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Why Light Navy Blue is The Home Decor Color of 2021

Why Light Navy Blue is The Home Decor Color of 2021

What comes to mind first when you think about the color blue? Is it the ocean? Or, maybe the summer skies? Blue brings with it the essence of wide expanse and the freedom that comes with it. Would it not be great if you could capture a slice of that freedom within the four walls of your house? The various shades of blue can be the perfect backdrop against which you could weave the story of a new beginning. The color blue is the epitome of class, whether you incorporate it into an ultramodern design, or make it the canvas for your classic inspirations. It will still stand out as the dominant color in the room.Since ancient times, the navy has been a color of inspiration and hope. So, time and again, the navy has returned to our home space, stamping it with its unique glamour and timeless charm. For the same reasons, light navy is emerging as one of the top décor-colors of 2021. Navy is both bold and beautiful. Use it confidently and you will create a room that your guests will be talking about for a long time. Let’s explore some gorgeous design ideas that might find resonance with your creative style.

Light Navy and Ivory

A classic combination, light navy, and ivory will bring an oceanic feel into the room. Treat yourself to a gorgeous wool panel look navy wallpaper and pair it with a white sofa. To accentuate the oceanic look, throw in a load of sea-shore elements, like shell-colored cushions, wicker chairs, and beautiful teal and white print rugs. You can play around with light colors to add as many layers as you wish, to the décor.

White shutters would look perfect in such a setting. The touch texture of the shutters would blend in perfectly with light navy wall-paper, while the classic look will add a sense of drama to the bold color tone.

Wooden shutters are not just great for looks. They come with great functionality as well. The solid material acts as a formidable barrier against heat, noise, and light. You can adjust the slats to allow in a much light as you wish. When you want complete darkness, close all the shutters, and enjoy the night-like effect even when the sun is blazing outside. The closer fit to the window frame, also ensures that minimum heat-transfer happens through the windows. As a result, you will end up saving a lot on your energy bills. All these factors will work together to make your room both stylish and comfortable.

Light Navy and Tan

For a soothing, earthen look, blend in a bit of tan with light navy blue. Tan and blue work best when used in moderation, especially against the backdrop of white walls. Go bold with light navy sofa, with plush navy and white print sofa. They add an element of interest, combine tan armchairs with navy and tan stripe rug.

To heighten the earthen look, dress up your windows in beautiful woven wood blinds. These blinds are responsibly sourced from sustainable sources and are mostly bio-decomposable. While they may take away any environmental concerns, the material ensures that your room remains cold in the summer, and well protected from the ravages of the sun. The natural material is capable of withstanding long exposures to the sun. The lovely woven design traces attractive patterns on your floor, turning natural light into a design element.

Light Navy and Red

Many might consider light navy and red a risky combination. However, when it’s done with a bit of clever mixing of pastels, the effect can be spectacular. Make light navy the base color and use it liberally, on the walls, on the rug, or even on the furniture. Introduce red in muted fashion, on the cushions, or cozy armchairs. Use other pastel shades of yellow and brown to offset these two dominant colors.

There are other ways of introducing red in the room. Use red cellular shades on the windows, to make the walls the focal point of the room. The pleated look of the cellular shades would add symmetrical lines to the room, which would add a lot of visual interest into the room. Cellular shades are extremely versatile window treatments. The air-pocket-like structures trap air and turn the whole shade into an insulating layer over the window. As a result, your room retains its cool or hot air, preserving energy and reducing the monthly bills.

Light Navy and Grey

Light navy and grey can make an alluring combination. It brings into mind the elegance and strength of steel. Add white furniture to relieve any boredom, while a bit of natural green will add life and vigor into the metallic look.

To add feminine lines to the room, cover your windows with gorgeous blue and white print curtains. You can also pair the curtain with blackout roller blinds. Blackout roller blinds are a necessity for bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms. Light sleepers and shift workers might find it very difficult to sleep with the sun blazing into the room. Blackout curtains and blinds create a night-like effect during the day, giving the occupants a much-needed break from the sun. The thick fabric of the blackout material also aids in insulation. The room remains comfortable and peaceful, preserving energy and creating the perfect setting for a relaxing snooze or a favorite movie.

Light Navy and Yellow

Light navy and yellow is a classic combination. Whether you use it with white or light blue, the combination of light navy and yellow brings in a lot of positivity into the room.

If you are planning for a modern look, go for yellow and navy roller blinds. These blinds are available in a variety of prints, as well as materials. The material choice will enable you to incorporate a wide range of functionalities, from varying levels of light-filtering to room darkening effects.

Let loose your artistic spirit and set a positive note for this year with the optimistic and ambitious vibes of light navy blue.

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