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Why Home Decor Should be at the Top of your Spring Cleaning

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Winter’s short and dark days are near an end. Soon, spring will come, bringing warmth and rejuvenation to everyone. Many people use spring as an opportunity to do a deep cleaning of their homes, both the inside and the outside. With that in mind, this wonderful life giving season gives you an opportunity to update and upgrade many aspects of your home, especially your home decor.

As you go through your spring cleaning checklist, you may notice that some items and places are either easier or more difficult to clean. Some things may require several steps to thoroughly clean them, meaning you have to spend several hours cleaning them. Items like your vehicle or roof should be properly cleaned so they will have a longer lifespan, but a thorough cleaning of some other items can feel tedious. 

You will not want to spend too much time cleaning items such as your furniture or your window coverings. So what we would like to suggest is that you find items that are easy to clean and not time consuming. Replacing old window coverings like old curtains is a great and inexpensive way to cut down on cleaning steps and saving you a lot of time.

Here are several window coverings that are easy to clean and make for great new home decor.

Simple and Effective Aluminum Blinds

Cutting down the amount of steps to clean your window coverings has never been easier. With curtains, you have to climb up and dismount them from the brackets, then remove them from the curtain rod. On top of that, if it is not machine-wash compatible, you will have to hand wash them. Curtains make for a lot of tedious work.

With aluminum blinds, the cleaning process is cut down to just a few simple steps. You just need a microfiber cloth, some cleaning products, and a duster. Oftentimes, just a regular wiping with the duster should keep aluminum blinds clean, but a more thorough cleaning may need a cloth and cleaning products such as dish soap.

Aluminum blinds are a great option for every room in your home, but if you only require them for your more inconspicuous rooms like your laundry room or bathroom, they are perfect. Aluminum mini blinds are particularly great if the windows in these rooms are on the smaller side, as the blinds can be tucked away neatly and out of the way.

Simple white aluminum blinds.

Easy Coverage with Roller Shades

Like blinds, roller shades easily do the job of light control and room darkening for your home. Unlike blinds, you don’t need to worry about the tilting of slats to control the light. Roller shades simply open and close from the mounted headrail over your window with a single fabric, bringing a whole new meaning to the word simplicity.

Like aluminum blinds, roller shades are very easy to clean and only require a few short steps, especially if the fabric used on them is vinyl. Vinyl roller shades can be dusted or vacuumed to remove dirt, or with water and cleaning products if heavier soiling gets on them. From top to bottom, roller shades present the most effective way in blocking out the sunlight in a single continuous material.

Covering your interior is one of the most important aspects of a window covering. You go through the effort of regular cleaning, especially in the spring, so why not put in the extra mile and protect your belongings further. Direct sunlight can be very damaging to furniture, causing them to fade over prolonged exposure. With roller shades, you can easily cover your windows room by room and ensure that your furniture enjoys its fullest lifespan.

Maximize your Home’s Protection

When cleaning your home and your belongings, you are helping to prolong its lifespan. In that same vein of thought, you also want to ensure that your home and belongings are well protected. One of the best ways to ensure that is preventing people from being able to peer inside, and thus deterring any potential theft of your property, is with motorized smart blinds.

Smart blinds are operable using today’s modern technology. You can operate them with your smartphone. So in case you are away from the house and you forgot to close the blinds, with a simple click on your phone, you can close your blinds and make sure that the interior of your home is covered.

Smart blinds also come in a variety of different types as well, so you won’t be short on options. They can come in the previously mentioned roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades, pleated shades and solar shades. So with the amazing practicality smart blinds bring comes a multitude of design types and options, allowing you to bring a variety of decor ideas this spring. 

New Life on Your Windows and Home

Spring really is about new life and new ideas. Winter’s end gives you boundless opportunities to pursue new ideas you have for your house. Your windows, being the median between the inside and the outside, are the perfect place to redecorate, as you can bring out the design in both places.

This does not mean that you do not have to redecorate the inside as well. By all means, if you want to do something simple like getting a new shower curtain, or something more complex like getting new light fixtures or new kitchen cabinets, the option is yours. But this spring, as you are cleaning out your home, remember to consider new ideas for your windows and their coverings.

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