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Why Egress Windows Must Be Dressed With Window Blinds

Why Egress Windows Must Be Dressed With Window Blinds

What Are Egress Window?

Nowadays many people prefer to make a room in their basement for privacy or to add extra space to their home. However, while designing your basement room always ensure to keep large windows as an emergency exit. Egress windows are one such emergency exit that comprises of large windows offering a secondary escape in any kind of emergency. Besides serving as an emergency exit, egress windows also allow a large amount of natural light to reach your basement to make it feel more lively.

What Are The Requirements To Be Fulfilled By An Egress Window?

Egress windows are required and mandatory in a basement room for safety purposes. The main thing that should be provided by these windows is an easily accessible emergency exit to escape in case of a fire or any other emergency. According to the egress standard of the National Building Code, an egress window should fulfil the following requirements:

It must have a total opening area of a minimum of 3.77 m² and its width and height should not be less than 15″.

It should be easy to open from the inside without the help of any tool or any special training in case of any life-threatening situation.

If the window is 44″ above the floor then a permanent ladder or step should be provided for east escape and it should be at least 12 ” wide. Also, it should be placed in a way that it won’t be an obstacle in the opening of the window.

It should not be more than 1.5 m high above the ground and for easy access, a step must be provided if needed.

However, your window may not need to meet these requirements if you have a functional sprinkler system or door to the outside in the room. Also, these are the minimum requirements set by the National Building Code (NBC). Your municipality and province authority may set their own requirements. So, gather all the relevant information before setting an egress window in your basement.

What Is The Difference Between An Egress Window And A Normal Basement Window?

Not all the windows in your basement need to be egress windows. There may be some ventilation windows if you have an unfinished basement. These may not meet the requirements of an egress window. Basement windows are usually small in size and mostly located high on the wall, so these windows can’t serve as an egress window as these don’t fulfil the requirements set by NBC. Basement windows should be customized to provide maximum light so that it won’t feel dark or dull in your basement. You can use light colour shutters, decorative window films, stained glass and valances in the form of basement windows.

Why Should Your Egress Windows Be Dressed With Window Blinds?

Though adding a window blind to an egress window is not necessary, it provides extra privacy if your egress window is near a playground or a walkway. Apart from the safety, window blinds give you a hold on the amount of light entering your basement. Before installing a window blind to your egress window ensure that it does not interfere with the requirements of an egress window. Also, the blind should be easily accessible and opened up by any child or adult without the use of any specialised tools or training.

Blinds made up of aluminium or PVC work best for your egress window as these are highly durable and long-lasting. These blinds are excellent in blocking the harsh sun rays from entering in and also ensure your privacy and safety.


Egress windows are of great importance in case of fire or other life-threatening situations. Window blinds give them extra strength and safety. Before getting them installed make sure these are following all the guidelines of the National Building Code.

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