades?

Before we discuss the effectiveness of cellular shades, you must know that the insulating factor of shade depends on two things – R-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). SHGC denotes the ability to prevent heat gain from solar radiation. If the window’s SHGC is lower, then it will transmit less solar heat. And R-value expressed as the amount of heat the window covering resists. If the number is greater, then the shade will do a better job.

If you are looking for enhanced energy saving while getting the other benefits like privacy and comfort, then cellular shades are the way to go. These shades are built of pleated materials that are uniquely designed to fold up at either the top or the bottom part. Different pleat sizes have a different mechanism. Lager pleat sized cell shades tend to trap more air while conserving energy. The shades contain honeycomb structured air pockets that hold the excess air, keeping the space comfortable throughout the year.

These window coverings have the highest R-value i.e., 3.5 – 5 and the lowest SHGC, lowering the transmission of temperature through the big windows.

In the summer season, honeycomb blinds can reduce heat loss by up to 40%, while in winter months, the shades can reduce the solar heat through windows by up to 80%. Make sure the shades are installed perfectly to enhance the working functionality.

Besides saving energy and reducing the home’s utility costs, the shades are also responsible for cutting down the glare and preventing UV beams.

For luxurious living, these shades can be integrated with automation features, letting the shades open and close using smart controller devices. Smart cellular shades come with various timers and sensors buttons that adjust the indoor ambiance depending on the outside climate. The shades can also be pre-programmed. Schedule them and they will work automatically while maximizing natural light and home comfort.
Smart Honeycomb Blinds

Types of Cellular Shades

Depending on the layers, cellular shades are categorized into three sections –
• Single Cell Shades
Shades with one layer of insulation, suitable for the moderate-tempered climate areas where energy-efficiency is not a big concern.
• Double Cell Shades
Their additional layer enhances the trapping of excess air in the double cells and maintains the overall room temperature.
• Triple Cell Shades

If your home needs more insulation, then consider these window shades, which are even more efficient than the single and double cellular shades. Adding these to your home is a blessing that will take care of your home’s electricity costs.
Double Cellular Shades

All these shades can be upgraded with your favorite choice of color and texture options.

Cellular shades are the best selection in providing the best insulation. Installing them on the windows will save a huge on heating and cooling costs. Customize them with the right texture to create a stunning and sophisticated appearance. Gift your indoor an amazing environment with the most insulated window coverings. For more ideas, check out these shadings now and get them at an affordable price!

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