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Why Cellular Vertical Blinds are the Best Choice for Your Sliding Doors

Cellular Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors

Orientation plays an important role when it comes to design and aesthetics. The right orientation can bring out the aesthetics of a space. Often in the craze of design, look and feel of home decor, orientation is often regarded last. But the beauty of any room, space or even item is fully accentuated when it’s carefully placed in the right location. Such care should also be taken when it comes to window accents.

Window accents help accentuate the look and feel of your window or door. You can brighten up the room or make a style statement by just choosing a window and door covers that accent as well as accentuate the whole place. These days blinds, shutters, and shades are also available in a different orientation. The functionality remains the same. This means that no matter what the orientation of the shutter or blinds are, they’ll still allow you to adjust the amount of natural light that enters your place easily.

Blinds are versatile and come in a horizontal or vertical orientation. For most windows people usually pick horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, shutters, and shades are also a good option especially for sliding doors, patio doors or any door that is integrated with windows.

What are Vertical Cellular Blinds?

Vertical shades are where the panels feature a vertical orientation in contrast to the horizontal ones. Their cellular nature provides extra insulation due to its honeycomb design. They also feature air pockets that add to the insulating effect that these blinds create.

Their pleats are crisp and provide insulation not only from cool air but also unwanted light. They’re also known for their added insulation against noise as well. Depending on their design, the bigger the cells, the more insulated your space is. These types of blinds are ideally suited for patio doors and sliding doors.
Vertical Cellular Blinds for Sliding Door

Why are Vertical Cellular Blinds Perfect for Patio and Sliding Doors?

Most people find it bizarre to put blinds or shades in front of doors, but it is important to conceal patio doors and sliding doors so that you can enjoy the much-needed privacy that you crave for. Vertical cellular blinds are often regarded as the best choice when it comes to giving your sliding or patio doors window accents. Here are some benefits as to why you should have cellular vertical blinds for sliding doors:

1) Their collapsible nature makes them the ideal option for sliding doors. Stack them to one side, completely concealing the handle of the sliding door, while leaving the other side open for access.
2) Vertical cellular blinds display sharp and clean lines. Their minimalist design is perfectly suited for contemporary and modern settings. They even look great in formal settings like offices.
3) You love your privacy but also want a good view of the outside world? With vertical cellular blinds, you can enjoy both, their flexible nature allows for you to push them to one side (either left or right). Such diversity gives you all leeway to sit back, enjoy the sunlight and view.
4) Just like various other blinds, these blinds present themselves with various options. You get to choose from various styles, colors, fabrics, as well as functionality (light filtering or blackout).

Are They Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Vertical blinds are often suggested to be placed near patio or sliding doors. These doors are big pathways for dirt, dust, and grim to collect as people, children and even occasionally pets use this pathway to move from inside to outside the house. This makes any window accent that is fixed there to being susceptible to getting dirty. There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining cellular shades.
Cleaning and Maintaining Vertical Cellular Shades
1) They need to be dusted regularly. While cellular shades are constructed to prevent dust from accumulating in your space, they are often kept in places that get easily dusty. It is important to regularly dust it when you clean other home decors so that these shades never lose their charm.
2) Based on the design and material they are made of; they don’t take on moisture and humidity that well, so be aware when mounting them in a humid space.
3) Always check the panels and invest time in doing an intensive cleaning on them as well. The blind panels can get dirty over some time and to maintain its color and charm it is important to clean it with great detail. Depending on the material with which they are made of you can clean it with a cloth that is very mildly damp.
4) If you have a vacuum with a brush attachment then you can even use that to clean the panels. All you need to do is set the vacuum at the lowest setting move the brush attachment gently on the panels. After which you can wipe it with a dry cloth and enjoy that clean polished look.

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