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Learn Why You Should Choose Vinyl Window Blinds

Vinyl Window Blinds

Vinyl Window Blinds – Everything You Need to Know


Window treatments give your room an aesthetic, polished, and sophisticated look, and offer important functionality to your windows. They provide your room with privacy and control over the natural light entering your home during the daytime. Window coverings also work as insulators to keep your home cool during the summertime and warm during the winter. They are part of your home interior decor. There are so many window coverings available from standard window treatments to motorized or smart motorized window treatments, but the choice between these usually depends on your budget and style preference. If you are planning to replace or upgrade your window treatments, you might be wondering which one to go for. We will suggest you choose vinyl window blinds because of their material’s beauty, functionality, and durability.

Previously, vinyl window blinds are not considered for homes but now because of the quality of products they become an alternative to wood blinds.  They are available in different slat sizes for an eye-catching and stylish outlook. Our best recommendations are – 1 Inch Designer Vinyl Blinds SS and 2 Inch Vinyl Graber Blinds. When you want light, just open the slats, and to get maximum blockage and privacy, just close them.


Vinyl Window Coverings


6 Reasons to Substitute Your Current Window Blinds with Vinyl Window Blinds


Are you thinking of upgrading your window treatments with a modern style? As a homeowner, everyone wants to have a great outside view, energy efficiency, light, and heat control to keep your home comfortable. There are so many window treatments available but many people love to go for vinyl window blinds. But do you know the reasons for choosing them? Read more to learn the pros and cons of vinyl window blinds.


#1. Save Money by Controlling Your Home’s Temperature

If you are expecting your home will be warmer in the month of winter and cooler in the summer months, then vinyl window blinds are a great choice. With these blinds, you will feel comfortable as these blinds can help to create a consistent temperature throughout your home. Purchasing these window coverings can help you to save money throughout the year by reducing the energy costs.

#2. Protect Your Furniture and Home from Fading

Are your windows causing your furniture and the other things to fade? Well, Vinyl window coverings help to obstruct harmful UV rays from fading your floor and furnishings.

#3. Cost-effective Option

If you are on a budget but you think that it’s the time to replace your window treatments then consider having low-cost vinyl window blinds. Get them at an affordable price from ZebraBlinds as we offer great discount on products as well as free shipping.

#4. Consider Cleaning Methods

Once you have installed your vinyl window blinds they will require some little maintenance. Vinyl is the kind of material that is easy to clean and maintain. By simply dusting and vacuuming, you can clean them easily. You can use some soapy water too for cleaning but always ignore chemical solutions else they can damage your window treatments.


Vinyl Blinds Cleaning


#5. Look For A Great Warranty

Make sure your product is warranted against the original defects in materials. Our Graber Vinyl Blinds have a 5-year warranty on the materials, so buy with confidence.

#6. Various Styles to Fit Your Home Decor

With vinyl windows, you have the lots of option to choose from as they are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles. Get the free samples offered by us so that you can understand which one will be the best fit for your home.

Though they are the perfect and ideal choice for your home but they have some disadvantages too – If you like changes then these blinds are not right for you. They are not paintable so you can’t adjust their color after the fact. Make sure you know what you want before purchasing.


Vinyl Blinds vs. Wood Blinds – Which one to choose?

While selecting a window covering it’s very difficult to find out the perfect material as wood and vinyl are both common window frame materials. So what are the differences between them?

  • Wood windows require more maintenance than vinyl window blinds.

  • Wood blinds can be re-painted and easily customizable but vinyl blinds cannot be re-painted but they come in a variety of colors to match your home’s interior.

  • Vinyl blinds cost less than wood blinds.


Now the choice is yours! If you are searching for a low-maintenance and cost-effective option, vinyl window coverings are the best option. So decide which one suits you best so that you can get the look you are looking for.

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Vinyl Blinds Vs Wood Blinds


Vinyl Replacement Window Installation – Step by Step Guidelines

Vinyl window blinds are the popular choice for many homeowners. But many of them don’t know how to install when they already have an old window treatment. Follow the easy steps so that you can install them easily and smoothly without any hassle –

  • First, remove the old windows treatments and cords from the window frame.

  • Make sure that you have the correct measurement for your new window coverings.

  • Now install your new window treatments to the window frame.

  • Secure your window treatments using screws at the pre-drilled holes. Replace moldings if necessary. Now your vinyl window blinds are ready to use. Raise and lower them according to your choice and style.

 Vinyl Blinds Installation


Ready to Add Vinyl Replacement Window – Take Expert’s Help!!

An investment in new vinyl windows replacement will completely transform the look of your home. So if you think that you should change your window coverings not only for looking good, but to also properly insulate and cover your windows against the sun, then do it now!

Shopping for windows treatments has never been easier. To get your favorite style you can customize your vinyl window blinds after adding to the shopping cart or our experienced professionals can also help you to choose and install them properly.

So if you need any help with your vinyl window replacement, you can contact us or leave a comment in the below section. Our customer service team will reach you very soon!

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