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5 Reasons Why Maxxmar Roller Shades are Your Best Choice for the Summer

5 Reasons Why Maxxmar Roller Shades-are-Your Best Choice for Summers

The scorching heat and the bright sunlight with mostly clear skies are synonymous with the summers. While the sunshine and the clear blue skies present a very picturesque view, sometimes the heat and glare can be too much to bear during the summers. Window coverings have been helping us out in this regard for hundreds of years and continue to do so even today. Window shades and other window treatments not only give us respite from the outside heat but also the glare and UV exposure that can be quite unsettling at times.

Why Roller Shades are Better

Window treatment products have continuously evolved and many new and innovative product categories have come up. Roller shades have become very popular and they have proved to be very effective and easy to operate. These motorized shades are not only more reliable but also provide greater scope for automation and control over the functionalities that shades provide. You can better control the degree of opacity and light-filtration depending on the type of roller shades you are using.

Types of Roller Shades

Roller shades, being one of the most popular variants of window shades, have incorporated many innovations. While the mechanism for operating them can vary from cord-operated to cordless and manually operated to remote-controlled, these shades are primarily of two types:

• Single-opacity roller shades: These shades are the most common types of roller shades. These are characterized by a single-fabric cassette that has the same opacity or openness throughout. While these are good enough for protection against the outside heat and the glare caused by UV exposure, these shades have a downside too. You don’t get the flexibility that can fulfill your needs all the time. With blackout roller shades you won’t be able to look out and with One-way view solar shades you won’t get good privacy at night.
Maxxmar Roller Shades
• Dual roller shades: These shades are equivalent to having two different shades in one. These can serve as blackout or room-darkening shades as well as One-way view shades depending on your preference. This is achieved through two distinct mechanisms. In one case there is a single fabric cassette with portions of alternating opacity. In the other case, there are two or sometimes even three different rolls that contain fabrics that have different openness or opacity and their operation is mutually independently.

Why Maxxmar Roller Shades are Different

Maxxmar, as a brand, believes in setting new benchmarks and in implementing modern technological innovations also inside their products. Maxxmar’s roller shades are not just qualitatively excellent but also extremely affordable. Besides these qualities, Maxxmar roller shades always have something extra that provides great value to the people who use their products.

Why Maxxmar Roller Shades are the Best Choice

Maxxmar despite being a relatively new entrant in the window treatment products industry, has made a name for itself through its high-quality products which are manufactured by the most advanced tools. These products are also equipped with advanced features. Let us look at five reasons why Maxxmar roller shades are the best choice for the summers and equally so for winters:

1. Premium quality: Maxxmar has a manufacturing facility spread across 100,000 square ft of land. This facility is equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing tools, some of which are Maxxmar exclusive and internally developed. Besides this, Maxxmar also has an extensive sourcing network which gives it access to an uninterrupted supply of best quality raw materials and best industrial technologies. This, in turn, helps Maxxmar manufacture products of the highest quality.

2. Maxxmar Specific innovations: This is one of the main reasons that make Maxxmar’s products stand out. Maxxmar roller shades are equipped with exclusive and specific innovations such as dual shades which support three different opacities. The Opera Control System provides true flexibility to the users who want to have greater control over the way they control light-filtration, heat insulation and visibility during the summers as well as the winters. Many patented technologies like the HeavyLift mechanism make their operability extremely easy.

3. Better After-sales support: Maxxmar gives extreme importance to customer satisfaction and has an excellent network of certified service dealers. You can take their assistance in case of any issues. Getting in touch with them in case you need assistance is extremely easy and taken care of by a dedicated customer support team. A lifetime warranty is another big advantage of using Maxxmar’s window treatments and roller shades are no exception to the rule.

4. Children and environment safety measures: These roller shades are equipped with patented innovations that Maxxmar is known for. Technologies like HeavyLift and DecoraSafe are focused on ensuring extensive safety for the children in the house. Maxxmar roller shades and other products are eco-friendly and don’t emit any VOCs or other harmful chemicals. The GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification ensures that these shades are safe for use even in the schools.

5. Affordability: These roller shades are very economical and hence ideal for household use during the summers as well as the winters. Due to their affordability, you can install them throughout the house without putting too much burden on your finances.

Maxxmar’s roller shades have all the helpful features of any other set of roller shades along with special features that are exclusive to them. Easy availability all around Canada, premium quality and the assurance of excellent after-sales support, make Maxxmar roller shades the perfect choice to chase away your summer trouble.

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